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Half-Life Mods - Cold War - Melting Point. Sept. 11th, 2003?

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Found this from . Old interview, so url's aint' working anymore. But enjoy the rest.

Timmay: Thank you for doing this interview with Please introduce yourself, and tell us more about your role in the development of the MOD?

SidewinderX: My name is David “SidewinderX” Petkofsky, and I am the Project leader.

Timmay: What other mods have or are you working on?

SidewinderX: I have been active in the Morrowind Mod world, and I am currently a low-level world building peon on the Ultima 9: Redemption Team (

Timmay: What is the general storyline of the MOD? (For those that don't know too much about it.)

SidewinderX: The mod is a multiplayer combat mod set in modern times depicting a major conflict (WWIII) between NATO and Warsaw Pact forces. The game is build around our dynamic campaign system. (more on this later)

Timmay: Will this be single-player, multi-player, or both?

SidewinderX: Multiplayer

Timmay: What kind of game modes do you use for use with this mod?

SidewinderX: We will have 2 game modes, the Campaign mode and the Objective mode. In the campaign mode players will play through one of many campaigns (Middle East and Eastern Europe initially, many more in the late releases). Each campaign will be played out dynamically, that is to say that next battle (map) will be dependant on the results of the current battle. So if NATO wins one map, the next map will deeper into the Warsaw Pacts initial lines. And the system isn’t so simple that it is just if NATO wins you go to this map, there are different “levels” of victory and they will all affect what map is next. There will also be strategic influences, such as oil (need it to run vehicles), food (affects initial health, moral, etc), and reinforcements, which is how many time your team can respawn.

The other mode, Objective mode will just have the option to play single maps, ala most current FPS.

Timmay: What made you want to make this mod? What was your inspiration?

SidewinderX: Well, as soon as HL2 was announced, A few friends and myself got together with some ideas of what we’d want to see if we were making a FPS, and it evolved from there. It really just started as a list ideas on what to make better, then we came up with some major components (like the campaign system, class system) and decided to start a full fledged mod.

Timmay: What is one think that you would like to improve over other mods, which are out there now?

SidewinderX: Well, none of the mods are out yet, so this is all based on what I have read about mods, but many of, despite claims, very much fit the basic mold of an online FPS. There are many, however, that look very cool and promising, but I have seen too many mods that announce a “completely original modern warfare game” and turn out to be a special forces vs. terrorists/insurgents mod, or a mod that’s original component is that it portrays the life of a normal soldier, but it’s really just the same as the special forces v. terrorists mods out there (It’s called America’s Army: Operations, and it’s free ). I am looking forward to playing many of the mods out there, and I’m anxiously following their progress.

Timmay: What is the most exciting part of making this mod?

SidewinderX: The reaction from the community. This started out as a mod with my friends to make our ideal online FPS, but it has evolved into so much more because of the reaction from our community.

Timmay: What are some of the weapons included in this mod?

SidewinderX: Too many to list, but there are sidearms, sniper rifles, assault rifles, submachine guns, anti-vehicle weapons….

Timmay: With a Half-Life 2 version of the mod, will you be putting in any drivable vehicles, and if so what kind?

SidewinderX: Yes. Vehicles will be limited to transportation and lightly armored vehicles, no tanks. We *might* include helicopters in one release, but that isn’t on our priority list.

Timmay: What is your favorite Half-Life or Half-Life 2 MOD besides your own?

SidewinderX: I enjoy Digital Paintball and Day of Defeat, and the mod I’m most looking forward to for HL2 would either be Resistance and Liberation or the Gettysburg mod.

Timmay: Is your development team hiring people? If so, is there anyway to contact you?

SidewinderX: Yes, we are currently looking for one (1) highly experienced coder, multiple mappers experienced in the current Hammer editor, and two (2) skinners/texture artists. I will also look at applications for any other skill or position. Until our site is restored to full functionality, please e-mail me at

Timmay: Anything else you would like to tell the fans of Cold War: Melting Point?

SidewinderX: Our site is returning in pieces, you can sign up in our forums and view the progress at.

Timmay: Thanks for taking the time for a exclusive interview. We would like to wish you and your development team the best of luck.

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