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Dev Diary for my first alone game project and image of the main character: Gunnar

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Hey guys! My first post for my INDIE game: Gunnar Saga.

Making a game alone, at your spare time(working about 4-5 hours a day) it's a challenging task.

I could point 3 main problems to be working alone:

1- So the first big problem it's time.

2- it's that all of us have strengths and weakness... in my case, I always been a person that work with art and animation inside games. But to a game work, we have to make it functional with code... and in my case I doesn't have a degree in Computer Science, and I had to learn it by making some C# lessons and courses(by the way I'm using C# and Unity).

3- was the scope of my project(I could be working with something more simple) so, one advice that I could give to anyone that is working as INDIE is to keep it simpler as you can.

And here is a image for the main character of the game, Gunnar

Screen Shot 2021 07 08 at 16 59

And for you guys from INDIE DB what where the big struggles when working as a INDIE game dev?

link for the game demo




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