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Brief guidance on configuring ECW and some of its features.

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  1. Shaders – go to your With Fire & Sword directory (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mount & blade with fire and sword) and back-up the two shader files mb_2a.fxo and mb_2b.fxo. As WFaS uses the old 1.143 version of Warband’s engine, shaders must be in this main directory, not in the mod’s directory. Copy the two fxo files in your download into this directory. Even if they over-write the original WFaS files that should not cause any problem with vanilla WFaS as I have only added shaders – none of the original ones were taken away or changed. If you chose not to replace the WFaS original shader files, none of the battle flags will be animated - as well as being static, those flags will now be untextured white due to their shader's absence.
  2. Mod folder – extract the mod’s folder into WFaS’s modules folder (i.e. C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\mount & blade with fire and sword\Modules).
  3. Starting – select the mod from the launcher’s drop down list.
  4. Configuration – the mod is tested for use with DirectX 9 (can be used with DirectX 7, but graphics problems will not be supported). After starting the game, go to the camp menu and select PBOD Mod preferences to adjust your configuration. As the operation options_get_battle_size is only available to Warband engines 1.161+ (WFaS is on 1.143), you need to manually record battle size as set in options at the top of the menu – this syncs the PBOD code with the selected battle size.
  5. Cannons – when you have sufficient cash, these can be purchased in towns from a cannon foundry. They do not appear in your party, but will spawn in battle (some distance from your troops – check the mini-map) as allies if you have sufficient gunpowder for them. The last group slot in your party screen has been renamed artillery. Even though it is empty, please do not rename this group – the label is used on the mini-map for giving orders to your allied artillery. Also, avoid giving commands to everyone (all groups) – gunners will abandon their guns and join in charges if so ordered. Normally, they should only be ordered to fire on your command (hold fire) or at will. They spawn firing, but you may chose to order a cease fire during melees to avoid friendly fire casualties. As artillery is randomly located on the battlefield (sometimes on the wrong slope of a hill), round shot is not limited to line of sight – bear that in mind when facing enemy artillery.
  6. Formations – once your party has a tactics skill of two or more, pre battle order deployment menus are available. In battle, you can set formations on the fly with function keys – for example 1 F8 F7 orders your pikemen (infantry) into a pike block (square). Formations dissolve if you order troops to charge. To retain formations click an enemy location on the mini-map for your pike block to push through (hold).
  7. Gunpowder – black powder can be bought, looted or crafted. To find out how to craft it, visit any powder mill (watermill).
  8. Recruitment – the WFaS cap to village recruitment has been lifted. Tavern mercenaries have been regionalised. Troops recruited in the centre of towns from garrison officers (only available to members of the same faction) are available without the WFaS recruitment delay. Special units – Customisable regimental infantry, standard bearers, musicians and preachers can be recruited from country houses, powder/water mills and windmills. Other mercenaries are available at mercenary camps.
  9. Sea travel – there are only two sea lanes between Ireland and the mainland, which can be seen on the Three Kingdoms Map in your reports menu. To travel to Ireland just left click somewhere in Ireland and your party will travel across the nearest sea lane on a ship for free.
  10. Crime & punishment – if one of your soldiers is accused of a crime, it is recommended that you question witnesses before passing judgement.

Hi ! ECW is properly an amazing mod. Is there a forum dedicated to it ? I mean to report a strange bug with cannons. When joining a fight already in course, very often my own artillery join the opposit side and I have to kill my own artillery men. It's not systematic but occurs lets say 3 times on 4. When attacking directly a foe, the same problem occurs sometime but less often (lets say 1 time on 4). Is there an explanation ?

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