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Changelog: GTA Vice City: The Final Remastered Edition

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Update 19.3

- The vc.gps.asi file was recompiled, it should no longer give error 126 when starting the game for some users.
- Corrected the transparency of some objects.
- Hud mobile redesigned (the stars were put in their original position) the position of the stars did not convince me haha.
- Added zoom to the radar when running, credits to Yazlow.
- Added taxi driver suit when completing 100% of the game, it is available at the taxi company.
- Tommy can now use glasses with the TALKTOTHEHAND trick, it is only available after passing the mission The party.
- Updated dll libraries, such as ultimate asi loader,.

Update 19.2

- Draw distance back to original
- Reshade removed, it is no longer necessary to have saturated colors and now skygfx takes care of the entire graphic section. Thanks to the memory recovered from the use of reshade, the drawing distance can now return to normal.
- Two new blips pointing to the bomb shop and car wash were added
- Many new skins added to the pack. All these skins were repurposed by me so please don't reupload them, I found out that a guy on gtainside takes credit for these skins when he doesn't.
- Improved GPS, the number of blips it can have has been increased so now there will no longer be blips without their corresponding path.
- Corrected corrupt DFFs of the "VILLA" there were previously crashes if you saved the game at the ocean view hotel and went to the VILLA but it was already solved and in the process it was given a much more natural shine.
- Added a new neon building next to the Ocean View hotel. Credits to the Vanilla Vice mod
- Added a new MVL car
- Savedata 100% with new blips, new blips will not appear if an existing saveddata is used, a new game must be created.
- EXE file optimized to run with the new graphic effects.

- Added a new HUD similar to the mobile version, this is because the weapons that come with this new HUD are arms with better quality and the best thing is that they weigh less.

Update 19.1

- Mod optimized to run with antialiasing, this will make the mod reach its maximum graphical potential. If you play the mod in a resolution higher than 1080p, I recommend disabling it because antialiasing at high resolutions is not necessary.
- The fog is back, did you know that project2dfx reduces the drawing distance so that the fog looks better? I feel embarrassed for not having understood it, the original drawing distance loses the effect of the fog so it is reduced.
- The decreased drawing distance allows the use of antialiasing without too much overload on the mod, unfortunately many things must be cut to only have a 32-bit exe that can only use 4gb of ram memory. :(
- Corrected the mods that draw 2D textures on the screen such as the horse race in inside track, usually these mods produce a crash when closing the game but now they have been corrected and there should no longer be crashes. In the previous version there were crashes when using the horse race but not anymore :)
- Fixed the text box that sometimes did not appear near the closet in ocean view. Now it should always appear indicating that you can change your clothes.
- Jetski added near the scramjet
- InsideTrack retextured, now looks better
- Added 2 more skins to the collection based on some skins I found online but adapted to Tommy's Xbox model by me.
- Fixed the texture error that occurred to some users so it is no longer necessary to uninstall mipmaps.

Mods added:
- StarrySkies 1.2.1 added so there will be stars in the sky and these are dynamic, not a simple skybox that looks bad. Credits to RusJJ
Unfortunately the Dimzet map is incompatible with this mod :( I still don't know why, so the Dimzet map is left out of this mod at least for the moment.
- Added the possibility of drinking a beer and getting drunk at the Malibu club for $30. This mod was made by me based on Dimzet's drunk script and the bottle model belongs to the extended features project.
- Added the ability to play the jackpot at the Malibu club and this is located next to the beer at the Malibu club. Credits to Yhwh.
- ILIKEDEADORALIVE: Play as Tina Macchiato from Dead or Alive Xtreme 3. This model may not belong to the GTA universe but I really liked it when it was included in the mod. In any case, there is nothing wrong with having it as an alternative to play XD
- LETITBE: Return to playing as Tommy.

Removed Mods:
. Modloader removed, it is no longer necessary and it only consumes memory when installed without doing anything. It's still in the optional folder but don't report bugs if you install this mod and others through it.

Save Data 100% updated

Update 19.0

- First let's mention that mipmaps has been added in its latest version 1.1, unfortunately this mod consumes a lot of ram memory, which is why the textures had to be reduced to 512x512, although at first glance the loss of quality is minimal. :) now the game looks a little better.
- Fixed some bugs that caused freezes in the game, such as flying over the croc bar.
- Removed a lot of unnecessary vegetation that made the game look very saturated.
- It returned to the normal drawing distance, so now when it rains the distance will decrease.
- Corrected timecyc, the previous one was corrupted since when reducing the drawing distance with project2dfx below the normal limit the game gave a black screen.
- The dimzet minimap was removed because it caused framedrops and also when using it and exiting the game from the menu the game crashed and many times it crashed in a terrible way and made it impossible to exit the game, I think the error was that an opcode was used which vice city has never used but it is compatible with it but when using this opcode together with MVL a crash occurs. If you still want to use it, it is available in the "optional" folder.
- Removed the ford with green flames :( this caused a crash when used with MVL.
- The AG dynamic map was added so now you can place marks on the radar, obviously the credits go to AG but also to seifmagdi for his fix, if you read this seifmagdi thank you very much it was a good birthday gift :)
- Updated Reshade to the latest version 5.9.2
- Updated bass.dll and ultimate loader to their latest version.
- Added vc_Debug.asi in its latest version, this mod allows many special things but you must use the debug menu to use it. CTRL + M has many functions from changing the weather, spawning cars and changing their color to the one you like the most. .
- Added a few MVL cars.
- As said mipmaps were added and optimized, this was the most difficult thing to do.
- Added extra clothes for Tommy in the form of pickups that will appear in the shine or vice clothing and interior stores as you progress through the story.
- Added some other characters in their version of vice city welcome to 80s specifically Sonny and Victor Vance, Sonny's looks much better than the original :) credits to tainakov, Cleoude, hankbig
- Added some new skins that I really liked, made by me.
- Added some tricks to play with characters that cannot be obtained in any other way:
FOXYSLIKEJEANS: Play with the artwork version of Mercedes.
TOOHOTFORTOMMY: Play with Mercedes in a swimsuit XD credits to Vera Vice.
AREALLYHOTJOB: Play with Mercedes in her Striper outfit credits to Vera Vice.
DADDYSLITTLEGIRL: Play with Mercedes in her costume from the mission "The Party"
AQUIETFRIEND: Play as Claude Speed
For compatibility reasons these cheats are only available after passing the mission "The Party" I don't remember if I put them in the cheats document, I'm sorry about that but maybe I'll add it in a future update.
- Tear Gas Grenade moved to the opposite side of the police station, maybe to look a bit like vice extended :)
- Added some yellow markers to mark hidden interiors.
- Added some new interiors like a cigarette shop and a new bar.
- Corrected the nitro mod, now it will no longer be activated if you use a motorcycle.
- It is now possible to use the same button to get out of a car when this car is drowned in the ocean.
- For controller players you can now automatically sit on a bench if you approach and press the TAB or L1 button. Credits to yhwh, I only changed the text and the button.
- The orange smoothing filter returns but combined with reshade, if you like this filter simply activate the smoothing. For this the timecyc also had to be changed to a less saturated one.
- Added several lost memory addresses, credits to yhwh
- Added the ignal fix mods that although the traffic light does not appear in the game it never hurts to have it, credits to SpaceEnstein, the hardcore mode of GTA 3 was also added, the latter had a major crash but I don't know if it was due to the restored memory addresses or due to an incompatibility with previous mods but now there is no such crash. For those who don't know, this mod allows you to blow off the limbs of pedestrians when you shoot them. Geniuz Credits.
- Added some useful tricks like IAMTOOLATE which gives a little more time to the mission countdown and TURNMEOVER which flips your car if it flips. Credits Yazlow.
- Wanted system added if you hide from the police your stars will be lost little by little. Credits to Yazlow
- Fixed oceanview wardrobe to work with a controller.

- Drive by cam re-added credits to Yazlow and I only converted it to work with GTA IV controls for those who don't know with this mod you only need to turn the car camera to shoot in that direction and it is not necessary to look to the side to shoot just like gta trilogy.

Update 18.2

- Fixed the collisions of the tallest buildings in downtown, originally in the game the collisions from above are bugged. Now it's resolved.
- Fixed the transparency in some neon objects such as the signs of the laundry and soda sprunk and also the restaurant ship.
- Corrected the save in vice point, before when saving game there, you could not leave the interior.
- As compensation for this small patch I add 3 new cars, one of them is a beautiful Cuban-style motorcycle that will appear near the mansion after completing the missions of the Cubans and also that the mansion belongs to you. (Take it as a gift from Humberto Robina).
- The mouse button mapping was also fixed (this was fixed from version 18.1)
- The mod for better reflections in the cars has been re-added.

Update 18.0

- First the most obvious, the main menu was redesigned with more minimalist colors in black that are very reminiscent of the main menu of GTA VCS.
- Changed the colors of the texts "BRIEF" "that was not noticeable before" the colors of the statistics and the current criminal rank were also changed. (Special thanks to Xanser for his "Compact menu" mod with commented code) I found this mod by chance while looking for MVL cars, I guess it's a sign that my path is the right one :)
- Some Tommy models have been changed, now the tracksuit that reminds many of the gangsters who wear sports shoes has returned.
- Optimized particle effects to make the game run better on weak PCs.
- FINALLY fixed the weird flickering effect on some items, this was caused by backfaceculling affecting all items. Now I am able to select only the objects that I want. Very useful the truth.
- 40 new vehicles were added via MVL, adding a total of 89 new cars. This includes new parked cars like the Splitz from GTA VCS that can walk on water and fixed some names of MVL cars.
- The God mode and killertools mods were changed for specialtools, now when climbing a wall the God mode will not be deactivated and it will also be deactivated if you are arrested or die in a car explosion.
- Now when health is very low it will blink red and not pink as it originally did.
- Fixed some parked cars respawning badly near the Malibu club
- Added dynamic interiors to some interiors of Shine or Vice, now there will be pedestrians in them and also some will have security guards and music: Croc Bars, bowling alley, Wahington Hospital, Clothing Store and Hotels.
- Added some pedestrians in the other interiors such as the restaurant in downtown and the store in front of the bikers.
- Fixed some misplaced props originally in the game, this also includes a fix for the ammunition range.
Credits to Urikyo33 for the latter, the rest had to be done by me to make it fit with the mod.
- Fixed sprunk and cola drinks only regenerating 100% health now they should regenerate 150 or 200% health depending on whether you have increased your health with side quests or have the game at 100%
- Fixed the nitro bar that came out when driving a rhino tank or the fire truck, this was due to the buy nitro mod but it has already been fixed.
- Added a new mod that solves the change of station in reverse and also possibly fixed a small bug with ginput that sometimes caused a warning to appear when starting the game that some parameters were not mapped.
- Changed the controller controls to be more similar to those of GTA IV/GTA V because let's admit it with the mods to move the camera and the classic axis the original ps2 controls were outdated (just in case you use a dualshock 2 that At this point I don't think so or if you use a controller that doesn't have triggers like the dualshock 3 then I recommend you continue using the ps2 settings this can be changed in ginputvc.ini)
- With the previous configuration, the drive by cam mod was removed, which allowed shooting like in gta trilogy, but in my opinion it is not necessary since it is still more comfortable to shoot looking to the sides, also it does not work using a controller and it had an incompatibility with the GTA IV style controller setting.
- Fixed some vehicles like the vortex not being able to move the car camera using a controller. Now they should work fine and cars that have hydraulic suspension will not be able to move the camera with a remote because it is originally programmed that way. However when using the mouse and keyboard all cars can move the camera.
- Fixed traffic draw distance, now it's a bit wider and cars no longer seem to appear in front of you out of nowhere.
- Thanks to the fact that now I can manually define which objects have transparency or not, the interior of the Standing Vice Point hotel with its respective storage and its golf club was definitely added :)
- The name of the Vice Chetah has been corrected, now a new name must appear that differentiates it from the normal cheetah.
- Fixed emergency lights on emergency vehicles, this problem was because of the maxo vehicle loader (Special thanks to Phxdanny for this)
- Now the FBI will use the FBI Rancher and also the FBI Washington when chasing you, both with their corresponding sirens.
- New configurations available for each type of PC
- Fixed the wheels of the roadster (credits to plantsvszombiesfan05 for this) a small detail since I did not have the original handling of the vehicle to fix it.
- Fixed the animation when getting on the rustler, now there is only space for one passenger as indicated by the design.
- Among the new cars added, the "original" comet classic was added

Update 17.0

- Fixed some bugs on the map.
- Fixed the bug that the water hydrants did not release water jets when knocked down with a car, for this some elements of the map had to be removed and rearranged.
- Some mods were removed because they caused some incompatibilities: God mode and Specialtools. These used CLEO codes that caused errors in some parts of the game, so this plugin was also removed.
- OHUDDE was removed, no longer needed because Yazlow's car spawner does a better job.
- Radio for all vehicles was removed because it caused the MP3 track to randomly repeat from the beginning when completing some missions. In any case, the mod only added radio to the cars with missions such as police, firefighters, ambulances, etc. It also had a bug which allowed you to repaint cop cars in Pay and Spray. To better preserve the scene of the game it was removed.
- Some car parks were removed.

- But not everything is sad because I made other similar mods that work with simpler CLEOS codes and do not need additional plugins:
- KILLERTOOLS: Get new weapons, including the M60. Thanks to ChrisRedield from Gamemodding for using his M60 mod as a base.
- THEHARWOODBUTCHER: This God mode is simpler and it deactivates when you are arrested or die in an explosion inside a car, but to reactivate it once this happens you must write the code 2 times, a small inconvenience but still not annoying. Credits to Daniel360 I only edited the trick because it sounds cooler.
- Added the Yazlow car spawner, to use it you must write the ID name of the car you want for example: STINGER, COMET, etc.
- Added GINPUT, for some reason the IVBlips and ParticleEx mods need this mod installed so that when starting a new game in an existing game the game doesn't crash. This is due to an incompatibility with Project2dfx, however this mod fixes it and the climb mod now works better with Ginput installed. The credits will have lag but the gameplay is more important, hopefully the Ginput mod will be updated soon.
- Thanks to the Ginput mod you can now connect a controller and play
- Added a mod that makes it possible to change the radio station in reverse, this mod also needed Ginput so I brought it. credits ThirteenAG
- BETTERTHANNOTHING: Get a tear gas grenade, something useless maybe but the trick is there. Mod by me
- Added particles for the Molotov in hand, credits to SpitFire.
- Added the ability to skip phone calls, just press "F" during a call to skip it, very advantageous if you just want to get through missions as fast as possible. Credits to Jack

- Maxo Vehicle Loader reimplemented this time in a very stable way
- Sniper Scope Fix, the sight of the snipers will no longer look bad-
- Added around 47 new vehicles among which some are worth mentioning.
- Mach 5 "Scramjet" near Rockstar's beach house, has the ability to walk on water.
- Bovver 64 from GTA VCS and Vortex from GTA SA added in some places on the map, they also have the possibility to walk on water.
- Some vehicles will appear parked only after completing certain missions in the game, such as the Little Willie from VCS or Buggy F1, which in my opinion has become my favorite car in the game, due to its enormous versatility.
- Added the Sea Maverick in one of the helipads in Starfish Island when completing some specific missions.
- FBI Maverick with machine guns on one of DownTown's helipads by completing certain specific missions.
- Planes in the empty hangars of the airport "Rustler" and the "Dodo"
- Bandito near the Shine Or Vice Back Pool Beach Hotel.
- Monster truck and F1 cars near the Stadium.
- The 6 most luxurious cars were added as optional and will be found parked in the parking lot of the tallest Rockstar building "the one with the blue neons" as a reward for completing story mode. They will be available after completing the quest "Keep Your Friends Close"
- It is guaranteed that all MVL cars even those that do not appear in traffic are accessible without cheats. Although you can always use ALT + 2 to use the MVL car spawner and ALT + 3 to select the car you want.

Update 16.0

- The only difference in this new version is that the stability was improved and the MVL was completely removed because more than being a beautiful mod it is completely unstable.
- Some caes have been changed and new Cars parked added to replace the old ones in MVL format

Sorry friend this version should have been dedicated to you.

Update 15.2 (Before 15.0.1)

- Reshade updated to the latest stable version (5.7.0) also now the game will no longer crash if minimized.
- CLEO updated to the latest version
- Redesigned many parts of the map so you should start a new game.
- Optimized and rescaled 2dfx effects, especially in the Printing House which now doesn't look so much like a disco.
- Removed Statue of Liberty to care more for the setting of the city.
- Fixed a crash when starting a new game in an existing game, for this a mod that was useless was removed.
- Fixed more problems found in the project props.

New mods added:
- Added better reflections for cars, a mod that does not produce lag unlike SkyGFX reflections they are visible on MVL cars
- Date with Mercedes re-added and will be available after the mission "Back Alley Brawl" credits for Bibidibabidibu modified by me in the last part.
- It is now possible to buy nitro for your car inside the orange garage next to the first ammunation and then follow the instructions. Credits to Bibidibabidibu and the garage door collision was changed and fixed by me.
- Added GPS, change between destinations with the keys 6 and 9 of the numerical keyboard, while you do not have activated "Num Lock" if you do not want the gps to interfere while you are on a motorcycle activate this last option. Credits to ThirteenAG and arranged by Bibidibabidibu
- Boxville spawn fix credits to Yazlow
- Hermes near Umberto's house
- Increased the number of cars parked around the city.
- Candy, Avery and The Love Fist limousines will now appear in the parking lot during the mission "The party" credits to Yazlow
- Added new interiors, to know their locations see the interiors file in the tricks folder. credits to Dimzet, adapted to the mod by me.
- Ability to break the doors of cars with locks on the door. Credits to Yazlow
- Added a new MP5 pickup near the heliport in the downtown police station.
- Added effect of wet clothes after swimming. Credits to Bibidibabidibu
- Added some special tricks that are described in the tricks file, like god mode and others

Now comes the heaviest part of the update:
- Maxo Vehicle Loader comes to this mod and with it many very interesting things
- More than 40 new cars added through Maxo Vehicle Loader, to keep the atmosphere most of them are cars from the 80s or that look like they are from the 80s and were carefully added by me.
- Modern cars were made optional through the MVL spawner, if you don't know how to use it, read the tricks file.
- Many MVL cars added in city parking lots.
- MVL planes with animations and everything added at the airport in the empty hangars.
- FBI Maverick in MVL format with submachine guns added to one of the buildings in downtown after completing Colonel Cortez's last mission.
- VCS cars in MVL format added throughout the city, including vehicles that can float on water and the Little Willie with machine guns. The lattest one appears near Little Haiti after completing Colonel Cortez's last mission.
- Added Vortex from GTA San Andreas with the ability to walk on water.
- Mach 5 (Scramjet) added at Rockstar's house near the beach also has the ability to walk on water.
- The MVL cars are well distributed and there aren't many so they won't overshadow the classic cars and these can be easily found for the Sunshine Autos mission. (If you decide to install your own cars do not report bugs)
- You may notice that some MVL cars will not appear in traffic and are only limited to their respective parking lots.
- MVL Sniper scope Fix, the sniper will no longer look bad in this version of the Maxo Vehicle Loader.

- This version 15.2 brings the possibility of drinking Spruk or Cola soda to restore health in exchange for $2. Credits to Yazlow modified and added to other places by me.

In memory of an extraordinary dog and loyal friend "Osito"

Update 13.1

- Added many cars parked in the city, it was strange that some parking lots were empty right?
- Added and changed some mods:
- To sit down simply use the F6 key. Credits to TommyMan, modified by me.
- Now you can use a dynamic map during the game for this use the F7 key, also if you use F7 + 1,2,3 or 4 you can see many interesting things on it, such as hidden objects, massacres and acrobatic jumps (If you want to know more read the file "Tricks for the mods" which is located in the "Tricks" folder Credits to Dimzet and modified by me.
- Now you can use the car wash in washington to repair your car, it costs 20$ and it is a good alternative to repair your car without losing your favorite color.
- Now the cameras in Tommy's mansion are functional, just approach them and follow the instructions.
(The credits of these last two mods go to Yazlow)

Update 13.0

- The size has decreased considerably because the textures I used were compressed in "standard" but now they are better compressed which also makes the game load faster, works better on weak PCs and improves streaming speed.
- Some texture bugs fixed.
- Restored some mods, the stripers mod and apartment 3C now more stable.

Update 12.5

- Fixed several models that ls were missing some things.
- Fixed some texturing around the city.

Update 12.1

- Changed the compression to .exe because it compresses the files better
- Fixed some props in the game
- Fixed the lack of animation of the airship in the center of the city during the day (for this a few fans were removed)
- Along with this, the airship model was changed (thanks to Jessica Natalia) although I reduced the resolution to optimize the game.
- Changed climbing mode as it was very disruptive at times now use TAB + JUMP to climb.
- Added some last essential items for the city.
- Removed mercedesv3, save3c and d_strip mods because they could cause some mission markers to disappear and radar blips, they are still in the "optional" folder and you can install them separately
- Now all the textures have mipmaps but the mod that activates it is in the "optional" folder because I don't like the blurry effect it produces but many do so I leave it to your decision.

Update 12.0

- First let's mention the obvious the weight was drastically reduced because I no longer use modloader for mods because for some reason when putting several files the mod code causes the typical bug of the black screen after leaving the bank in the mission "the job" It's really weird but I still use it for colisions and it's still installed so you can easily install mods or change something.
- New ring for the radar
- Removed sandcastle on the beach because it caused conflicts with the taxi driver, paramedic and pizza missions. It's very sad but the gameplay is more important.
- Added interior "Crocs Bar" from Shine O Vice, although there were some incompatibilities with the Voodoo Trojan mission in the end I managed to implement it well. (Thanks to Trillha for using his corrections for this).
- Added some objects inside the "Big Corrupted Bank" to make the windows look better.
- Fixed many collisions and misplaced objects of the "projectprops".
- Fixed some songs with uneven volume in ADF radio in mp3 folder. Unfortunately I don't have time to mix it as I would like but I do what I can.
- Since you asked me, I share a 100% save in slot 8 compatible with the game, this also shows that the game is perfectly 100% completeable.
New mods added:
- Guess who's back? The blue taxi driver is back in circulation in the city and this time in a stable way. (credits to Yazlow)
- A new security pig added, originally in the game there are two models of the police pig but both were the same so the second model was changed to differentiate them. (Credits to Lainztocrat51) and was adapted by me for xbox peds models.
- Fixed car accidents "before it always happened with the same pedestrian" but now it's random (credits to Yazlow).
- Did you know that Tommy took his pizza motorcycle after overcoming pizza missions as a souvenir? Well, after overcoming these missions, that motorcycle will be available near the mansion.
- After completing the fastest ship that squalo will appear in Tommy's mansion as long as the mansion is already owned.
- Also the boat that the Colonel gives us will appear in the mansion after the mission in which the Colonel leaves the city.
(I tried these mods myself and they don't interfere with the story of the game and the credit of these mods goes to Yazlow who really is an excellent moder)
- Added new aim from the cars now it is no longer necessary to use the 1 or 2 keys to look to the sides before shooting, just move the camera to the side you want to shoot (once again credits to Yazlow)
- Fixed animations with two weapons when answering the phone (this is also Yazlow's work)
- You will now be able to visit the secret printing press in Little Haiti where the forgers of money plates were hidden and you will also be able to go up the elevator to the Rockstar building where the "g" spot mission was carried out (credits to Yazlow)
Maybe in this building you will see some collisions that do not match but the fixed models that are on the internet have a terrible bug with the windows in slow motion and 60 fps those models are too large so I preferred to stick with the original models. (Credits to Yazlow for the mods).

Update 11.2

- Fixed a bug with projectsprops in military bases. An object was preventing the hunter from spawning because it spawned exactly where the hunter spawned.
- Fixed some collisions of some props. I don't know what happens but I always find some original game objects that don't have their collision well defined, thanks to Trillha for his collision fixes.
- Fixed the statue of liberty its LOD models now fit better with the statue, the original LOD was badly designed and was not linked to any normal object so it did not disappear when approached.
- ATTENTION! Reduced the draw distance of objects, for a long time I always used the draw distance of objects at 450 when the original is 300. I did this because some mods like DarkRiseInc or the definitive edition increase this value but this produces some errors in the drawing of some objects. So I returned it to the original, this not only fixes these errors but also improves the FPS and in the gameplay the change is almost imperceptible because I found another way to give that visual effect.
- As the previous point says, increase several LOD objects to the palm trees that were missing. And to be honest it gives them a nice visual touch.
- But if you still want the old settings, they are in the "optional" folder called "Maximum Settings" and with new settings "low, medium and high"
- Reshade updated to its latest stable version (5.5.2)

Update 11.1

- This update only brings a change in some collisions and there are very few that should not have incompatibilities with the saves of version 11.0. "But if there is any incompatibility start a new game".

Update 11.0

- Reshade updated to its latest stable version.
- Props updated and others were removed especially from the project props.
- LOD relocated vegetation, now the models should better match their respective models.
- Redesigned Cleos minigun pickup and camera pickup scripts. Before, these scripts used to spawn their respective pickups every time the game was saved and the game was loaded, which caused the more you saved, the pickups increased, which eventually produced a crash in the game. Since I didn't see better alternatives on the internet, I compiled these cleos using the Junior Djjr code for the gas grenade and with this it was solved. I also added a katana in one of the interiors of Shine or Vice so they wouldn't be so empty since the katana is no longer accessible after "Cop Land".
- Fixed some random crashes that used to happen near the OceanView hotel.
- Mod of OceanView 4 floors by Dimzet updated to the latest version. Now you will see that some extra props have been added to the hotel like missing windows, new letters, new door numbers and floor names, these last two are dynamic ipls.
- Added a new station with a couple of my favorite songs in the "mp3" folder. Little did you know that the mp3 player can also play ADF files, with the songs in good quality and in a single playlist. Of course this is optional so if you want to continue using your own songs just delete the file.

Update 10.3

- Fixed some bugged collisions that were original to the game.
- Fixed collisions on Unity Island (the island in front of the hotel). I missed fixing these collisions, now there should be no more crashes when flying around in a helicopter.
- Fixed some "projectprops" props floating on the ground.
- Fixed the lanterns on the Leaf Links bridge, in the original game these lights are placed very low, therefore the "project2dfx" mod places the LOD lights very low and they do not correspond to the lanterns. Now this was fixed. Thanks to TheLeftover fix for this.
- Added a new neon building near the airport.
- Added the limousine to the traffic, it will appear in the rich areas of the city.
- Interiors were upgraded. Before, when entering an interior like Tommy's mansion or the Malibu club, you used to see the underworld outside, now this has been fixed for most interiors and I really liked the result because it matches the perspective of the city. Especially in Tommy's mansion and in his office where you can now see the city.

Update 10.1

- Fixed Vice Cry island collisions. When flying over the islands with a helicopter this would cause a crash, not surprising as Vice Cry 1.8 has many of these bugged collisions. (This was one of the reasons for using the original game map). Credits to Trillha for his fixed collisions.
- Fixed some collisions in Shine O Vice buildings.
- Replaced downtown restaurant texture, now it looks like the latest version of this mod, I was able to solve the error of its LOD file so the texture will be seen even if the building is far away.
- Redesigned some game props that I really liked.
- The last fix to the v4 neons was done, I needed to eliminate the repeated neons in downtown, now with this I conclude this fix.
- Fixed the neons on the beach now the buildings should change color right when the neons appear, the same applies to the Malibu club.
- Redesigned the times in which some neons appear.
- Added one last 2dfx effect on a building (if you can guess which building :D, it's near the Swanko house). It will probably be the last one I add.
- New settings for ClassicAxis, Aim style changed to LCS and VCS, with this there is a larger field of view when aiming.
- And some minor fixes.

Update 10.0

- First let's mention the most obvious, new Tommy model added, it's the Xbox Peds v4.00 model. (It was weird that only Tommy looked different, wasn't it?) I honestly just used that model of Tommy because of the incompatible animations. (All of Tommy's models now have the face from his cutscene) Which brings us to the second point.
- New animations added, to be honest the previous ones were very glitched, these are much better and I adjusted them to make them compatible with the mod. Credits for the project "Extended Feautures" of which I use their animations as a base.
- Unfortunately, due to Tommy's new model, many skins were removed because they were no longer compatible, but don't worry, I saved some and I made some new ones myself, maybe in the future I'll add more. :)
- New Timecyc redesigned by me, it took me a bit of time to learn how to edit this type of file but at last I was able to do it and with this I was able to take the original day time of the game and combine it with the night that the mod had without leaving aside the water color correction and frankly I really liked the result since something I hated about the mod was the lighting and the daytime sky because to be honest the sky especially during the day does not have that gradient. With this I was also able to restore the cloudy weather that I don't know why modders remove this section from their timecycs because it does help a lot with immersion. (Now it will be cloudy before it rains).
- Some objects and collisions fixed, I think now the game looks less cluttered and I really like the result.
- Added more 2dfx effects in many buildings: Hospitals, fire station and police stations, as well as others. I also corrected some that did not convince me like the ones from the tow truck near Avery Carrington's place
- New neons added I was finally able to find a good style for the "Standing Vice Point" hotel because those white neons looked great but I didn't like them floating around unrelated to the building. (I called it the Drake & Josh Inn because of the colors XD).
- Easter egg of the male member, restored XD in previous versions the wink was overshadowed by the lights at night, but I found a very creative way to solve this without the lights of the hotel being turned on too late, the easter egg will be available from 11:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m.
- The floor texture of Gonzales's apartment was changed.
- The fog was brought back since the previous one had a very high draw distance, and something I don't want is that it ends up like the "Defective Edition". So I reduced the draw distance, this fixed some crashes that the 2dfx project produced (this mod gives me a lot of trouble to integrate correctly XD but I think I finally have a stable configuration).
- Now let's talk about added scripts added many cleos: OHDUDE spawn a Hunter, camera pickup near the stairs in the movie studio, added a minigun near the Little Haiti plaza. Credits of these mods to the excellent moder ChrisRedfield from gamemodding, his cleos amaze me for their stability and that they do not replace any other code in the game.
- dsounded3d 64 was replaced by EAX Alchemy Fix and if the previous mod allowed 64 sounds, this mod goes further and allows 128 simultaneous sounds. Credits to Verokster IMPORTANT: MAKE SURE THAT THE "HARDWARE AUDIO" OPTION HAS THE "Creative Labs EAX 3" OPTION SELECTED IF IT IS NOT SELECTED, SELECT IT AND IF YOUR AUDIO DRIVER IS NOT COMPATIBLE YOU CAN STILL USE DSOUNDED 3D 64
- ClassicAxis updated to the latest version along with SaCarCam mod, I think it's time to use these mods because I see they will updated soon Credits to AG and Bibidibadibu respectively, special thanks to Bibidibadibu for his fix for the San Andreas camera mod really he's a great guy.
(Unfortunately with this several mods others came out because they are not compatible with the latest ClassicAxis: First person, first person in vehicles, hitindicator) but the good thing is that certain cinematics on board a vehicle were restored :) and hopefully ClassicAxis will be updated soon to A version that doesn't have bugged cut-scene angles if you aim a weapon right before it happens.


- Reshade updated to version 5.4.2.
- Fixed a bug in reshade that made some shaders not load for some users.
- Fixed aiming with the camera, thanks to DarkRiseINC who was one of my main inspirations to create this mod and who was able to make this excellent fix.
- Added a better texture for the water.
- Added new Timecyc with more draw distance, now it is no longer necessary to do this with external mods which seems better to me. It also fixes the color of the water (something I didn't like about the mod).
- Added GTA IV zoom when pressing the letter "T"
- Added dsound 3d emulation 64ch mod now more sounds will be played and not cut off, this comes in handy along with the "talkier peds" mod thanks to Sergeanur for this mod. (already configured in the settings section).
- Updated Framerate Vigilante now supports more functions, if you have a monitor of more than 60 hz it would be good if you saw the mod in mixmods, since you can get more out of it.
- Added new settings for Low, medium and high PC in the "optional" folder.
- Some props were redesigned in little havana, little haiti and in the airport to give a more minimalist look.

Update 8.2

- Fixed some missing textures like Tommy's bathroom in OceanView.
- Newspapers remastered
- Some props have been changed to keep a better look in the game and some others have been added.
- New 2dfx effects on some buildings that looked really cool.
- Added some missing 2dfx from the Leftovers Fixes mod, plus fixed some missing lights on the helipads.
- Removed unnecessary files in the modloader folder.
- Fixed some duplicate neons that were missing in the latest version.
- Reshade updated to version 5.4.0 with a small readjustment in the shaders, version 5.4.1 has a bug in the game so for the moment I haven't used this version.
- Some mods added and tested so there are no crashes these are: Tear Gas Restored with no grenade replacement behind the police station thanks to Junior‐Djjr, cars will now use both lanes on the wide driving lanes, once again thanks to Marsi4eg.
- Added the color of the GTA SA map, in my opinion it looks very good. Thanks to QuieroBija and Jessica Natalia.
- Added new settings for low and medium resource PCs.

Update 8.1

- Added many 2dfx effects in specific places in the city.
- Added in the "optional" folder new settings designed for those with low-resource PCs. (Just replace the existing file).
- Redesigned some DFFs and TXDs that were missing in the previous version.


- Fixed some textures that were wrong in the VRTP version.
- Added a new mod for swimming, now it is no longer necessary to right click to turn, just use the left or right keys. Also the water now interacts with Tommy. Credits go to team E.F.
- Added some missing props (SilentPatch fixes).
- Fixed props in restaurant from downtown mod.

Update 7.7

- Some bugs that crashed the game were fixed.
- Some dff models were replaced.
- Some props were updated.


- Fixed the model of the hotel where the story of shine or vice begins.
- Added the motorcycle shop near Baker, this model was taken from the original vice cry.
- Fixed missing fans in the restaurant mod in downtown.
- The ocean floor was replaced, now it's just a great model, so it will give an increase in FPS plus this model corrects how badly positioned it was before.
- Replaced some DFFs that stretched textures, now they should look much better.


- Fixed the textures in Tommy's mansion, for some reason when moving some tree models in oceandrive the mansion loses its textures. it was already solved
- Fixed bad modeling on the ocean floor near the military base. Now it should look good.


- Renewed textures of the roads of Vice Cry, now the textures of vice cry reborn are used.
- Many dff and txd in the modloader folder that were repeated and modified, some that were in "gta3" code, so now the game is more stable.
- FINALLY FIXED the lights of the street lights, before they were randomly disappearing and this was due to a very intrusive bug that conflicted with the 2dfx project, now I was able to get the same effect simply with the 2dfx project. Apparently this also fixed the ghost peds that would appear every now and then as if they were driving an invisible car and then disappear, this really made me very happy. Also fixed quest markers sometimes not appearing.
- Readded and renewed the cleos: closet in ocean view now in English and the strippers candy suxxx and mercedes cortez. After several tests I finally removed their incompatibilities with the pack and now they work fine. Credits to their respective creators.
- Added debugmenu.dll (use ctrl + m) if you are not very familiar with modding I suggest not using this option.
- Some .col models fixed
- Added more interiors of Shine or Vice, if the fever for these interiors is huge, added: mansion in front of Tommy's mansion, apartment in front of Mercedes' apartment and the Moonlite Hotel where the story of Shine or Vice begins.
- Added lights to the Hyman memorial stadium. All that area had no lights before, this is one of the advantages of using the original map, since it is not compatible with vice cry.
- The cheat menu "Debug Menu" was added to the optional folder. When installed it works as a Menu mode, I didn't add it because I haven't tried all its functions and it can have crashes. At least in some options I have seen the game crash. The menu is opened with ctrl + M because it uses the debugmenu.dll.
- Added hd floor to the ocean, now you should see the bottom of the ocean, thanks to dragomazing from gtainside for this.
- And finally, a cleo mod was added that imitates the gameplay of GTA V, now if you have less than 50% life, take cover and wait for your health to regenerate. Health will only regenerate up to 50%. A function that makes the game a little easier for you. Note: the ASPIRINE cheat will only restore health to 50% if your health is below this, replay the cheat so that health is restored to 100%.
It can be a bit annoying to enter the cheat twice, but if you don't use cheats to get 100% of the game, believe me this mod will save you many times. I have not tried the mod but it is from a very reliable modder so there should be no problems. Thanks to Junior Djjr.


- Stability was improved, for this the cleo mod "Taxi Driver Raindomizer" had to be removed :( It was a nice mod but it produced random crashes, the most obvious when starting a new game. I'm sorry I telling you that the problem was in the "gta-vc.set". Now the game should no longer crash.
- Fixed many of the V4 update neons, many neons were repeated, this was finally fixed. In addition to having rearranged some that were crooked.
- Added some new beta edition maps. Including: InsideTrack and the neon lights near the Swanko House.
-Added a fix for the police station, now when entering and exiting it should not give you 2 wanted stars.
- Changed some neons that looked bad for those of V5.

Update 7.2

- This is a small update, because in my total carelessness I made changes to some neons that should not have happened. Now it is solved.

Update 7.1

- Playing the game a bit I could see that when starting a new game there were sometimes random crashes. This was due to the increase in scripts and cleo mods. Remember that I told you that you should delete the saves before using a new update?. Well, the error was in the file "gta_vc.set" I already corrected it and now it should be in accordance with the mods that are installed. (If you still have this problem, I recommend deleting this file and setting up the game again.)
- Shaders updated to version 5.2.2 of Reshade. The old ones were from version 5.1
- Minor fixes, with some props in the game.


- REMOVED ALL VEGETATION that did not look good. Now just use the basic models. Something Vice Cry style. (Honestly, I only continued with those models because they looked far away and the golf course did not look empty, but I was able to solve this with a very peculiar visual trick with the draw distance changer and I really liked the result). The Vice Cry LOD palm trees were also ported, which helps the visual effect.
- Fixed some crashes that occurred randomly, this was due to VCLODLights apparently when setting the draw distance limit to "3.6" this happened. Undoubtedly a very rare bug, I think not many notice it since it comes in 5.0 by default. Already solved.
- New menu added, now it is cleaner in the style of Vice City Stories. I've wanted to use this mod for a long time but I finally learned how to configure it so that it doesn't remove the skins option. (The message at the top at the beginning is not because of the menu, it is because of the reshade)
- Have you ever heard that it is good to go back to the origins? Older users will know that the mod used to have beautiful colorful graphics that were eventually replaced with the orange hue of SkyGFX. Now those graphics ARE BACK! ENBseries caused a lot of lag so I decided to use Reshade in its latest version, it doesn't cause lag and gives the game a very nice atmosphere, as well as reinforcing the neon light and shading on cars and some buildings. And DON'T WORRY the SkyGFX effects are still there like the transparency fix and the blood drops, they're just blended now, just turn the smoothing off.
-Added some CLEO mods like the fix for the transparency of sheets and newspapers and also the blue taxi driver now if he appears on the streets with his taxi :). (This last one I haven't tested so please let me know if something goes wrong.
- Remastered textures, some files like the Vice Cry roads had collateral textures of very poor quality. Now they are better.
- Added more interiors of Shine O Vice: hospital in washington, State hotel in Nbeach, Mendez mansion that connects with VCS and its history, interior in the Hooker Inn Express hotel and an interior near docks.
- The interiors of Shine O Vice are now more similar to the originals as some props were missing.
- Ported missing Vice Cry islands. DO NOT THINK I USE THE VICE CRY MAP EVERYTHING WAS PORTED TO THE ORIGINAL GAME MAP, so there will be no random crashes like in Vice Cry.
- Some objects added indoors. Like the trees at the gate of the mansion. I'm surprised the creators of Vice Cry never fixed that. And corrected drinks in malibu club that were bugged by default.
- Improved Handling, I admit that in the last update I overdid the speed, which is why it was almost impossible to stop a car without being run over, because the brakes were not enough. So I decided to slow down now the cars should be able to brake better. I also added more stability to the boats with which it was almost impossible to navigate the sea stably.
- Added some new props. I mean that they are completely new items, not that they already existed in the game.
- Have you noticed that many cars or pedestrians suddenly appear out of nowhere? I finally understood how to use hexadecimal numbers so I was finally able to correct this error so that it is limited to how it really should be. Pedestrians x2 and cars x2.6 more than normal. Before these values were not limited so it seemed even more than what I put in the traffic mode. In addition, for some it will mean an increase in FPS.

Update 6.0

- The first thing I would like to clarify is that with this update the stability was improved, for that the "OceanView Clothes Closet" and "SIT" mods were removed. They are still installable in the "Optional" folder but it depends on you. The closet mod was causing random crashes (not very common but it did cause them) and the sitting mod was causing Hyman Condo's garage doors to not close completely at a certain point in the game.
I want to apologize, lately I have put mods without testing them by completing the game due to lack of time. With this update I have tested the game without errors, although I was missing some extras for 100%.
- Added some new maps, including some Shine O Vice interiors like the police station in Little Havana and a Hotel near the mall. I will not include the other interiors because they alter the model of its building too much.
- Added some extra neons from the V5 version that were missing, like signs and some extra neons.
- Some LOD vegetation models changed, the previous ones still didn't convince me, I hope it looks better now.
- Added vegetation in places where it was missing and along with this fixed some objects that were overlapping because Vice Cry added some models on top. Anyway, it's already fixed.
- Have you noticed that the Leaf Links bridge has no traffic by default in the original game? Well this was fixed with a little CLEO mod. Now there will be traffic on the bridge just like in VCS after having access to the second island. Thanks to Marsi4eg for this.
- Some textures in the interiors of Shine O Vice and elsewhere have been optimized to HD mixed with VRTP.

Update 5.1

- Minor Fixes like mp3 folder :) and others

Update 5.0

- The biggest change with respect to this version is that new models have been added for LOD vegetation (Starisl and Golf Course). Honestly, the old models did not convince me very much, together with this the overlaps that existed with other models of bushes have been corrected. And new vegetation has also been added in these two places. Personally, I think they look much better now than before. This was something that I disliked about the mod but with this I think it is already corrected.
- Fixed a strange effect that was produced by skygfx on the roads, I'm sorry but apparently vice cry roads are not compatible with this effect and neither are vice cry reborn 2.0 roads, so the effect was removed, it was an effect that produced pixelations on the road. Now this should no longer happen and also this produces a plus in the performance of the game.
- Removed version 1.5.8 of limit adjuster and we are back with 1.5.7, this is because version 1.5.8 produces an error in the bank robbery mission with that long black screen when leaving the bank. I really don't know why modders are putting this code in their mods lately, first Ginput and now limit adjuster. But anyway there is no difference between both versions other than a function that I personally do not use in GTA VC. Now that black screen should no longer appear.
- The gta VCS ship neon is now LOD so it should be visible from afar.
- And the vegetation in some specific places was changed like in the airport.

Update 4.2

- This update is so small that all I did was change our character's wardrobe a bit. I didn't like that white miami vice suit. It was replaced by one similar to Scarface's.

Update 4.1

- Fixed a cleo mod interiors uninstalled in folder cleo_text

Update 4.0

- Added new vegetation in the city in my own style. Combining vice cry and some 80s true vegetation models.
- Replaced the vegetation models that looked bad aesthetically, except in the golf course and star island. Because unfortunately there are no models of trees to be seen from afar, so they are still there.
- Removed the interior cleo mods because it caused some red screens due to incompatibilities with SkyGFX and the stripers mod was removed because it caused a bug with NPCs disappearing when exiting their cars after hitting them and this caused the game to crash.
- Added some Shine O Vice interiors. I couldn't put all of them because the program I use doesn't recognize them. The added interiors are: The Swanko House, the clothing store and the bowling alley.
- Added new icons to the HUD (life and armor) thanks to Trilha
- New icons for radar in the classic style for missions. (Only the letters) because the previous indicators were not very good.

Update 3.5

- Target sight returned to normal. I'm sorry but the previous one doesn't convince me very much since the field of vision is not very good and it is a bit difficult to make headshots. Don't worry the hitIndicator is still there.
- Removed the file "tricks" now there is a whole folder dedicated to this and the original tricks of the game were also added in txt format in English and Spanish languages
- Added two new mods: "Interiors" that allows you to see the interiors by being close and pressing enter or f and New Stripers, this second mod will make the second pole position room have new stripers and not just one is shown. Also after spending 300 dollars Mercedez Cortez and Candy Suxxx will appear there too. Check the cheats folder to know more.
- Removed some Unofficial CLEO plugins, because they caused random crashes, to tell the truth they should never have been there. Now the mp3 files read better and there will be no more loops without first finishing all the songs.
- VC Limit Adjuster updated to the latest version, unfortunately the same cannot be said about CLEO mod, I'm still using version because it seems more stable than the latest version, I tried to finish the game 2 times with each version and in version some mission indicators are missing. Maybe it's because it's not very compatible with the mod build I'm using.
- Fixed window bug after explosion in Demolition Man mission. Now it should load correctly. (Thanks to the LeftoverFixes team for this). This is the best solution because the CLEO mod has a lousy draw distance and the window still disappears at certain angles.
- Fixed the strange brightness of the plants in the Golf courses, this caused the trees to be uneven in their color. (Also fixed with TheLeftoverFixes patch)
- Removed some light poles on the second island, I admit I put a lot and the aesthetic looked overloaded now, it looks better in my opinion.

Update 3.1

- In my total carelessness I removed the Framerate Vigilante from the previous version :( so you must update urgently, I am sorry for any inconvenience.
- Added some props and objects to the map, this time there are not many of them, but the little adds up.
- Fixed some badly positioned palm trees in little havana.
- Finally corrected the random crash that happened when completing the first list of Sunshine cars, it turns out that the one that was wrong was the model of the Deluxo car, so it was replaced. It seems that the model was corrupted.
-Added more cars in HD, only some like Esperanto, Hermes and others personally seem better than the previous ones and those of xbox.
- Added more mods, such as the ability to sit, sand castles and what I liked most Hit Indicator, which indicates when you hit a target with a weapon.
- Replaced a script with a cleo "Radio for All Vehicles" this was replaced with the ThirteenAG version that seems more stable to me. Of course all these mods were tested, finishing the game without crashes but if you find one let me know.
- Some improved textures.
- Added optional folder to install some mods you like, but these can cause crashes so it's up to you to install them or not.
- The "Tricks" file was added so that they know what commands and tricks were added, apparently there are many people who do not know these tips.

Update 3.0

- Removed some bushes because they produced bad aesthetics.
- Fixed the limit of the cars, this time tested with the garages to the maximum, so that there are no more crashes due to having many vehicles in the garages.
- Added new vegetation optimized by me in places where the vegetation looked very bad.
- Added more props and objects on the map.
- CLEO and Limit Adjuster not updated, because the version of CLEO Produces resets of the list of songs in the mp3 folder, I don't know why :( and the limit adjuster doesn't have significant changes to deserve the update, take this decision because I would have to try to play the game again with this update and honestly I don't have time at the moment.
- Python37.dll removed, no longer supported, as are some scripts.
- Finally what I like the most about this update, the neons and lights were finally fixed and will no longer flicker. I made the decision to continue in the current version, because the v5 version has fewer lights and does not have some LODLights so they cannot be seen from afar for that reason I preferred to stay in this version obviously I also put some neons from v5 that were missing in this one version. If anyone wants to help me improve the neon textures it would be greatly appreciated but as long as you use this version and not v5.

Version 2.3

- Improved some textures, especially on the beach.
- Added better textures for cars and weapons, not that the others were bad but these are much better.
- Framerate Vigilante changed to the scripts folder, now the mod should load faster, because the modloader is no longer needed.

Update 2.2

- Fixed some misplaced objects, especially in the shopping center in Washington South.
- Some objects were replaced for better aesthetics.
- New Moon added with a better texture.
- Cinematics of the Cortez ship with better environment design.

Update 2.1

- Fixed some misplaced items and duplicate items.
- Fixed cleo Mixsets bug that didn't allow to spawn a car with more than one passenger.
- Removed Ginput because it produced sudden frame drops, especially in the credits, it also caused the screen to stay black for a long time after leaving the bank in the bank robbery mission. I don't know the exact reason :( but I don't think anyone plays with controls because the classic axis as well as getting out of a car in the water necessarily require the use of the keyboard.

Update 2.0

- Various textures fixed and new vegetation added.
- Fixed Car limitations and added better handling! for 60 fps.
- New objects with better design added especially in the second island
- New sharptrails, particlex and skygfx effects added
- Framedrops fixed (To solve this the grass and the ENBSERIES had to be removed) very IMPORTANT!: Do not use the default Skygfx configuration because it produces crashes and lag, always use the version of this mod and do not modify it because it is the best optimized possible.
- Fixed issues with car limits
- The game is more like vice cry reborn 2.0 but with the original map of the game (because vice cry has crash bugs in certain parts of the map and in some cinematics the characters are going through walls even with the hottfix patch) so The original game map is still used.
- And many more things, as users do not like incomplete games, now the game is complete and no longer needs to be unpacked in a GTA without mods.


KyloRent - - 5 comments

Incredible that it has had so many updates and I have not found this mod until now 😲

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plantsvszombiesfan05 - - 40 comments

What new update of 1.3.0?

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ZelgadisMod - - 4 comments

""Date with Mercedes re-added and will be available after the mission "Back Alley Brawl" credits for Bibidibabidibu modified by me in the last part."""

It's bugged (I guess or I making something wrong?), I tried go to where the purple/pink arrows indicate (malibu and a kind of little restaurant?) and I guess I have to go inside the ground circle mission but I cannot interact or happen nothing.

Anyway Keep it on, Awesome job

EDIT: No resolved.. I have just to press TAB or action button.. for now allright! (the eartquake was something, my gf which was beside was stroking from the laugh XD)
I will update if I find something new

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Guest - - 695,505 comments

Close to the taxi Kaufman business there's STILL a no man's land with a mess of walls you can go through and a chopper on a roof you can't reach. Thanks.

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