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Grave Days alpha 0.2.0 is ready for testing and will be uploaded shortly. In this article I will discuss what's new, and also what's to come in future releases.

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The alpha 0.2.0 update is ready and will be uploaded shortly, so keep an eye out for that if you are interested!

What's new in alpha 0.2.0:

The update focuses on improving the feel of the game. Some changes have been made to the controls, an experimental aim line has been added and some experimental changes were made to mouse & keyboard movement. Force-based physics was added - so you can now push through a horde of zombies, which is made easier by punching simultaneously .


Furthermore, zombie infection and fever was added. If you are struck by a zombie there is a chance that you will contract the zombie disease. When infected, you will experience outburst of fever, which cause bleeding, damage and impaired movement. To stop the fever, you can take suppressants which now spawn across the map. You can also use suppressants to immediately reduce the effect of the infection.

As a bonus, you can also remap your controls now by pressing escape.

What's next?

The main focus of the next update will be improving the dynamic lighting and visibility system. The update will improve performance, make the lights more stable - as they are currently a bit jittery - and add a nice smooth blur effect to the edges.

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The visibility system upgrades are now complete. However, before releasing this update (0.3.0), I will add some more features including a first iteration of the GUI / HUD - things like health, hunger and stamina bars.

Down the road

My plans for Grave Days are quite ambitious - though judging by the velocity of my progress currently, I think I can achieve most of what I want within half a year. Future versions will include:

  • Local co-op
  • Survivor AI NPCs
  • Base building
  • Crafting
  • The ability to trade with NPCs, do missions for them and recruit them to join your gang of survivors
  • Better world generation
  • Roguelike elements with some persistence / unlocks between gameplays, and random events that might make your current world / profile easier or harder - such as mutations on the zombie virus.

Feel free to leave feedback on the game!

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