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Some Inspiration to play like a Viking or die as a sheep on the street!

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History never recorded the name of the insane, balls-out warrior who fought so ferociously on this day, but the songs of Viking skalds and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicles do remember his deeds. When he finally succumbed to his numerous wounds and crashed to the earth, over forty Saxon soldiers lay dead at his feet, and dozens of wounded men were left helplessly crawling through the thick grass on the river bank, crippled by the savage onslaught of this crazy axe-swinging motherfucker. The full might of the English army had been completely halted by the strength of one man - the nameless Viking at Stamford Bridge.


Could you explain more, what do you mean by the above post? New mode, new update of Blood Eagle?

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It is a reference to the Battle of Stamford Bridge 1066 AD.

The vikings were invading England. However, they were caught by a surprise attack while resting. One brave viking was able to delay the English ambush, giving time for the rest of fellow vikings to realize whats happening.

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