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Some few bla bla blas and some explains about the lack of time since I've posted the last mod.

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Hi all guys,

Its been a long long time since I've released my buggy, crashy and awfull heavy mod "The Modern Conflict Zombie", wich didnt feature any actual zombie on it...
The time has past, I've been working on few games, such as Colina Legacy (Check it out if you have balls for it!!) and others that I cant tell yet, but the C&C Generals still my favourite game to spend time playing and modding.
I didnt played the Generals ZH much, but the original and the campaings are awesome isnt?
So after a while, I've decided to make a small mod during my free time, and that cames in. My entire mod made by myself, not messing up the game entirely (as I did at the first time). But there is it, my mod as a tribute to a such good game that EA got to mess it up, and close down the franchise.
Soo lets keeping remaking and replaying that game! That mod is just a cosmetic change, just to make it looks good.
The GLA colour pattern was inspired by the "Generals 2" GLA, China was inspired by the original Generals concept about what China faction could be, and USA, from the 2002 Iraqi freedom.
Keep playing generals and C&C franchise. It shows just that game never dies!


Hi Ligeiroaet, do you have any plan about making another model mod like this for the expansion Zero Hour? I know there is amod for it, called Virtual Reality Mod but its models and textures are not as good as your mod.

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