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These are the general changes and bugfixes to the overall gameplay.

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  • Total Kill Tracker added.
  • Game Timer added.
  • Vehicles will no longer switch target if a move order has been given to them and the previous target is still in range.
  • Fixed a bug where artillery units couldn't fire while on uneven ground.
  • AT Gun's, HMG's will show thier cone of fire when selected.
  • Medic and Repair stations have an ability which will show thier maximum range.
  • Action points will be shown after all commander tree upgrade have been purchased.
  • Base buildings can be rotated before placement.
  • Vehicles in Vehicle Cover will have an icon indicating it.
  • AT Guns and Vehicles can use the Hold Fire command.
  • Wrecks will show the total munitions which can be salvaged from them.
  • Rank icons are replaced by higher quality ones.
  • All base buildings have higher health.
  • All buildings grant experience points when destroyed.

General Bugfixes:

  • Casaulties no longer detect camouflaged units.
  • Suppression no longer triggers on retreating (and Fired-up) units.
  • Out of control vehicles are unable to shoot.
  • Mines no longer reveal camouflaged units.
  • Tank and Light Vehicle guns priority system tuned.
  • Fixed a bug where decrewed ATG's and Nebels could move to the last ordered area without personel.
  • Click & Drag cover search improved..
  • Improvements to Attack Move Order's cover search.
  • Infantry squads no longer jump out of cover.
  • All Tank and Vehicle speed multipliers in various cover types have been standardized.
  • 2p_Carpiquet and 8p_Steel_Pact lobby screen fixed.
  • 4p_Rails_and_Metal stretched lobby screen fixed.
  • 2p_Flooded_Plains aspect ratio fixed.
  • 2p_Duclair and 2p_Engletons received Relic-style tactical maps.
  • Computer AI improvements.
  • Captured Mortars and MG's capture distance reduced from 5 to 2 to match other infantry.
  • Captured heavy weapon team's veterancy bonuses are the same as the original weapon team's.
  • Captured HMG bug: When issueing retreat or move orders to the captured HMG AFTER the cone of fire has been shown the bug will not occur.
  • Reinforcement after the HQ have been destroyed only require HQ wrecks.
  • Artillery weapon's damage tables vs OF faction's vehicles have been standardized.
  • Many missing speech files are fixed.
  • Many small typos fixed.
  • Vehicles cannot gain multiple engine damage criticals.
  • Friendly fire damage tables has been normalized for Tank guns, AT guns, abilities and other explosives.
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