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-General Changes-
Special Weapons are no longer restricted by Shroud.
Multitude of Eva Priority Changes So that She focuses on 'Attack' Events instead of
unimportant things such as 'Unit Created' Events.
Four Row UI to accommodate for newly added Units.
Crate Effect Range Increased
Non-Advanced Base Defenses Promotable.
Random Crates button has been replaced with No Superweapons Button.
Random Crates is now always on.
Every Faction's Barracks deploy Infantry Repair Drones.
Garrisoned Infantry now gain 200% Range and 250% Vision on top of the already 100% Damage buff gained.

-Multiplayer Changes-
Changed Starting Gold Options To 10,000-50,000.
Colors Added: Black, Brown, Grey, White, Pink, Sky Blue.
Countdown Timer Reduced to 1s from 5s.
Max Multiplayer Beacons Increased to 15 from 3.

-General Armor Changes-
Ore Miners take less damage from Auto-cannon weapon types.
Decreased Damage Done to Walls by Approximately 25% on most Damage Types.
Infantry Now Take 30% more Damage from Cannon and Rocket Damage Types.
Infantry Now take 10% more Damage from Flak Weapons.
Lightly Armored Vehicles now take more damage from Auto-cannon Weapons.
Tanks now take 110% Damage when attacked from the flank and 120% damage when attacked from behind.
Aircrafts now take significantly more damage from explosive weapon types.
Scout Vehicles no longer take 10000% Damage from Tesla, they take 100% Damage since it will still kill them in one shot. lol
Too Many Changes to List Individually. Just Note that Many Changes were made to
Attempt to make the game a bit more realistic without ruining gameplay.

-Allied Changes-
Javelin Cost Increased to $400 from $300.
Javelin Targeted Rockets Range Decreased.
Javelin Reload Speed While Targeted Decreased.
Tanya Voice Changed to the Voice of RA2 Tanya.
Tanya No longer requires Allied Tech Building.
Tanya's Shroud Clearing Range was Reduced to 400 from 500.
Tanya's Attack Range Increased to 150 from 140.
When Tanya is in an IFV the IFV can now Fire While Moving.

Riptide Can Now Carry 5 Infantry Or 1 Vehicle.
Allied IFV can now crush Infantry.
IFV can now Fire while moving. (Doesn't have a turret though so you must be driving at them for it to fire)
Athena's Shield Strength Increased to take 3000 Damage from 2000 Damage.
Athena no longer needs line of sight to attack. (Can shoot over cliffs)
Athena's Shield Now Blocks Damage From Japan Balloon Bombs.

Harbinger Gunship Added
Cyrocopter new ShrinkRay FX
Cyrocopter shrink duration decreased.
Shrank Unit Value Modifiers Adjusted Significantly.
-Speed/Rate of Fire Reduced
-Unit has 75% Damage instead of 25%.
-Range/Vision/ShroudClear is only 75% instead of 50%
Decreased Apollo's MaxHealth to 250 from 300.

Aircraft Carriers can now toggle between it's regular mode
and an immobile refueling station for one aircraft.
Aircraft Carrier Drones no longer need to return to the carrier to change targets.
Aircraft Carrier Drones now have a small shroud reveal.
Aircraft Carrier Spawns 6 Drones instead of 5.
Decreased the Minimum Attack Range of Aircraft Carriers from 200 to 50.
Reduced the Maximum Attack Range of Aircraft Carrier from 950 to 875.
Increased the Aircraft Carrier's Drone Reload Time by 2.5s.

Reduced the Damage Done by Hydrofoil's PhalanxGun(AntiAir Gun) to 14.5 from 17.0
Hydrofoil Weapon Scrambler Laser changed.
The High Technology Upgrade now allows Hydrofoils to disable Infantry Attacks.

Destroyer gained a Torpedo Naval Weapon. - TODO revert changes, then make the old weapon better.
(Animation and Damage)

Power Plant Power Production Increased to 175 from 100.
Allied Tech Structure Build Time Decreased to 10s from 30s.
Allied Building Supply Slight Base Creep

-Special Powers-
TimeBomb Doesn't gain health with level.
Chonoswap Time Decreased

-Soviet Changes-

Conscript Molotovs Minimum Attack Range Decreased to 40 from 60.
Conscript Molotov Throw Speed(Projectile Movement) Increased to 275 from 150.
Conscript Molotov Damage Increased to 35 from 15.
Flak Trooper Weapon is now Flak instead of Rocket (idk why it was rocket...)
Natasha's Pilot Snipe Ability Range Increased to 550 from 500.
Natasha can now Pilot Snipe Grounded Aircraft.
Added Curtain Trooper Infantry
Concentrates Hand-Held Iron Curtain onto vehicles of your Choosing
Parachute Duration Increased.

-Vehicles and Aircraft-
Added Sputnik Open-Transport. (Different Unit than Sputnik outpost, same model)
Terror Drone can now garrison Sputnik Open-Transport and Soviet Battle Bunker.
Terror Drone's Special Ability Changed from immobilizing vehicles to disabling vehicles.
Increased Terror Drones Speed while Damaged.
Added Tesla Tank
Special Ability: Vehicle Disable Mode
BuildTime: 18s
Cost: $1800
Requirements: TeslaCoil and SuperReactor
Added Flame Tank
No Special Ability at the moment. Does have a death weapon explosion though.
Added B754 Screamer (Vertigo Model)
Drops a missile that scatters warheads across target area
Twinblade's Volley(Rockets) Count decreased to 4 from 8.
Twinblades Volley Damage Decreased to 20 from 25.
Twinblade MachineGun Clip Increaed to 8 from 6.
Kirov's Armor against Explosions Increased.
Kirov Carcass Damage Decreased to 350 from 500.
Increased the Bullfrog's Armor to better increase the Soviet's AntiAir.
Apocalypse Harpoon Weapon Damage Increased to 50 from 25.

Dreadnought AttackRange Increased to 950 from 750.
Dreadnought Scatter Radius Decreased to 5 from 30. (Dreadnought is now more accurate).

StingRay Damage increased to 45 from 40.
StingRay TeslaNova Damage Increased to 250 from 200.
StingRay gained a TeslaLink Ability to PowerUp nearby StingRays
giving them +15% Range and Damage. This Effect Stacks Twice. (Testing, may be removed)


Soviet Super Reactor Power Production Increased to 500 from 350.
Soviet TechLab BuildTime Decreased to 15s from 30s.
TeslaCoil (When Boosted) Recieves 125% Rate of Fire, 125% Area of Effect, and 125% Damage instead of 200% Damage.

-Special Powers-
Repair Drones now deploy on all factories. Range increased to match opposing factions.
Toxic Corrosion useable on Enemies and Damage Increased to 20 from 10.
Cash Bounty useable on Submerged and Airborne targets.
Invulnerable Units (Iron Curtain) are no longer affected cyrocopter's freeze or shrink.
Crusher Power (Player Power Upgrade Thing) now gives 75% of the Crushed Vehicles MaxHealth instead of 50%.

-Japan Changes-

Added Archer Maiden
No Special Power....Yet.
Engineer no longer needs to rest after running. Duration reduced from 10s to 7s.
Omega no longer can attack Aircrafts.
Omega Shroud Clear Range Decreased to 400 from 500.
Shinobi Shuriken Clip Increased to 3 from 1 to seem more ninja.

MechaTengu Vision Range Reduced to 200 from 225.
Tsunami Tanks Special No longer disables Weapon and the Armor Bonus was Increased by 10%.
Removed AutoHeal effect from Special to Compinsate for buff.
King Oni MaxHealth Reduced to 2250 from 3000.
King Oni Build Cost Reduced to 1850 from 2000.
King Oni BuildTime Reduced to 18s from 20s.
King Oni Ram Range reduced to 10 from 50.
King Oni can no longer Fire while moving.
Shogun and King Oni Ram Specials now Instantly Kill Heroes.
Which is what should happen when a boat/GaintMech hits a human.
Japan Light Transport Vehicle now can transport either 5 Infantry or 1 Vehicle.
MechaTengu (AirMode) Damage Decreased by 5%.

Naginata Special Damage (per torpedo) Increased to 300 from 150.
Shogun Attack Range Increased to 900 from 750.
Shogun Reload Speed Decreased to 5.5s-6.4s from 7.0s-8.0s.
Shogun Rush Weapon Damage increased to 2500 from 500.
Increased the Maximum Attack Range of Shogun BattleShip from 750 to 850.
Changed Seawing's 'Attacking_Water' Locomotor in hopes to speed up surfacing times.

Japan's Power Plant Power Production increased to 150 from 100.
Japan's Base Defense Split into two seperate, but redeployable(moveable) defenses.
Egg BuildTime Increased to ~12s to Compensate for ~1s deploy time.
All Egg Movement Speed Increased to 75 from 60/65.

-Special Powers-
Final Squadron Damage Increased to 250 from 100.
Final Squadron with Enhanced Kamikaze Damage Increased to 350 from 150.
Lowered Range of Japan's SuperWeapon to accomodate for animation.
Point Defnese Drones are now usable on submerged and airborne targets.

-Known Bugs-
during construction the japan subs suicide didn't do any damage to my allied turret. (Inconsistent, doesn't happen every time.)
terror drone derped when attaching to hydrofoil (I think scrambler was to blame).
Japanese Archer Maiden Model Animation not currently working (Mod Update 1.04 hasn't been released yet because of this.)

This is a list of things we plan on doing, however, Some of these changes may never be implemented.

  • Add FlameThrower Weapon for Leeching.
  • Add Weapon for Leeching Landed Aircraft.
  • See if it's possible to reduce threat level of invulnerable units
  • Release a Tutorial or two. I currently have a tutorial written for doing something I was planing on adding to the mod, but later decided not to. I might post this to the moddb page anyways.

If you would like to add something here just comment below and we will definitely consider it.


Special Weapons Able to be used in Shroud,

Does that mean that you could use Chrono Sphere in shroud to?

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you was already able to do that

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HecticTanker Author

So that's a

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Great set of changes - simple yet effective.

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