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What to expect in GATE v3. Huge thanks to everybody that's been helping to make GATE the best it can be!

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· Change font
· Use delta time to alter speed depending on fps
· Change how the score is displayed
· Make the play button more obvious
· Make hard mode start faster
· Make colour & difficulty settings more obvious
· New sfx/music
· Hide status bar on Galaxy s4 mini
· Fix menu offset issue on Galaxy s3
· Re-build the main menu

My ideas
· Options menu with sound sliders and a toggle for pop-ups
· Fix hard mode leaderboard in iOS
· Make gates stand out more
· Experiment with adding more “character” to the game

Huge thanks to everybody that’s been helping to make GATE the best it can be!

Anything I’ve missed or anything you disagree with? Please let me know!

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