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Description of some of the features of the game. - create strategies - be the coach - compete against other users - manage finances

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Why would you choose Hoops Manager over any other manager?

  • It gives you total control over a team and its players. You build a team from scratch, so the accomplishments of the team are totally reflective of what YOU do!

  • You are the coach during games – you don’t just watch the games and wait for them to finish, you make decisions during the games, whicih impact the outcome.

  • Realism – the game results, the statistics, and all the numbers that are part of the game of basketball are as close to the real ones as possible. About the Author

  • Powered by Game Studio A8 – a professional game development system

Game Features:

  • Absolutely Free – The game is absolutely FREE of charge.

  • Player Development – you’re in charge of the development of your players. Create practice plans for the team, create individual practice plans for each player. Manage
    team morale.

  • Coaching on the sidelines – make substitutions, change your strategy, take timeouts, change matchups. Your decisions can decide whether you win or lose a game!

  • Sign new players – recruit players from other teams. Search for talented players.

  • Negotiate sponsorship deals – manage the team’s finances. Find sponsors, persuade companies to help your team!

  • Play the game from anywhere - every saved game is uploaded to the server, and you can load it from a different computer.

  • Compete against other players – your best score is uploaded to the website. Strive for the top of the table.

  • Create an All-Star Team – if you win the All-Star Tournament in the game, you can upload your team to the server, and then other players will compete against it.

  • Every game is unique – Every game you start is different from the previous one.

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