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Having trouble with a puzzle? Can't interpret what the Journal has to say about one of the game's puzzles? Come read the game's official walkthrough and your problems will be whisked away!

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Author's Note: This is the expedient guide to completing the game. There are lots of things to find and see in Ouroboros: The Sacrifice but this guide will not point most of them out to you. It only concerns itself with advancing the main plot - and each step you take down this walkthrough will advance the main plot.


Click past the instructions screen after reading it, click Journey and then select New Journey.
There is a two-part introduction, after which you'll be deposited on the top of a cliffside vista which overlooks the Stonecloak camp.

Click on the camp to the left side on the screen.

Click through the dialogue, click on the mirror (inside the tent and to the right of the lantern)
Click on parts of your head and equipment to learn more. Click on the right side of the screen when satisfied.

[Conversation with Firryn Brother]
[Conversation with Delgof]
- All dialogue choices are optional - none alter or change the facts of the game, only what information you learn moving forward.

Part One

Ritual Cave
- Pick up the Staff
- Pick up the Pack
- Click on the Exit

Endless Fields
- Acknowledge the dialogue

Three Kings Puzzle

- Flag directions are read from closest to the player to furthest not left to right.
- When no flags consecutively go the same direction, the direction to walk is forward.
- When two flags are adjacent and point the same direction, the direction to walk is the opposite direction (e.g. pointing left = go right)
- When all three flags point in a direction, walk in that direction.
- To complete the puzzle, the player must correctly answer 5 steps.

This puzzle's solution sequence is randomly generated - there is no preset solution.

All possible combinations:
Go Left

Go Right

Go Forward

- Click on the entrance to the pass (inside the crater, near the top middle and close to the floor of the walls)


Bell Puzzle

During your walk to the temple, you would have heard whispers with each step that you took towards it.
Starting with the forward-right bell, the directions to translate to are, in counter-clockwise fashion: Left, Middle, Right.

It is not necessary to translate the whispers - the puzzle can be guessed through with relative ease.

The puzzle is a sequence of notes that must be matched in order by clicking the bells. Input the right sequence and the temple will open.
A 'correct' note will sound strange and warbly while an 'incorrect' note will sound clear - and will also reset your progress.
It is very likely that a bell will not be rung twice in a row, though back-and-forth 'bouncing' may occur.

Correctly input 5 tones with the bells and the puzzle is solved.

The Mouth
- Click on the Mouth

Part Two

Temple Hub
- Grab the Knife from the bottom right side of the screen, near the candles.
- Click near the bottom of the screen to access the Living Quarters

Living Quarters
- Grab the Staff and the Ring
- Go back to the Hub

Temple Hub
- Go to the Left Passageway and then on the right side of the dark tunnel, click to access Drum Room. The music will fade out.

Drum Room
- Pick up another Ring.
- Go back to the Hub

Temple Hub
- Go down the Right Passageway.

East Passage
- Grab the metal sphere at the end of the hallway
- Click on the left side to access the Preparation Room

Preparation Room
- Collect all the items laying about.
- Go back to the Living Quarters via the Hub.

Living Quarters
- Assemble the Staff by using the following items in this sequence:
- Metal Sphere -> Shaft
- Ring -> Shaft
- Ring -> Shaft
- Click on the Prayer Book
- Take It - new pages will be added to your Journal as a result.
- The Living Quarters are is now Inaccessible

Temple Hub
- Go left and then right to arrive in the Drum room.

Sending Song Puzzle

The Journal has this puzzle's solution in the section on The Sending Song.
In this entry you are presented with a series of images depicting a corpse.

It is in various stages of Decay (The Lady Death/Voshim is the Goddess of Natural Death, Decay, and Luck)
Underneath each stage are two letters. On the bottom right is a 'legend', depicting labeled ovals.

To map the symbols to the correct locations, put the stages of decay in order from freshest to most decayed.

The solution is AA DC BE DE AA.

The drums are from left to right: A B C D E or 0 1 2 3 4.

Play the notes of the song in the correct sequence and you will receive the message 'Something has changed'.
This completes 1 of the 2 tasks necessary to open the ritual room at the far end of the Hub.

- Go back to the Hub and then right and left to arrive in the Preparation Room

Preparation Room
- Interact with the corpse three times then place the Glass Sphere on the tube to the left and up of the corpse, in the rocky niche.
- You will receive the message 'Something has changed'; this completes the tasks necessary to unlock the Ritual Room.
- Return to the Hub

- Go forward and into the Ritual Room
- Drop the Knife if you'd like additional information or Sacrifice your Blood (you will always be forced to sacrifice the blood).


Voshim's Womb
- Advance across the Bridge to the Wastes

- Voshim will stop you and initiate a dialogue.
- Answer however you want to with most of her questions.
- When she offers to change your fate for a wager you are given two options.
- Ending A: Accept
- Ending B: Refuse

With that final choice, you have completed the game. I hope you enjoyed it and hope this guide was useful to you if you got stuck.

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