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Full features list for the mod release 24/9/2014, including description of game style and breakdown of the win conditions.

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Summary of features for Survival Mod

+ Supports online and skirmish play.
+ Players must survive 10 waves of enemies from any opponent race they choose.
+ A wide range of 1 player and 2 player VS AI maps.
+ Reworked Win Conditions.
+ Destroy Buildings Win Condition give player huge Req and Power bonus for destroying the enemy outpost buildings.
+ Assassinate Win Condition. When the player kills the enemy leader, the entire enemy army has their morale broken. As a result of killing the enemy leader, a new more powerful leader spawns in their place.
+ Take and Hold: reinforcements Win Condition. If a player owns a critical location, they receive reinforcements in line with their current tech level.
+ Wargear. If a player moves their commander to the location of the floating daemonhammer in each map, their commander is automatically gifted wargear from the SP campaign.
+ Heroic Defence Win Condition. This generates some serious opposition for the players. The enemy has special attacks based upon their race. Tau will perform Manta Strikes on the players troops. Imperial Guard will perform bombing runs on the players buildings, Necrons receive teleporting monoliths to assault the enemy lines and so on.
+ All difficulties supported, so pick Insane difficulty and Heroic defence some some truly epic battles.
+ Individual ranking system for offline play. A player goes up through ranks based upon howm any waves they have completed. This is an ongoing rank which keeps a record of every wave defeated ever and totals them up. Can you make it to Lord Solar rank?
+ Various other tweaks such as limitless turrets.

Development of survival 2.0 now in progress....Suggestions needed!


A potential added condition I would suggest is a condition that starts you off with some form of a starting base. It could be turrets, or just a barracks and a power generator. This could be used for beginners or those who wish to have a leg up if doing heroic defense.

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