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Welcome and Greetings to Full Invasion sir, here you can take a look at a short summary of what this mod contain (Features). Have a good day and die hard

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What This mod offers:

Unique Invasions
The abiltiy to join Invasion or save Calradia
Custom Improved Graphics 
Lots of unique/ Original Items that is made exclusively for Full Invasion
Each faction will have a unique style and gameplay
New animations for running, helding a sword/ pike etc
There will be a tons of items covering almost everything from MP
A complete overhaul on the items
Replaced native items with better ones
Viewable Troop Tree
New buildings
Custom Scenes for Factions
New Songs
There will be tons of new face textures
Lots of new hair types varying from medieval to modern
Troops get disadvantages and advantages based on the terrains of the battlefield
Player Kingdom and Unique Player-Kingdom Troop tree
Custom Commander
Diplomacy mod and Freelancer mod included
Battle continue after the death of the Player (Death Cam enabled)
There will be new quests
Recruiting troops from your own towns and castles that the player owned
Lots of mod options from Camp Menu
Auto Loot
AI Improved Formations
Spear Bracing for AI
Spears deal more damange against horses
more to come

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Capt.Host - - 854 comments

So promising. This is going to be awesome!

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khanh93vn - - 11 comments

what do you mean "Dragons"?

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Retired_Tak Author
Retired_Tak - - 1,427 comments

There are Dragons within Full Invasion 2 MP since long ago.

Dragons as enemies, not mounts

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