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Frequently Asked Questions Interview With The Lead Developer of Machine Made: Rebirth!

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Q: When is Machine Made going to be released?
A: September 2015

Q: What will the estimated playtime be?
A: 30-40+ hours

Q: What was the inspiration for this project?
A: A love of classic RPGs and wanting to show my friends something interesting.

Q: How long have you been developing games/What was your first game development project?
A: Since I was a kid. I used to make custom maps in Warcraft II and have always had the interest.

Q: Any amazing upcoming features I should be aware of?
A: Many. Voice acting, porting to mobile and other platforms, a Turn-Based-Strategy minigame, all new graphics just to name a few.

Q: Tell me about the voice acting.
A: I have access to some really high quality voice acting talent, I won't give away too much but suffice it to say, there will be voice acting for some cutscenes & other sweet spots.

Q: What will the game cost retail?
A: Somewhere between $5.99 and $7.99.

Q: You are a solo developer? How challenging is that?
A: I have had great inspiration with the development process. Having a team working on this project has been a great experience. Being a solo developer was a unique challenge. I've found some really talented people to bring the project into beta. The creative influence to design my own game was rewarding and I was able to reflect what I love the most about my favourite genre.

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