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Frequently Asked Questions for modification CryZone Online v.0.2.

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Frequently Asked Question

Question: How do I install this modification?
Answer: Run setup and follow the instructions on the screen as the installation folder, specify the root directory with a game Crysis, version 1.2.1.

Question: I run the setup program after extracting files installation does not continue. What should I do?
Answer: Most likely you are running anti-virus, disable it and try again.

Question: What to do if off anti-virus did not help?
Answer: Correct the environment variables of temporary folders, go to system properties, click the environment variables and fix all the paths of folders, from TEMP and TMP to a "&#xSy;stemRoot%\TEMP".

Question: At startup mod get the following error. What should I do?
Answer: If you receive this error, enter the computer as an administrator, or run a modification with administrator privileges. If you are running Windows Vista and higher, and it did not help, turn off "User Account Control (UAC)" .

Question: How to disable "User Account Control"?
Answer: To disable the "User Account Control", follow these steps.
Click the "Start" (oval button in the lower left corner of the screen), then click "Control Panel", then select "User Accounts and Family Safety" then "User Accounts", then click "Change settings for User Account Control
" in the lower window that appears on the bottom of the slider, then press «OK».

Question: How to use the game launcher?

Question: Mod installed, the PDA started, click the "call" button, but nothing happens.
Answer: You do not have properly installed mod, see the first question in the FAQ.

Question: Which directory is correct? And what is the "root directory"?
Answer: The correct is the same "root directory".The root directory - is the folder where you installed the game Crysis, on such default folder is С:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis, not need to specify subdirectories, for example, С:\Program Files\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Mods.

Question: In the selection of bits, I specify a 64-bit mode, but the game does not start.
Answer: Several possible reasons, for example, you have installed repack, in which there is no folder Bin64, needed to run the game on a 64-bit mode, or you do not properly installed mod, that is not in the root directory of the game.
Possible solutions:

  1. Reinstall the mod to the root folder of the game.
  2. Start the mod in the 32-bit mode (selectable when you start mod).

Question: When turn on the server?
Answer: Once the server is turned on, its activities, you can see on the monitoring.

Question: When trying to connect to the server, the game says "Authorization Error. " How to fix?
Answer: The method of correction depends on what kind of error occurs. Next, list.
Authorization Error 1 - means that the server is running with a password.
Authorization Error 2 - means that the server is activated PunkBuster, if you got this error, enable PunkBuster in the game settings. «Options» -> «Game Settings» -> «PunkBuster Protection» - select this item checked.
Authorization Error 3 - you have pirated version, and you try to access the server with enabled verification the license key (CD-Key).

Question: Attempting to register / login under your account GameSpy, the game says that the password is incorrect or does not match the email address.
Answer: As an e-mail address is recommended to specify the address in the system Google Mail.

Question: Where are the "system properties"?
Answer: "Start" -> "Run" in the window that appears, type sysdm.cpl, press the «OK», then go to "Advanced".

Question: Mod does not run through a PDA (game launcher)!
Answer: Two ways:

  1. Run mod with administrator privileges.
  2. Select 32-bit mode on startup.

Question: How to connect to the server?
Answer: Press in the game the key "tilde" ("~"), and enter «connect"

Question: How do I find IP-address of the server?
Answer: There are two ways:

  1. Press the "Start", then "Run" (if you have Windows Vista and above, write "Run" in the search field "Start" menu), the pop-up window write "ping -t", and click "OK".
  2. Use the resource «», on the above resource in the field «IP адрес или домен", type «», and click "Проверить ".

Question: How to change the nickname in the game?
Answer: In your choice of two ways :

  1. In the main menu, create a new player profile - the profile name will correspond to your nickname.
  2. Type in console name your_nickname.
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