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A Work In Progress FAQ that I hope will address questions both existing and new players have with the Mod. Suggestions for Questions to be added into the FAQ are welcome.

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The Flood: Forgotten Exile FAQ

Q1: What is The Flood: Forgotten Exile?
A1: Simply put, TF:FE is a Custom Single-Player Campaign in development for Halo: Custom Edition.

Q2: What makes this mod different from other Custom Campaigns?
A2: You play as a Flood Combat Form.

Q3: Wait, what?
A3: Yes, you play as a Flood. Is your body ready?

Q4: How many levels will there be?
A4: Originally we planned five levels total, but now we have decided on four levels. In order of story they are: Released - The Key - Stop the Key from Turning - Reclaimer.

Q5: Will there be custom levels?
A5: Three out of four of our levels will be custom. They are: Released, The Key and Reclaimer.

Q6: Why is Stop the Key from Turning (StKft) already released if it’s the third level of the campaign?
A6: StKft was the first level that work began on. It quickly became our proof of concept, and we wanted to show the Community what we had achieved by releasing it. You could compare it to The Silent Cartographer from Halo Trial. StKft gives you a taste of what we are planning.

Q7: Why make a mod based around the Flood?
A7: I know it’s something I’ve always wanted to do personally. I always enjoyed the whole idea of the Flood in Halo, and always thought it would be cool if you could play as them. Aside from that, I knew I wanted to make something entirely unique that people hadn’t really done before. So I combined these two thoughts, and the Mod was born out of it.

Q8: What types of new content will we be seeing?
A8: Everything. Dialogue, Vehicles, Weapons, Bipeds, Animations. You name it, it’s in there.

Q9: Doesn’t that make it more of an overhaul?
A9: We’re not aiming to make radical changes to the Tagset by re-doing everything, but we are committed to adding new Tags to the existing Tagset. Additionally, we’re not re-doing the original Campaign, we are creating something entirely new.

Q10: Will you be using Open Sauce?
A10: At this time we do not plan on using OS.

Q11: Will the tags be unprotected?
A11: Absolutely! You are free to take what you wish from the mod and use it how you wish. All I ask is that you give due credit to the original authors.

Q12: Will there be beta tests?
A12: Yes I can confirm we will be holding closed beta tests for each of our levels. Closer to the time we will upload a blank application for Players to fill out should they wish to help us with testing.

Q13: RELEASE DATE???!!?!?!?!?1
A13: Pls no.

Q14: What is the story for this mod?
A14: To put it simply the story runs parallel to the original from Halo: Combat Evolved. We have created our own story for the Flood that we hope fits canonically into the Halo Universe. The Mod begins on a high-security containment facility on Alpha Halo, where Covenant and Human Forces are engaging one another. The Covenant, while searching for a ‘hidden weapons cache’, stumble upon a relic of the Forerunner-Flood War. A Gravemind.

Q15: But there was never a Gravemind on Alpha Halo!
A15: That’s hardly a question! But yes, you are entirely correct. A Gravemind is never directly mentioned as being present on Alpha Halo, and we don’t intend on orchestrating an epic face-off between Master Chief and this Gravemind. What we have planned for the story will hopefully touch off very little of the original, while still offering interesting tie-ins to both the Combat Evolved story, and possibly the Halo 2 storyline.

Q16: How can I help? Join?
A16: We’re not currently looking for any other Developers on the Project. We are of the philosophy that a small group of experienced Developers can accomplish all that is required for this mod. With that said, if you have any contributions to make to the Mod (Assets/Tags) then feel free to PM Koo or myself with what you would like to donate, and we will see if we have a place for it in the mod.

Q17: Why should I play this mod?
A17: There is no simple answer for this, as it really depends on your personal interests, but I will say this. If you’re looking for an interesting and unique Single Player experience, then you’ve come to the right place.

Q18: Do you have a YouTube or Twitter account?
A18: Yes, we have both.


Q19: Are there any plans for Multi-Player maps?
A19: Currently not at this time.

Q20: Do you have any plans for the future of the mod once it’s completed?
A20: No. We’re focused on doing this mod, and doing it well. We are going to focus on one level at a time. Once the mod is completed, we will decide if there is anything further we wish to do.

Forloftol - - 516 comments

Just to add to the Gravemind thing, no, there wasn't one - However, there was a Proto-Gravemind in the form of Keyes and several other infected officers, pilots and even the Covenant equivalents.

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LoneWarrior Author
LoneWarrior - - 85 comments

Aye, I'm aware that there was a Proto-Gravemind on Alpha Halo in the form of Keyes.

What I was trying to put across through the FAQ was that we've added to the story that there was a Gravemind.

I know, it's a huge deal. A lot of people who are fanatics about the canon (I know I am) will be pulling out their hair while I say this, but I think we've got a good explanation that fits within the Halo Universe as to why this Gravemind is on Alpha Halo.

We know the Forerunner did keep some Flood locked up, obviously to try and see if there was any weaknesses that could be exploitable during the Forerunner-Flood War. Personally it would make sense to me that they would bring that a step further, trying to artificially create a Gravemind in a Containment Facility.

The Gravemind in our story is what remains of the one created by the Forerunner. It has been slowly rotting since the first activation of the Rings. Only barely kept alive by the same stasis units that kept the other Flood on Alpha Halo alive.

The reason for keeping it alive? We also know that the Monitor was tasked with several things by the Forerunners to keep him occupied after the Rings were activated. What we've added into the story, is that one of those was to find a weakness that could be exploited should the Flood ever re-emerge.

I know making these changes and additions to the story is something that most of you won't be particularly happy with. But I believe it's the best way we can go. It gives us lots of opportunities for how we want to do the story, while hopefully not standing on too many toes of the original.

I've thought long and hard about the story and how it should play out, and to me, it never really made sense without including a Gravemind.

Edit: Holy doodle this turned into quite the wall of text.

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