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You need food to move and progress, this is the basic resource of the game.

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Moving is not free for mushrooms

If we think in real life mushrooms and fungi we don’t see them as moving creatures. Fungusstaysy at one place and grow, but in this magical kingdom, all mushrooms have the ability to move, although not for free.

In the game, moving is what happens when you press one of the directional arrows. Doing this will move Caiam Piter in the corresponding direction, entering a new Room.

If you look well the green bar is reduced and a floating number can be seen above Caiam Piter before moving. This is the Food Cost that must be paid each time you discover a new room, that is if you have never entered that room before you must pay the cost, but if you have been there before you won’t need to pay anything.

How to get food back

Food cost is constant, but each floor has more and more rooms, and if you run out of food you will have to pay with health instead, so unless you get back some food you won’t get too far.

Introducing: Food pickups!

As you move through the dungeon you will find some food pickups laying around that you can click on to collect. These give quite some food back and can be found almost in any room, just don’t eat more than you need, food won’t grow back again if you re-visit the room.

Doesn't look tasty?

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