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List of features in the most recent update of 1.3, 13035, includes a video explaining them all as well.

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------------------------------- GAMEPLAY ------------------------------------
- Title Screen now says FFT 13035 and FFHacktics got replaced by ID
- Floating units now take extra damage vs Wind attacks.
- Fixed a bug which allowed Ninjas to Throw Spears and Knight Swords again

------------------------------------ ITEMS ----------------------------------
- All Bows now have Range 6, except Yoichi and Perseus.
- Yoichi Bow 10 Range, 16 WP.
- Perseus Bow 8 Range, 20 WP.

------------------------------ MONSTERS --------------------------------------
- Panther Family "Poison Nail" replaced with "Venom Leap"
- Panther Family "Cat Kick" replaced with "Savage Leap"
- Panther Family new Monster Skill: "Death Blast"
- Ahriman Family "Look of Devil" replaced with "Gaze of Fear"
- Ahriman Family "Look of Fright" replaced with "Gaze of Terror"
- Ahriman Family "Death Sentence" replaced with "Gaze of Doom"
- Ahriman Family new Skill: "Counterspell"
- Ahriman new Monster Skill: "Light Pillar"
- Juravis Family "Scratch Up" replaced with "Zephyr"
- Juravis Family "Shine Lover" replaced with "Pure Flight"
- Juravis Family "Beaking" replaced with "Updraft"
- Juravis Family "Feather Bomb" replaced with "Wind Strike"
- Juravis Family New Monster Skill: "Tempest"
- Squid Family "Tentacle" replaced with "Aqualung"
- Squid Family "Black Ink" replaced with "Time Blast"
- Squid Family "Odd Soundwave" replaced with "Psionic Wave"
- Squid Family "Level Blast" replaced with "Energy Blast"
- Squid Family new Monster Skill: "Acid Rain"
- Ghost Family Touch skills accuracy increased.
- Ghost Family new Monster Skill: "Unholy Champion"
- Skeleton Family new Monster Skill: "Night Ritual"
- Dragon Family new Monster Skill: "Dragon Beam"
- Hydra Family "Triple Attack" replaced with "Triple Breath" (All 3)
- Triple Breath uses PA. All Hydra PA down 33%.
- Hydra Monster Skill "Dragon Power UP" renamed to "Dragon Force"

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