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An Singleplayer Campaign based on the adventures of a Pan-Asian Commander (YOU!!), from the invasion across the Panmunjom DMZ, to the Siege of Beijing, relive it all!! Plus many vehicles and factions to command!!!

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-MP Mode: Siege, take out key defensive positions as the assaulting side and hold the line as the defence!!
-New Factions: Peoples Republic of Asia (North Korea and China in MP) and the Pan-Asian Republic (Japan and South Korea in MP)
-New Vehicles: Demo Release(01)
-New MP Maps: Demo Release(01)
Faction Release 1: RoK Army
FEW-dmz: The Famed Peace village at Panmunjom, the forces of the PRoA are charging at your position, hold them off!!!
FEW-dmz(bots): Same above, just with bots
FEW-nampo harbour: A P-AR surprise assault at the harbour town of Nampo, they are after the HQ, defend it!!!
FEW-nampo harbour(bots): Same with bots

hope you like it

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