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Check this small design sneak peek if you're interested in the tone and some key elements of Warfare in FEUDUMS, our coming MMO Strategy Game.

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Design Sneak Peeks - Warfare Basics

Kingdoms born and collapse in blood and fire. Let's see what the key aspects of warfare are in FEUDUMS. Fellow armchair generals, push forward!


FEUDUMS Splitter DotRaising Armies

In FEUDUMS, a lord can summon its military units in their feudums (fiefs); troops can be either levies or mercenaries.

The available unit types, their experience, weapons and armour all depend on how well-developed their home fief are.

You can fit your units into Companies. Companies are the ones you place on the map and send to crush your enemies.

FEUDUMS Company Token

FEUDUMS Splitter DotFeudal Levy

FEUDUMS Castle View

The easiest and cheapest method for a lord to get soldiers is to summon his lances. Lances are levy soldiers, mustered for a limited time from local commoners of a feudum, led by a noble vassal.

If the lance perishes, the enlisted population is lost and the related feudum will suffer.

Lances are obliged to answer to a call to arms, they are pretty cheap, and fast to summon, but cannot be kept as a standing army - they disband by force if they aren't released once their military service is fulfilled.

FEUDUMS Splitter DotThe glasscannon: Sellswords & Hired Troops

Mercenaries are the opposite of Lances: they are professional, specialized soldiers, making war for a living, led by sergeants and a company captain.

Mercenaries are expensive to train, expensive to keep in arms, and, unless you contracted a Mercenary Band, training them takes a lot of time. However, in return what you get is not simple devoted amateurs but quality, deadly, all-day soldiers. Once on your payroll, they are the perfect choice as a (small) standing army.

What's the con? Besides that you can field an army of Lances from the cost of a small mercenary squad, let's just say, they really don't like late payments.

FEUDUMS Splitter DotVassals at War

FEUDUMS Lance Knight

Don't forget vassalage: the feudal system was a way to support the equivalent of an army in a non-cash economy, thus, this is the reality in Feudums.

When at war, call your banners (other players that are your vassals) to support your military campaign and boost your numbers. You can be sure your opponents will be doing the same.

In a real feudal world, networking matters.

FEUDUMS Splitter DotOf War Plans and Collaboration

"There can be no real war without fire and blood">, said Bertrand de Born, french baron and troubadour of the twelfth century. If he was living today, he would be a game designer on our team.

No vassal system or diplomacy could operate without various toys to support cooperation. Players who are either allied or share the bond of an Oath of Fealty can practically share war plans. And by "practically" we mean you can really share them on your game maps. With marching routes, rally points, targets and notes appearing, you will be kept up to date for as long as each war plan remains active.


FEUDUMS holds no place for the book-keeping of positions and target distribution, or the consequent misunderstandings these processes can cause.
Instead, our shared war plans makes collaborative operations easy, effective - and very rewarding.

FEUDUMS Splitter Dot FEUDUMS Splitter Dot FEUDUMS Splitter Dot

War is certainly no easy business in Feudums.

The game is balanced to mimic the early medieval period; keeping a standing army wasn't common practice for centuries, so we favour the more authentic military campaign-based thinking over the classic "build a bigger army" approach.

As a lord progresses, he may slowly train and keep a retinue (a small band of professional soldiers) but lances, generally affordable and easy to summon - but painful to lose - may remain the backbone of every army.

All visual elements are actual graphics from the game.

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The background music is from our composer, if you like it, there is another on our slideshow homepage ( You can expect similar themes & style, but in-game tracks will not be a static music but reflecting the atmosphere of the scene and the changing mood of the game (ie. wars, diplomacy, seasonal tracks, etc).

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it is a very promising game guys keep it up i wanna play this game soon =)

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We're getting there Mythox! The map creator is done...just ironing out the last few bugs. Once we've released the map creator, its a simple matter of getting the last few builds added in.

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