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1.0 Final version summary of new stuff in Realism Mod-those are only changes from BETA ver.!

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Replaced COD gun sounds with own ones.
Big number of new weapons.
New weapon animations including 3D Ironsights!

Added and edited some kits.

More details on next page!(SPOILER WARNING)
New weapons:
US Insurgents:M9 .45, M4 INSMOD-M4 without stock (Fictional).
Beryl (Ironsights, Commando, EOtech, Silenced,GL), AKM (Ironsights, GP25, Scoped, Scoped + GP25), AK74U (Ironsights,Ironsights Silenced), Dragunov Ironsights.
Sweden:AK5(Lots of variants,B,C,D,D with Grip,SUSAT,M203,Scope),AWP,CGA5C2.

W.I.P. on next page!(SPOILER WARNING)

Tantal Carbine
Pallad GL
That's all for now, but the list will be updated.

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