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So what are the content and features of version 1.2?

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Playing in "Master" difficulty is recommended. The mod is scripted for that difficulty.
This is the complete list of features of "I Work Alone" ver.1.2:

–––––––( VISUALS & AUDIO )–––––––

* Hundreds of new high resolution textures for environment, items and weapons + some suits
All selected from Absolute Structures v.1.0 / Nature v.2.0 and S.C.O.P. Realistic.
All weapons in the zone now seem more used and unmaintained.
There is a large variation in the amount of corrosion and dirt on the weapons
depending on the background of the weapontype.
Military weapontypes are less corroted as they are better maintained.

* Russian Dialogs & English SubText

* New weapon sounds

* Better blood

* The VOG-25 grenade uses now the right Icon and Model

* AtmosFear v2.1
(with the only exceptions of Atmosfear: Blowouts and Fallout)

* Nimble's weapons "unique textures"

* Variation Mod

* New weapon animations and highres textures

* Option for first person cam / third person cam

* All the carcasses and smell of missery has attracted aggressive flies to the zone.
You won't see them but you will notice them more often. Especially around lakes and swamps.
Be sure to find one around your face anytime soon.
They also may disrupt your sleep when you put your dirty sleeping bag to the test out in the open.

–––––––( GAMEPLAY )–––––––

* 50% less reward money for completed missions/quests

* New starting time, instead of 09.00 you now arrive in Zaton at 21.00

* Actor tweaks

* The maximum weigth you can carry is lowered but you run slightly faster now
when not overencumbered.

* Range of the combat knife has been raised.

* All upgrades cost 25% more than vanilla

* Bandages only stops bleeding

* You get paid less for artefacts

* Trader don't buy weapons in poor condition

* Scientists are now buying artefact's

* All traders and Stalkers is paying you less for everything they buy

* No gifts in your stash after the quest's "friend of stalkers" & "monsterhunter"

* The Military and Uncle Yar will charge you for repairing your gear in Pripyat,
the Military will give you 50% discount and Uncle Yar 15% discount

* Realtime gameplay option (change in main menu, F1= vanilla speed / F2= realtime speed)

* Stronger and deadlier anomaly's

* No more blowout task messages

* Drag dead body's and items ("Shift" + "Use" key)

* Actor belong to "Ukrainian Special Services (USS)" and not "Free Stalkers"

–––––––( WEAPONRY & GEAR )–––––––

* Weapon sounds and animations synchronized

* More Recoil
No shooting from the hip. Recoil of all weapons are now more aggressive so that you need
to take proper aim and use the strength of your hands and torso to shoot with low recoil.
Crouching improves your aim in the optimal way. If you don't aim properly you will suffer great recoil
and weapon sway when shooting in bursts or fully automatic.

* Low Ammunition Ressources
Military forces has excluded the zone even further and ammunition
is now smugled into the zone in a less frequent basis.
This means that traders has less but more valuable ammo to offer at a raised price.
By helping the military faction in Pripyat you are still offered free ammo.

* You have been granted a better flashligth that illuminates the distances in front of you
even better that the last one.

* Your radio has been tinkered with to have stronger and clearer signals.
However, this means that you are also picking up small and weak portions of enemy radio chatter from your area. Some are related to their exploring. Some are related to their tactics.
The frequencies that are picked up are totally random and might be mixed.
Only the frequency of your own faction is clear and reliable.
It could be the secret of a bandit telling his comrade where to find the hidden gas mask
in perfect condition. It could be the radio whispering of an enemy sniper in the top window
of the building asking for the approval of his boss to take you out.
Who wouldn't want that kind of life saving signals?

* All upgrades available for all weapons (still requires tool sets)

* No weapon restrictions in safe zones

* New starting gear

* The VAL can now be modified to use the 5.45x39 FMJ and 5.45x39 AP ammo

* Thermite grenades added

* Military knife, Binoculars, PDA and Identitycard will show up in your inventory,
you can't drop or sell them

* Sleeping bag & sleeping pills

* Tired of feeling sleepy when exploring the zone?
Now barmen in Zaton and Jupiter are selling stronger and more effective energy drinks
to burn off your sleepiness.
Don't use these if you are planning to sleep around the next corner.
Prices have beeen raised a bit because of the higher dosis of caffeine.
I might add that a constant mix between sleeping pills and energy drinks is a bad idea
in the long run. Seek a more natural day/night rhythm.

* There is two sets of knifes in the game now, one that is your standard issue
military knife and works just as the vanilla knife. Then there is the hunting knife
that the rest of the stalkers uses, it uses a weapon slot and you can sell them.

* Ballistic tweaks

* More realistic weapon damage and no iron sight zoom

* The FN2000 can now use the silencer as default

–––––––( LOOTING )–––––––

* Loot money from corpses

* Less food, medicine, ammo and grenades in loot

–––––––( INTERFACE )–––––––

*Main menu and loading screens has been redone in the concept of the mod.
They now include authentic and real photos of the zone.

*The HUD has been expanded to include a small compass and minimap
that helps you navigate within the exclusion zone.
It won't show enemy locations. Neither will it show dead bodies.
It will however indicate your friends and VIPs (like traders).
Still you will find a display of your currently equipped type of ammunition
as well as how much there is left.

* New PDA map and inventory for wide screen

* Slightly transparent inventory

* Minimal HUD: no grenade warnings, no hit indicator, new binocular vision

* Dynamic "Helmet" HUD

* Real weapon names

* Iron sight aligned correctly

* Gnomus scopes, retextured by Ceano

* Cleared Stash Mod, places a small treasure icon map spot where you pick up a stash

* New inventory icons and descriptions

* The Field of View has been widened to fit better with high resolution gaming and expand your view. The FOV is now 75'.

–––––––( AI )–––––––

* Alundaio's various AI Mod v1.07

* AI Reworked (stalkers & monsters)

* Reworked monster behavior and zombified stalkers are mindless wanderers that attack everything

* Relations tweaked. Stalkers/Bandits no longer turn neutral to each other

* The trader in Zaton (Skadovsk) is now selling PKM ammo after a while

* Re spawns in freeplay (more alternatives of spawns in zaton and jupiter)

* Barmen now selling clear water (prolongs your need for sleep)

* Zombied Stalkers reworked...removed their bleeding and tweaked the damage they take
when they is shot in different areas on the body, they don't heal as quick as before
but is more resilient against bullets. A good weapon to use if they come in a gang
is the Thermite grenade, frag grenade is also good but not as good as Thermite. They
are hard to kill with body shots, but with 1-3 head shots they go down.

–––––––( FIXES & TWEAKS )–––––––

* Colonel Kovalski bug fixes

* Several game "bug" fixes, like unreachable stashes and more

* Sleeping bloodsuckers "FIX", fix needed when custom footstep sound is used

* Oasis artifact will no longer reduce your hunger but it has better healing ability,
it is highly radioactive as it supposed to be

* Pistol Degradation (some pistols did stop degrade if you installed all upgrades)

* Minor artifact tweaks

* No lock down when fighting enemy's close to safe zones

* Quest items can be stored in your stash

* Food and medics stats tweaked

* Food don't restore health

* Item weights tweaked

* Crow spam fix

* Dead body remove time (stalkers & mutants)

* The three Burers in X8's "secret floor" can now be killed
from outside the room they are located in

–––––––( HERO CREDITS )–––––––

Ceano, Angrydog, Darkenneko, Gtzz FeLa,

Cromm Cruac, Alundaio, TheSmurth and Sclera.

N.Aaroe Author

If want to have a look at the differences between ver.1.1 and ver.1.2 You can see the (version 1.2 exclusive) features here:

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cant wait for the upgrade authorisation to be complete :) i love what you have done to this bland and dull game. now i'll have a real challenge.

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Hi! Would it be possible to create a "lite"-version of this mod, in other words only the gameplay tweaks and values, but no new graphics? The mod as it is now increases my loading times and drops my performance quite a bit, but otherwise I´d love to play with IWA´s challenge!

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N.Aaroe Author

I can't promise that it will help you much but you could try and delete texture folders from within gamedata/textures/... (folder like 'decal','briks','grnd','trees', 'detail',....
There won't be a "lite"-version of the mod.

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hey. is it possible to get the nimble´s unique weapons textures as a stand alone. i tried to find them (in the textures folder) and i tried to extract them to my custom gamedata. but actually i didnt get unique textures. please help me

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When is AtmosFear 3.0 going to be added?

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I really like this mod, but is there any way for me to keep the dialog in English because this mod seems to automatically change it to Russian?

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How can I go about changing the FOV?
75 is a bit too narrow for my liking.

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Scratch that, just used FOV Switcher.

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This work whit arsenal overhaul and this have incluided atmósfer?

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