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Some of the features for MAnhunt Death wish and updates.

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• Your attacks have been weakened
• Hunter attacks have been strengthened
• Stamina has been decreased by 50%
• You carry less ammo, hunter firearms to more damage
• Cerberus health increased to 200hp
• Cerberus leader health increased to 400hp
• Starkweather health increased to 400hp
• Hunters run faster
• Hunter health increased to 150hp
• Weapons have been buffed... mostly for Hunters
• Cops and Cerberus have 50% more accuracy
• Ramirez and the Bunnyman thingy (White Rabbit) have increased health, and increased accuracy (25%)
• Hunters can sprint for 50 seconds, while you only sprint for 10

Updates/Update Features

Progress on this mod has been put on hold, due to production of the Manhunt 2 version
of this mod. After the Manhunt 2 Death Wish mod is released, I will continue work on this,
with more features such as model and texture editing

Update V02A - (no release date)
Patch - Hunters will have 10% more health than 50%
Patch - M16 and UZI will be less OP for Hunters
Patch - M16 and UZI will do more damage on Hunters
Patch - Bunny and Ramirez will have less health
Patch - Hunter sprint time will be decreased
Feature - Police will have 35% more health
Feature - Cerberus will have 75% more health
Feature - Spiked Bat, Ice Pick, and Hammer (Trained to Kill) will be obtainable
Feature - Desert Eagle will carry 7 bullets in clip
Feature - M16 and UZI will carry 15 bullets in a clip

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