Manhunt is an Action TPS Psychological Horror game from developer Rockstar North and published by Rockstar and dates for releases for:November 18 in 2003 for PS2April 20 in 2004 for Xbox and PCStoryline:You are James Earl Cash, a convict that made terrible crimes and you were suppose to be excuted with lethal injection in public.But instead of lethal injection you were sedated and transported to dangerous part of Carcer City.When you wake up you hear voice from speakers in the corner of the wall and you try to break metal doors and smash a camera.The voice from speakers told him to move towards the small closet and you pick up and put an small "earphone" and the that male voice said that you can call him the Director.So he opens the doors and introduce you with situation and also there are some watchers that watch what are you doing, your main objective is to survive and your first enemy will be some scum and they call them self "the hoods".You will try to exit/find a way out from their hood and after that you will get ambushed by the "mercenaries" that work for "The Director" !Controversy:- graphic presentation of violence(gore,smashed heads,brain damage,brutal cut throats,etc...)- The murder of Stefan Pakeerah (find on wikipedia)System Requirments for PC"s:DirectX: DirectX 8.1
OS": Windows 98SE,Windows Millennium Edition (Windows Me),Windows 2000,WindowsXP
CPU: 1GHz Intel® Pentium® III processor, AMD Athlon™ processor
Video Card: 32MB DirectX-compatible GeForce2 video card
orPlaystation 2 = Price:50 to 100 USDXbox = Unknown/Outdated/Maybe Xbox360
All other informations find on official website of Rockstar games or Manhunt section on Rockstar games website !!!
-mods & addons-It is possible to make mods and addons for Manhunt, it probavly uses engine that was used from GTA3 to GTASA(but before GTASA for PS2 but for PC & Xbox used some and additional graphical improvemnts and performance boosts).

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20th Manhunt Anniversary! :D


"Bully: Carcer Edition"

20 years ago, on November 18th 2003, Rockstar dropped one of their most brutal and controversial games - Manhunt.

First released on PS2, so i'm taking exactly this date as the first public release.

It was one of those games that the press and government blamed as the main cause of violence and mass/serial murders back in the day (of course lol).

Even with such old graphics and simple gameplay - it aged pretty well and still plays great (especially when using ReShade and various mods).

What do you think about this game? Would you want new Manhunt game from Rockstar (Manhunt 3 or whatever the new title will be), or a remake?

Original art by Nazareth:

Project Carcer release!

Project Carcer release!

Project Carcer 1 comment

First alpha version released, be sure to check it out!

Humble Runs Halloween Sale; 5 Last Minute Deals To Nab (And A Mod For Each)

Humble Runs Halloween Sale; 5 Last Minute Deals To Nab (And A Mod For Each)


Humble's Halloween sale is still on, and runs for just a few more days, so if you've been indecisive, here's five games you could nab before the opportunity...

Manhunt Trainer List

Manhunt Trainer List

Feature 5 comments

This is the feature list for Manhunt trainer made my wolfman102

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Demo 1 comment

oyundaki bonus kısmını türkçe yaptım discord sunucumu gelirseniz sevinirim:

Cursor Fix For Manhunt

Cursor Fix For Manhunt

Patch 1 comment

This mod created by Vect0r, fixes the issues caused by having a multiple monitor setup while playing Manhunt. Normally, the mouse cursor drifts off the...

Director's Vision 0.5

Director's Vision 0.5

Manhunt : Director's Vision Demo 2 comments

NOT FINAL !!! I plan to do more with this so its being upped as a demo. -Restored BETA gangs -VHS Shader -Custom Intro -Custom Innocent design Credits...

Manhunt Remastered v1.1 by DeBuGWoLf

Manhunt Remastered v1.1 by DeBuGWoLf

Manhunt Remastered Full Version 10 comments

Manhunt Remastered is a complete overhall to the well known game! Playing it makes you feel like you never experienced Manhunt before! It Enhances the...

Manhunt Directors Cut Realism Mod

Manhunt Directors Cut Realism Mod

"Director's Cut" Realism Mod released! Full Version 6 comments

I saw that people wanted this mod, so here it is. It's the only version of this mod that I could find, I decided to upload this to preserve this mod since...

Heartbeat Fix

Heartbeat Fix

Patch 2 comments

Simply fixes the Heartbeat Loop issue by removing it..

PsyWarVeteran - - 1,916 comments

Rockstar's underrated classic, there haven't been anything close to this series ever again. The blend of stealth, action and horror grounded in reality, where the real monsters are humans, just like in real life.

This game and its sequel aren't simple, brainless shock and gore-fests, unlike many thinks. Few people seem to be able to see the spark behind Manhunt, instead of following the herd and viewing it nothing more than "that one game where you brutally murder people". Both that disdainful, blind hate and, the exact opposite, childish praise that comes only from the violence factor and nothing else, damaged and still damages the reputation of these games.

Manhunt is a series that is negatively affected both by some biased and unfair critics and unhealthy "fans" who are aware of it only because of the gore and killing. This is a great game ruined by fifteen year old edgelords, mentally ill gorefiends who should be hospitalized and "Manhunt All Executions | HD | 60FPS" bros who only care for revenue.

What you can expect from Manhunt:

- Decent stealth & action sections
- Varied levels that contain new ideas and set-pieces with varying size and quality
- Great music and sound effects
- Well written and acted dialog
- Surprisingly tame violence than what many thinks

This is a very unique stealth / action game with dark and gritty atmosphere, crafted with that usual, early Rockstar magic. Take a good look, as you will never see something like this ever again.

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The best games from rockstar: GTA Sa and Manhunt 1-2

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LizardGamer - - 140 comments

Gotta love this game :D

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