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!!!Warning this mod cannot be used with vanilla saves, Fresh install recommended!!!

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Features in the mod are
-#3 main races - The colonials, the Cylons and Colonial pirates
-Brand new universe in which there are the twelve colonies, kobal, New caprica + others seen in the episodes, all other systems are empty and classed as unknown.(Should be able to capture and rename using STO but not sure)
-The ships are slightly modified from Killerogs pack to be able to dock faster with stations + Fighters having faster docking times when docking with the battlestar and basestars
-All systems and battle music has changed to fit the universe of battlestar galactica
-Maybe if there is enough time a story line of the show
-Idea to use jump points instead of jump gates (Need help with the AI with that)
-Cylons occasionally invade
-There is Colonial pirates which also invade the colonials

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