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This article talks about the main features of GLA Tech General.

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GLA Technology General (or Tech General for short) is a sub-faction of GLA that focuses on available powerful vehicles and upgrades without having the need to purchase the upgrades or salvage vehicles. In return, costs are expensive, and its stealth capabilities are greatly reduced, without any camo-netting or stealthed units, except for Jarmen Kell. It also does not have GPS scrambler and Sneak Attack as its general's powers. Saboteurs also come into focus in GLA Tech General Gameplay, with Saboteur Ambush and cheaper saboteurs.

New features

Vehicles available from start

  • Fully salvaged Scorpion
  • Fully salvaged Marauder Tank
  • Fully salvaged Toxin Tractor
  • Radar Truck replaces Radar Van: more armour
  • Quad Tank replaces Quad Cannon: more armour
  • Rocket Tank replaces Rocket Buggy: more armour and better anthrax rockets. Detects stealth
  • Nuke Truck replaces Bomb Truck
  • M113 replaces Technical: infantry can fire out of it. More armour and better weapon
  • V3 Launcher replaces Scud Launcher: higher damage
  • Supply Truck replaces Worker for more efficient resource collection

Upgrades given from start

  • Toxin Shells
  • Anthrax Beta
  • Fortified Structures
  • AP Bullets
  • AP Rockets
  • Radar Van Scan
  • Worker's Shoes
  • Arm the Mob
  • Capture Building
  • Junk Repair
  • Scorpion Rocket

GLA features not present in GLA Tech General

  • Hijackers
  • Fake buildings
  • Sneak Attack
  • GPS Scramble
  • Camo-netting upgrades
  • Combat Cycle
  • Battle Bus
  • Booby Trap

Miscellaneous Features

  • Reinforcement Pad gives 2 Scorpions
  • Smuggled Nuke Bomb available from Black Market. Replaces anthrax bomb when researched
  • Black Market can provide a small amount of power to speed up construction and training speed
  • Quad Tunnel Network replaces Tunnel Network for more effective anti-infantry and anti-air defence. No RPG troopers spawn from the Quad Tunnel Network.
  • Almost all buildings and units have increased cost (except saboteur)
  • Saboteurs are cheaper but not stealthed
  • Saboteur Ambush replaces Rebel Ambush
vietchinh - - 349 comments

Well this is most intressting that i ever read. Well its like GLA boost in time. But is this not overpowerd?

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p3ac3k33p3r Author
p3ac3k33p3r - - 45 comments

although its vehicles increase in firepower, all the costs become higher, and there are no more stealth abilities and other guerilla tactics.

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