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Hi, This is sw33tsp0t. I Am going to tell you in this article What Diablo II SP Enhancement Mod Is About, The Goals and Intent of the Mod, What it Does, And how it Benefits your Gameplay.

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Hi, This is sw33tsp0t, Maker of Diablo II SP Enhancement Mod.

This Mod is for Diablo II Singleplayer Only, It Functions on All Patches 1.09 to 1.13C. And Anything Later.

The Mod was Concieved by Me, Due to I Seen Diablo II Singleplayer/Multiplayer Really Lacked in Some Areas, Such as Inventory Size, Skills Etc.

This Mod Changes your Diablo II Interface, to be as Expansive and Enjoyable as Possible, With this Mod you Will Be able to Store Millions of Items in your Bank Stash, Deposit Shared Gold for all of your Characters Across your Singleplayer Network, Due to the New Bank Stash Capabilities.

You may Also share All the Items you Please, Millions apon Millions (Over 4,000,000,000 Pages in the Stashes) With all of your Other Singleplayer Characters On your Network.

The Mod Promotes Faster Leveling, No More Low Low Experience Yields in the Higher Later Levels, Leveling will Be Better in The Mod.

Gold Storage in Stash Has Been Doubled from Default Diablo II Capped Levels. You can Also Carry Double the Gold on your Character at One time than Before in the Default Game. The Bank Deposit Feature has Infinite Gold Storage, to Share Between your Network of Characters.

The Inventory, Horodric Cube, and Stash size Has Been Maximized in Space, over 256 Boxes of Storage, you Pretty Much Can Clear 3-4 Levels and Pick Up Every Item That Drops, And Have Space for it, Along with Maximum Charm Storage for Charm Buffs.

Due to Cube and Inventory Size, if you Find a Nice item you want to Have, Put it in your Infinite Storage Stash (4,000,000,000 Pages) OR, In your Shared Storage Stash to be Used with your Other Network of Characters.

The Icons on all the Equipment Have Been Changed to Format the New Expansive Interface.

The Mod will Make Diablo II A Bit Easier as Well, For Example There are now 10 Stat Points Per Level Up, instead of 5, This sounds Like an Uber-Buff, But Believe me It Really Isn't When you Get to Harder Spots in the Game (Hell, Act 2 Tombing, Bosses, Powerful Uber Monsters, Mass Crowds) It Gets Very Difficult. The Extra Stat Points Come In to Play Very Well. Making the Game Better.

There are Still 1 Skill Point per Level, But in this Mod you Are Intended and Able to Level all the way to Level 181. So you Will Get Much more Skill Points on Down the Road.

The Elemental Resistance Penalty for Nightmare and Hell Modes, Have Been Halved, No Longer will you Go Into Hell and have -120% Penalty on your Resistances, Now it will be at 60-70% Resistance Reduction.

The Block Values Have been Increased A Tiny Bit for Extra Blocking Skill. Stamina As Well, these are a Very Minor Increase I Must Add.

All Tombs and Keys Arrows and Bolts, and Other Stacking Type Items have Been Maximized to Fit a Higher Standard, For Example, Scrolls of Town Portal, and Identify go into thier Tombs at a Stack of 100 Before Being Capped. Skeleton Keys are at 255 Cap As Well. Arrows and Bolts are up to 511 Per-Stack, Doubled from 255 Default Diablo II Amount.

All Maps are Now Randomized Just like In Multiplayer, The Multiplayer Is Disconnected During Gameplay.

Might I Also State, /Players X (X=Amount 1-8) Command Is Executable in Singleplayer, But Must be Reset Due to it Saving it Every Launch. This Command Changes the Amount of Players The Game Thinks is Playing at the Time, MEANING: Better Loot, More Experience, and Harder to Kill Mobs. (They are not Stronger, They Just have Way More HP).

Also, Another Awesome Feature of the Mod is, Secret Cow Level is Infinite In Accessability, Meaning you Can go there As Many Times as you Want in that Difficulty Mode Even After you've Killed the Cow-King.

Hellfire Torches and Uber-Tristram as Well as All World-Quests and Multiplayer Quests Are 100% Accessable in the Mod. Meaning you Can Get Keys of Hate, Terror, and Destruction and Xmute them in your Horodric Cube, And Open Up a Portal to the Uber Boss. Kill Him, and Collect the Parts to Go to Uber Tristram. Uber Bosses will World-Spawn when Enough Stones of Jordan are Sold, and They Are Unique Uber-Rare World Spawns.

All Ladder-Only Runewords Meaning Multiplayer Only Runewords Are 100% Accessible in the Mod. There are 90+ (All) Imported Old Runewords from The Start of Diablo II and From Earlier Versions of the Game. Some Enhancing Effects are in the Mod As Well, Such as Shrines will Spew More Fire, Drop More Poison Etc.

Uber-Gems and New Craftable Recipies make it To Where you can Craft Super High-End Items Later on in the Game.

Fully Socketable Recipes are Now Available to All Items Except for White and Grey (already Socketed Items) (IE. Runeword Items), For Set, Unique, Rare and Magical Items, there are Crafting Recipes to Fully Socket your Equipment. for Example, Lightsaber Unique Drop can Be Socketed with 6 Sockets Provided you Have the Right Ingredients for the Recipe. Making the Item much more Useful to Socket with Powerful Gems/Jewels and Other Buffs.

Runes are not So Incredibly Rare Like they Used to Be, Lowered Rune Rarity of Dropping By a 15% Ratio.

This Mods Intent is to Bring your Singleplayer Diablo II To be as Kick-Butt and As Expansive,
Replayable and Fun As Possible for the Game.

More Changes Included.

This Mod's Download is with PlugY Unity. Read Instructions on How to Install.

Look for it in the Downloads Section of the Mod Page.

Wishing you The Best Singleplayer Joy! :)

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