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Up to date feature list of REdux mod. Current version is v0.25.

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Quake 2: REDUX v0.25 by Woju


Single/Multiplayer mod. Aim for this mod is to make the game more dynamic, alive, a bit more realistic and fresh. There are definitely Half-Life and Counter-Strike influences. Original game is really stiff and I want to change that. This includes Major and many minor changes, like AI behavior - enemy will react when they hear your footsteps, so this kinda makes sense to walk by default and run when the run key(+speed) is pressed. Damage, damage radius revamp, weapon recoil(even reloading of BFG xd), damage knockback. Enemies deal realistic damage etc. This is work in progress. Feel free to send me any tips what would you like to change/add. I'm a beginner in C language, but have major Pawn language experience.

What's next ?

Secondary attack for all weapons. I'm currently figuring this out. You can send me ideas, cause I have maybe half of the weapons figured out.

Further improving AI.
I would like to mess around with player speeds, but the engine kinda forbids that.
Switching to Q2PRO source code base.
If someone would do animations and detail the v_models I could implement iron sights for some weapons. ^^

Features (as far as I remember):

Improved AI, they duck/dodge alot and anticipate shots. Soldiers now are really powerful and have powerscreen. All monsters have their health and damage altered.
Gunners can now accurately shoot grenade launcher upwards and downwards.

Limited climbing by holding jump key.

Hardcoded and expanded head and dynamic weapon bobing.

Weapons have dynamic accuracy, which include current health, speed, if the player is on the ground and if the player is crouching.

Locational damage, by Paril Counting headshots etc. which include obituaries.

Gladiator bot support(broken) - Copy gladiator bot files to the redux mod folder *EXCEPT* gamex86.dll file. Support breaks after a mapchange. Restart is required. I'll try to fix this, but now I'm clueless.

Start with easy mode, as it is really hard. Nightmare("skill 3" in console) is theoretically unbeatable.
Skill 0 (i can win): you receive only 5% damage
Skill 1 (medium): you receive only 10% damage
Skill 2 (hard): you receive only 50% damage
Skill 3 (nightmare): you receive 100% damage

Damage list(few algorithms applied after that).

Blaster: 30 dmg, fires faster.
Shotgun: 12dmg/pellet/12pellets, fires faster.
Super Shotgun: 14dmg/pellet/24pellets, fires faster.
Machinegun: 20dmg.
Chaingun: 25dmg, much slower acceleration, but accelerates to 50 shots/s instead of 30/s.
Grenade Launcher: 120dmg, fires faster, grenades are 2x smaller so they match the view model, no smoke trail, shoots farther.
Rocket Launcher: 100+20random direct + 100+20random radius, fires faster, slow and accelerating to high speeds. Hard to hit directly but up to 240 damage total if you eat a rocket(not counting locational damage which can further increase it)
Hyperblaster: 20dmg.
Railgun: 200dmg, about a second of charging before firing(like gladiator in single player), additional "reload" effects. :)
BFG: 500/300dmg sp/mp, 35cells per shot.

Weapons switch much longer. All weapons have realistic (kinda) recoil / kickback.

Explosions bounce off items(which respawn at their original position), grenades and rockets. They also provide concussion
effect, including railgun.
Neck shot 2x dmg, headshot 3x dmg, stomach 1x dmg, legs and arms 0.66x dmg, chest 1.2x dmg. Falling damage is
about 2x higher.

Megaheath now depletes 1hp every 3 seconds instead of 1 every 1. 250/300/350 max bullets. All ammo pickups give 2x more
ammo to balance the weapon inaccuracy. Armor shards give 4 basic armor/2 gold/1 red.

If you like the mod consider donating to: (or any other way)
This will ensure future updates.

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