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The list of features for Earth AT War. A repost of Megavin123's feature list.

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Ok this mod features some features listed below.
There are 3 space stations per team, so you can now choose between 3 stations to build, but choose wisely; You can have only one starbase on each planet. The build-able starbases and their functions are:
Earth Alliance:
Alliance base (Vanilla starbase) will give you the basic earth alliance units such as fighters, corvettes and light frigates.
The Homeworld Starbase (Station of my fantasy) This station will give the Earth Alliance their advanced units, such as heavy fighters/bombers, heavy frigates, and capital ships.
The Jupiter station (starbase from Star Trek also seen in many other Star Trek mods) This station will give you the ships from other Sci-fi series such as Star Trek and Halo.

Intergalactic Empire:
Cardon-class space station (Vanilla station) where you can get all the normal Intergalactic Empire's units from the lightest fighters to the heaviest capital ships.
The Jovan Station (Republic Station used in the end of the Clone Wars) Here you can get all your 'old' and outdated units such as Venators and Acclamators.
Old Republic Starbase (Station used by the Old Republic, seen in many other Clone Wars mods and in the Clone Wars TV series. In the Rebellion/ New Republic era, it was used as a trade station). You can get all the ships from other Sci-fi series from this base.
Black Hole pirates:
Black Hole station (Big sphere with several arms seen in a screenshot I posted a while ago). You can get the Black Hole pirate's basic units from here.
Black Hole station 2 (Updated version of the normal Black Hole base). Here you can the advanced units from the Black Hole pirates
Colonial Starbase (Vanilla starbase). Here you can get the ships from other Sci-fi series.

In skirmish you just get the basic starbase and the other ones will be build-able from the contruction satellites.
Active minor factions; In GC you also encounter other minor factions who fight back and build units, etc. Who the factions will be is still undecided.
Now onto Skirmish survival mode.
This is a new way to play skirmish battles, your base is located in the center of the map while the enemies are outside the map continuously sending units into the map, attacking your base.

New tech system:
In vanilla foc the Rebels get tech by stealing from the Empire while the Empire must research and the Consortium had no tech levels.
In this mod you must you also have a research tab where you can research new units or upgrade existing ones.
New base building system:
In this mod the base building is way different. When you've captured a planet you can only build a Comment center which give you higher credit amount per day. While you build this building you unlock 2 new buildings: the Offence center and the Defence center.
If you build the offense center, you unlock the barracks and the light vechicle factory. While building these you get office academies and heavy factories and when these are built, you get elite academy and advanced factories.
While building the defence center, you get all the defensive structures such as turbolasers and shield generators.
In skirmish you start out with the Comment center. From the Comment center you can build Offensive center and the Defensive center, etc.
Ship stealing:
You can also build special units who can steal enemy ships. Just drag them to an enemy planet onto the 'steal ship' slot then you get a list of ships that are on the planet (stealing ships is also expensive stealing a ship costs twice the ship's production price, the AI also steals ships from you, but you can steal them back.

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