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This is the second Q and A for this unofficial expansion pack mod.

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My first feature for this mod, the FAQs. While it's not news, this will answer more questions that some of you may be wondering for C&C3 Tacitus Revolution. More will be added in the upcoming weeks ahead.

1) Why are some replaced units for the Russian faction?
Some units like the V3 Rocket Launcher was replaced by the MLRS used by NOD. I felt that unit in RA3 was lackluster in design, and some other units were unfit for the Tiberian era. Another example I had to input is the Helix which replaces a Siege Chopper or Hind. Most units from the Red Alter public source code of the mod were used into the Russia faction. Inputting units from RA3 is difficult because the coding there is different than the C&C3 version.

The following are (or will be) replaced for the GDI Russian faction:
GDI War Factory --> War Outpost
GDI Command Post --> Radar Dome
Temple of Nod --> Missile Silo
Flak Cannon --> SAM Site
V4 Rocket Launcher --> MLRS (adapted from a NOD unit)
GDI Mammoth Tank --> Apocalypse Tank
GDI APC --> POW Transport
GDI Pitbull --> Phase Transport
GDI Slingshot --> Flak Tank
Original Demo Truck --> Russia Demolition Truck
Siege Chopper/Hammerhead/Hind --> Helix
GDI Firehawk --> Mig
GDI Kodiak --> Kirov Airship

2) Why the high system requirements? Why is the mod so huge?
I always thought of making things bigger especially in C&C. Due to a large amount of content inputted into the mod, a 4GB tool to make C&C3 run using more RAM is needed and it's not recommended for 32-bit PCs. 64-bit users should not have a problem running this mod while running with a modified CNC3.exe as long as their system exceeded the minimum system requirements.

3) Will you be implementing anything from Mjstral's MetaMod into this mod?
Not yet but I am hoping for it. There are some ideas I had thought of to input there. The one part I want to input soon is a third-person camera onto a unit or group of units. Most of this can be done via LUA scripting.

4) Will you be putting in more new units into the mod?
Of course, since I already mentioned there's going to be over 100 of them. There're many more not implemented yet including the Crawlers and the entire Forgotten faction which I got permission from CNCLabs. The only unit from another mod from CNCLabs I inputted for now (with permission to use) was the Soviet Heavy Tank for the Russian Faction.

5) Is there an actual manual for this expansion mod?
There is one, but it's not finished yet and if released today all the spoilers and criticism will come out. It won't be there until the full release of version 1.0.

6) Will you be making the entire mission campaign(s)?
No, but I am hoping someone else or a team group of mappers will do it if the mod is done, and this happens if I have the time. Only on some mission maps I can do, and I do have the complete layouts for all of those maps.

7) Will you be doing the unique game mode maps?
Most of them require permission from other map makers who attempted them. I hope I could do it, if I have the time.

8) Will some common bugs in C&C3 finally get fixed?
That is a very tough one fortunately, if only I have the time. Some are unable to be fixed eternally. In Kane's Wrath most of the common bugs are fixed but that was using an older version of C&C3, and I got some of them fixed from there.


Could you explain in detail how to install the mod? There are no playable maps this far. I've downloaded the BIG extractor, but which files should I extract? An instruction for dummies would be handy.

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