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An overview of the fantasy half of Medium of Darkness.

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The fantasy half of Medium of Darkness is a brutal war between the forces of humanity and the dark legions of the foul undead. In the early stages of this war, the Undead still fight to secure their most vital resource - the lifeless remains of Humans to raise as allies. Bold townsfolk, far from the heart of their kingdom, must now take up arms to defend themselves against the encroaching menace. The Undead bask in the dark power of their morbid abilities and seemingly impenetrable necropoles, yet the Humans uphold a righteous defence of their lives and lands. Cold steel clashes, hails of arrows fill the air and magic rips across the battlefield as both sides fight for their survival.


Gameplay will be heavily based on JKA's siege mode. One team will attempt to break through the other's defence and achieve objectives, after which the teams switch sides and must complete the objective more quickly than their enemy. Much of the combat takes place at close range, as each team attempt to out manoeuvre the other, but there are also plenty of opportunities to rain fire onto the opponent from long range. A well balanced team combining many elements is the key to success.

Lightsabres give way to swords, with new attacks to suit the new arsenal. All force powers are being replaced with magical attacks, both harmful and beneficial, to add further depth beyond a simple hack 'n' slash game. The teams each have five unique classes, providing an opportunity for a different gameplay experience every time round.


Every power is deigned to fulfil a particular role, and different classes have different sets of powers to one other. Human priests possess sacred abilities with which to quickly heal allies and temporarily repel the Undead, whilst Undead apothecaries (Roughly the equivalent class) use foul mixtures to slowly repair swarms of damaged undead troops and provide poisonous obstacles to attacking humans. Many offensive abilities appear similar on first glance, but afflict their targets in different ways. For example, the Human's Fireball and Undead's Frozen Grasp both launch a damaging magical projectile at the enemy, but while Fireball scorches nearby targets for extra damage, Frozen Grasp chills the target, reducing its capability to fight and weakening it to further attacks. The magical abilities are tuned to be equally effective against their respective targets and their different attack styles. Fighting as a Human is a very different experience to fighting as Undead.


Both teams have five classes. Four of these classes are available immediately and may spawn into the battle, however players who achieve a succession of kills without being slain themselves will be given the option to transform into a champion character. Champion characters are Paladins (for Humans) and Death Knights (for Undead) who possess far greater powers than the other classes. Co-ordinated team work is necessary to slay a champion, though once slain, they must return to a basic class until they can achieve this feat again.


  • Warrior

A heavy melee combatant, the warrior is able to withstand large amounts of damage and use a shield for defence. The warrior's sword gives him substantial damage capability at a short range, but he lacks any long range attack. Warriors dominate the front lines of battle and are unmatched in short range combat, but must always be backed up by supporting troops.

  • Archer

An elven sentinel equipped with both long and short bows, as well as a variety of ammunition. The archer can also transform into an owl for short periods of time, giving limited flight on top of rapid movement on foot. Without any survival capability, the archer must flee from impending threats, but is able to sustain fire in both offensive and defensive positions with exceptional range.

  • Priest

A priest is usually found behind the front line of advancing troops. Priests are essential for healing and improving the morale of the troops, allowing them to continue fighting for extended periods of time. The priest is primarily a supporter, however if forced to fight he is able to repel the Undead effectively for a short time, until reinforcements arrive.

  • Mage

Wielding the powers of magic to conjure supernatural phenomena, mages are able to call down great torrents of flame, or enchant combatants to turn the tide of war in their favour. Mages are perfectly placed behind the main infantry charge, and can greatly bolster a sudden attack, but a reduced to a supporting role in defence, due to their fragility, and rapid exhaustion.

  • Paladin

Those who show continued defiance against the undead menace are trained in the sacred rites of the Paladins. Armed for intense frontline combat, and blessed with a holy touch, the paladin can shoulder the burdens of his allies, healing and protecting them whilst striking back with righteous fury. A tireless defender of humanity, he is able to cut great swathes through the Undead onslaught.


  • Soldier

The basic foot soldier of the Undead forces, the soldier is little more than an animated corpse in a suit of armour. Soldiers are only capable of assaulting the enemy, possessing the skills to attack both at melee range, or from a short distance with a crude short bow. However their simplicity comes with the bonus of resilience, and a swarm of soldiers can quickly overpower an unprepared enemy.

  • Wretch

The twisted corpse of a human, raised into semi-corporeal undeath. Wretches are incapable of grasping a weapon, due to their partially ethereal existence, preferring to fight instead with their claw-like mutilated hands. The wretch is able to go unseen by human eyes, silently moving into position and revealing himself only briefly, in order to swiftly dispatch an enemy.

  • Apothecary

The apothecary is a master of chemistry and herbalism, mixing vile concoctions for use in battle. Apothecaries are responsible for embalming corpses to be raised into undeath, and as such are able to repair damaged troops as well as unleashing deadly chemicals into the air to poison enemies. The apothecary is physically weak, but able to constantly support troops on the battlefield.

  • Necromancer

Dark conjurers, possessing morbid abilities, Necromancers raise corpses and channel evil spirits to fight for them. Their apparent physical limitations are deceptive, since the Necromancer is protected by the forces of the restless dead. Necromancers rely heavily on their magical abilities and can become exhausted quickly, but are able to deal substantial damage in the process.

  • Death Knight

Undead advocates who display an unusual aptitude for battle are instructed in the unholy techniques of the Death Knights. Clad in full plate armour and brandishing terrifying weapons, Death Knights command the battlefield and slaughter their enemies. They employ necromantic arts to lead ferocious charges against humanity, seeking to extinguish the living to raise in undeath.


Thanks for the Article. though can you also point out each spell you work out?

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TheOneandOnly Author

Yeah, I'll that once I've planned them all thoroughly.

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