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The mod wil include many factions, some of which will change when you advance further in the storyline. If one faction is eliminated, another will be revealed for you to conquer and the AI will "jump over" to it.

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The factions are:

The Galactic Empire(It only controls a few planets now but has great ambitions for the future, as it's name explains.)

DE(Democratic Alliance). It was born when the Emperor took power on his homeworld and does everything possible to slow down the Emperor's war machine as it advances through new and new areas of the galaxy.

Plus many unplayable factions: The Yuranian Federation, Zarroinian Tribal Confederacy, The Republic of Independent Races(Invading it as the Empire is one of the best things I've ever played), Hopilatorian Alliance, Olipanian Empire, Tyurinfian Principalities, The Asalinian Kingdom (Tthe largest one), plus some pirates and small warlords.

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