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A faction system, something like in RPG's. I never thought about doing that for Left 4 Theft but after the suggestion from Huey358 I thought it actually would be pretty cool.

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It all started with the idea of bandits. Zombies being the only danger in the apocalypse can become boring after a while, so why not create another threat? The most likely danger beside zombies would be bandits, right? People who left everything because of the infection decide to plunder and get the things they always wanted. Or simply criminals who never had anything and see the apocalypse as a chance to spread their power. That's what the bandits consist of. In my opinion, they would be the perfect second threat in the apocalypse.

All right, I had the idea but didn't worked it out well. After some thinking I decided to create a mission, the first mission in the first safe camp. The arms dealer asks you to clear out a bandit camp not far from the safe camp. After that mission, bandit camps can be discovered just like the safe camps, the only difference is: the bandits in the camp will be hostile. This creates situations like a fleeing survivor who runs into a camp and has to deal with two threats at the same time. More danger, more challenge, more fun!

So I suggested the whole idea and Huey358 came up with the idea to let the player be able to join the bandits. I never thought of that but when I heard it sounded like it's destined to be in the mod. That concept expands the mod even more. Choosing to join a faction will only make you turn sides and give you unique missions. Join the bandits and fight against the army or join the army and fight against bandits. Simple as that. And ofcourse, each faction will have it's own unique missions to complete.

But there was only one problem, how will this new feature be introduced to the player? Through a mission or by simply finding the bandit leader? It was obvious, through a mission. Finding the bandit leader would be impossible in the big city of Los Santos. I chose to create a small cutscene mission in which CJ is called by the bandit leader, he tells him to come to his camp where he will give CJ an offer. At the camp you are offered to choose to join the bandits or stay with the army, each option has it's own mission end and you will, ofcourse, join the chosen faction.

Now let's have a more in-depth look at the differences between the two factions. When you choose your faction the sides will be turned or will stay the same, when you choose to join the bandits all safe camps will be removed from your map and all bandit camps will be marked on your map. These camps work exactly the same as the normal safe camps, you can save your progress, start a mission or get weapons. Instead of paying for weapons (as you did in the safe camps) the bandit weapon arsenal will be completely free. The bandit missions will cover the story of the fight between the army and the bandits. Also, when you near a military safe camp, the people inside will attack you as you are with the bandits now. All right, that's pretty much it for the bandits, now the army. The army will be exactly the same as before you made your faction choice. The only addition are the new missions and the hostile bandit camps.

That was quite some text. Ofcourse, the faction system isn't fully finished yet but it won't take long. If you have any suggestions and think it will make the new feature even better, don't hesitate to post it!

Gilgamessiah - - 315 comments

Glad to see some progress on the idea can't wait to see some more on it being put into action also thanks for the mention made my day

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xc1tnpwn - - 84 comments

Maybe you should think about faction system like S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Adding one or two groups except militaries and bandits would be amazing o.O

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Altair_da_Firenze - - 20 comments

in freeroam add that you can make your own base somewhere out of a house, fort or something and you can find survivors that need help and tell them to join your group and take them back to your base to help protect them. also make it that once you save survivor you can name them and at your base you can tell them to follow you around the city helping you out.

add ranking in the factions you start at the bottom then work your way up to the top.

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Daerchador - - 415 comments

how about looters, a separate group of hostile individuals, that are not join-able.

and small survivor camps in some open (or newly opened) buildings ( an open-topped metal barrel containing a camp-fire, a desk with weapons and or ammo, some rucksacks and sleeping-bags.)

and of course abandoned small survivor camps, ( as above, but without a burning fire and no people around.)

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