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Here's a brief overview of the Empire of the Rising Sun, a former ally to the Allies hellbent on avenging their fallen leader who was supposedly assassinated by Allied agents. There are some internal conflicts though...

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The Empire of the Rising Sun is an imperialistic monarchy known to be the eastern superpower. While they may have a powerful army and a rather strict way of life, the Empire is nevertheless peaceful towards other nations who do not pose a threat to them. At least under Emperor Kojiro's rule. His predecessor, Emperor Yoshiro, was described as being more of a warlord. He always thought that Japan was destined to be the sole superpower of the world. Back during GWWI, the Pacific was almost at the state of breaking out into a war. Emperor Yoshiro's empire wasn't that friendly towards the neighboring countries, instead was very hostile. However, internal disputes between those who worshiped the emperor and those who were against his rule caused massive unrest in the isolated empire. Civil war was inevitable. Emperor Yoshiro used whatever force he could muster to dispose of those who went against him. Soon, by the end of GWWI, Emperor Yoshiro was overthrown by those who rebelled against him. Not long later, a new emperor rose to power: Emperor Kojiro.

All traces and history of the previous emperor's rule was long forgotten. Yoshiro himself was sentenced to death; he was responsible for crimes against humanity (specifically, killed thousands of civilians who were against him). Emperor Kojiro was just as strict and ruthless as his predecessor when it comes to ruling an empire. However, he only uses his power to enforce his ever booming empire. He has no desire to rule other nations. His nation was more than enough of a responsibility to him. Since then, the Empire had better ties with other nations in the Pacific. When GWWII escalated, their rival, the People's Republic of China (PRC) was very hostile to them. While they had a technologically advanced military and a strong navy to protect themselves with, the might of the Chinese was of overwhelming strength. They were fighting a losing battle. But the tides soon changed when the Allies came to their assistance. As a show of gratitude, the Empire formed an alliance with the Allies, helping them safeguard the Pacific and with technological advancements.

The alliance unfortunately, didn't last long. A string of assassinations against key imperial figures and information leaks by Allied agents made the Empire suspicious of the Allies. And then came Emperor Kojiro's apparent assassination by SEAL operatives. The Allies tried to convince the Empire that they had nothing to do with the assassinations. Shogunate Kizaki Ito however, was not convinced. Seeing that the Allies clearly pose a threat to the Empire, Shogunate Kizaki took the role of Temporary Emperor (he does have people who trust him) and broke all ties with them. He ordered the Japanese Imperial Army to prepare themselves for war. The emperor's death will not be in vain. He will be avenged.

+ Strong navy
+ Strong firepower
+ Transforming units can change to serve a specific role, among others


- Early game units are poorly armored
- Expensive mid/late game units
- Poor airforce

Mechanized Assault: Grants mecha units and Final Squadron airstrikes when researched.
Code Yamato: Grants wave-force weapons and Shockwave when researched.
Cyber Soul: Grants robotic units and Nanite Swarm when researched.

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