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Here's a brief overview of the Chimera Legion, a legion of psychics, mutants, clones and crude cyborgs build in the image of the mysterious psychic Yuri.

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The Chimera Legion is a mysterious army of bizarre monstrosities lead by a man known only as 'The Successor'. Not much is known about them, except they claim to be created in Yuri's image. Yuri was the mysterious personal adviser to the late Soviet leader Alex Romanov. It was believed that he was behind GWWII but there were no solid evidence to prove this. Romanov's apparent murder however, might have been Yuri's doing. 'The Successor', as his name suggests, claims to be Yuri's successor. He was given the honorable responsibility to command the Chimera when Yuri's time has come.

The Chimera has only one goal: to assimilate the world under their rule. It was what their master wanted. And they are not going to let anyone stop them. Everyone will be assimilated. For those who refuse, death is the only option. Their reign will never end until everyone is one with Yuri...


+ Support units are capable of indirectly weakening enemy forces
+ Some units' weapons have side-effects which can further inflict more damage
+ Good power production


- Weak armor
- Robotic units are mostly immune to mind-control and chemical weapons


-Chaos Agents: Grants psychic and chaos-based weapons and Paranoia when researched.
-Bio Force: Grants biologically hazardous weapons and Toxic Cascade when researched.
Grants magnetic weapons and Gravity Distortion when researched.

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