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Here's a brief overview for the Allied Nations, the supposed 'good guys' who are no different to their power-hungry counterpart...

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The Allied Nations are a conglomerate of democratic nations formed under a military alliance. It consists of North America, Europe and numerous countries in the Pacific and South Asia. They were previously the Allied Forces, which was a military alliance of european countries (the US was just their ally) formed to combat Stalin's regiment during GWWI. After the war, the US grew to superpower status and joined the alliance as a major member. GWWII would see the US lead the Allies in the war against the opposing Soviet might under the leadership of Alex Romanov.

Again, the Allies were victorious. With the supposed defeat of the Soviet Union, the Allies went on to combat any of it's last remnants which may pose a threat to world peace. The Allies also formed an alliance with the Empire of The Rising Sun, an imperialistic but non-aggressive monarchy. However, with the murder of the Empire's emperor apparently at the hands of Allied agents, all ties with the Allies were broke and the Empire, now lead by temporary emperor Shogunate Kizaki Ito, declared war in the name of their late leader. Alongside this were the apparent return of the Soviets, the revelations by the Chimera and The Descendants and the so-called 'terrorist threat' that is the organization known as the Wing of Freedom. The Allied Nations are once again at war.


+ Strong airforce
+ Well-balanced


- Poor power production
- Multipurpose units may not be effective at specific tasks and/or cannot do multiple tasks at once


-Birds of Prey:
Grants powerful aircrafts and Thermobaric missile strikes when researched.
-Time Master: Grants Chrono-based weapons and Back Wrap when researched.
-White Out: Grants Cryo-based weapons and Hailstorm orbital strikes when researched.

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''imperialistic but non-aggressive monarchy''
wait what ?!

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