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Exterminatus Beta 8.21 features a new lictor cloaking effect, similar to the one used in TF2 and a new map,set on an imperial forge world ex_forge. There are also numerous new sounds and ambient effects in all the existing maps.

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  • Switched the Lictor to using a Team fortress 2, Spy style, cloaking effect. The new cloaking effect only makes you partially invisible to team mates.
  • New map ex_forge by ChromeAngel, featuring soundscapes anf adeptus mechanicaus decals by DontAsk.
  • Vox commands can now be bound individualy to keys via the Options->Keyboard menu.
  • The map time limit (mp_timelimit) is now shown on the HUD and the tactical overview (F1).
  • Spawn protection, players are now invulnerable for a few seconds after spawning. Configured by the new console variable ex_protect_time (default 3 seconds)
  • ex_hive gets a new, heavily edited, version (#14). locked doors that unlock when the side rooms are captured.

DontAsk's Featured Contrubutions

  • A large number of new ambient sound effects and new soundscapes for all EX maps.
  • New ambient combat sound effects.
  • New weapon pick up sounds for each team.
  • Added glowing lights to the servo skull and missile launcher.
  • Added normal maps to many of the vehicle props
  • New adeptus mecanicus decals.
  • New industrial sound effects and soundscapes for ex_forge.
  • New chainsword and powersword hit sounds.
  • New Terminator footstep sounds.
  • New Tyranid Voice command sounds.
  • New Warrior and Lictor death sound effects.
  • New cloaking and uncloaking sound effects.

StormWolf597's Featured Contrubutions

  • Eight new marine battlecries

Stormwolf 597 has been awarded a contributors Hero tag for his space marine battle cries.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed dodgy cube maps on ex_lycantium.
  • Fixed a bug in the medithrope ability that can cause server crashes.
  • Fixed the Warrior and Lictor death sound effects not playing.
  • Fixed an exploit with breakable objectives on ex_valley an ex_city_conflict.
  • Tyranid warrior's left arms are no longer inside out. The player model has been rebuilt with better proportions and all new animations to fix this bug.
  • Chainsword blades no longer show white between their teeth.
  • Terminators have the normal map back on their metal parts.
  • Chainsword making fleshy sounds when hitting the world.
  • Various melee attacks not playing the right sound when hitting the world.
  • Fixed warrior talons clanging when hitting the world.
  • Fixed the venom cannon hint referring to pumping the reload key (a mechanic that was dropped a loooong time ago).
  • Added the missing powerfist skin to the Dark Angels Skin Pack.
  • Fixed a flicker in the class and wargear menus, caused by their previews overlapping their buttons.


  • Buffed Power sword, now ignores armour.
  • Buffed Meltagun damage from 20 to 23.
  • Buffed plasma projectile speed from 3500 to 4000.
  • Buffed the Tarantula, so they don't take damage from marines unless friendly fire is turned on.
  • Buffed the Tarantula slightly by making them fireproof.
  • Increased Genestealer cost from 25 to 50 points, to bring it in-line with the Assult marine.
  • Buffed Genestelaler, talons now ignore armour, to compensate for it's increased cost.
  • Buffed Lictor, cloak now makes them completely invisible.
  • Buffed Lictor, talon damage from 50 to 60.
  • Nerfed Lictor, cloaking and uncloaking takes longer.
  • Nerfed Lictor, they must now fully uncloak to attack, making them particularly vulnerable while uncloaking.
  • Nerfed Lictor, uncloaking sound should now be louder to give victims more warning.
  • Buffed sporemine damage to not hurt tyranids.
  • Buffed spore mine damage from 30 to 50.
  • Tweaked the spore mine fuse to make them easier to shoot down in-flight. Side effect means it can now be used point-blank.
  • Nerfed the Biovore's rate of fire and increased it's ammo consumption.
  • Nerfed Zoanthrope healing, rather then a flat 35 HP to give 8% of the targets maximum health.


  • "Psyhic" damage type has been repalced with "ignores armor" damage type, to enable rending talons for the Genestealer.
  • Tweaked ex_lycantium's monument objective, clipped of most of the rooftop ambush areas in the small courtyard and made aesthetic changes to the parking lot.
  • Tweaked ex_tarsis_ultra to add light and sound to the flames.
  • ex_orbital has been edited to shorten the long hallway and open more routes between the control and generator objectives.
  • Updated ex_city_conflict (minor tweaks to the bio-materials objective).
  • Added servo skulls to ex_hive and ex_forge.
  • Added imperial forcefield plyons to ex_orbital.
  • Added missions to ex_hive and ex_forge.
  • Added marine vehicles to the tech_adept_lab map.
  • Added more alternative skins to the signpost model.
  • Increased the volume of the warrior death sound.
  • Preparing for chapter specific battle cries.
  • Jump packs, now have a normal map to add additional detail to their textures.
  • Landraider, Thunderhawk and Rhino normal maps.
  • Added eye glow to the veteran class.
  • Added a high detail terminator cross to the terminator armor and updated the Bloodravens terminator skin.
  • Added a high detail LOD to the forcefield pylon prop (most noticeable on ex_city_conflict)
  • Added a some power hum sound to the powersword attack.
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