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Exterminatus Alpha 7.60 features a tarantula defensive turret, dynamic marine crosshairs, improved in-HUD objective indicator, warhammer 40k styled statues and shows the players bound use key when looking at ammo shrines and objectives.

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Bug Fixes

  • Powerfist range was too short.
  • Stormbolters were being Uber accurate.
  • Broken stormbolter ammo icon.
  • Broken marine health indicator.
  • Boltpistol and chainsword reload being silent.
  • Pasmagun charging and zooming bug (zooming now interrupts charging).
  • Pasmagun charging and switching bug (switching now interrupts charging).
  • Players getting stuck by the big door in ex_valley's outpost (added invisible wall).
  • Warehouse door in ex_ichar_iv not opening and closing based on which team controls it.
  • ex_tarsis_ultra snow fx chnaged to reduce GPU lag.
  • Prevented doors over opening.
  • jittering carnifex ragdoll rebuilt, largely reducing the jitter .
  • Tyranid target objective on city_conflict fixed in the overview.
  • Tactical overview to use the map specific image.
  • Veteran weapons are described as with chainsword instead of with powersword.
  • Mission
    text carrying over from a previous map/mission. Where not specified by
    the map it defaults to a generic "kill the enemy" mission.
  • Menu background now uses the EX style rather than the default Half-life 2 Episode 2 background.


  • Reverted the Venom Cannon to automatic reloading, with a lower ROF, increased the damage to 100 (25 direct, 75 splash).
  • Scaled up the Rhino prop by 20%
  • Class selection menu improved styling to make it clearer.
  • Wargear selection menu improved styling to make it clearer.
  • Tactical Overview screen improved styling to make it clearer.
  • Aesthetic improvements to the marine fortress on EX_Taris_Ultra.
  • Aesthetic improvements to several areas on EX_Hive.
  • Improved access to the vents in ex_thunderhawk.
  • Added turret spawn points to ex_valley, ex_orbital, ex_lycantium, ex_spacehulk and ex_ichar_iv.
  • Moved the generator objective on ex_thunderhawk.
  • Updated the loading map for ex_thunderhawk to reflect the new objective locations.
  • Re-structured the warehouse objective and added a vent route for assault marines and genestealers on ex_orbital.
  • Raised the roof between monument and car park on ex_lycantium (prevents tall tyranids having to duck).
  • New prop models have been aligned to the walls on Thunderawk and additional cover has been added.
  • New mission text for Ichar IV.
  • Highlight
    the local player on the scorebaord in a dark band rather than a light
    one (the light background makes it hard to read).
  • Slashing weapons do less knockback than other types.
  • Powerfists do double the knockback than other types.


  • Buffed Lictor talon range from 192 to 200.
  • Buffed chainsowrd and powersword attack speed by 20%.
  • Buffed flamer damage from 17 to 20.
  • Massively buffed Stombolter accuracy.
  • Buffed powerfist damage from 80 to 90.
  • Massively buffed Apothecary healing tools & powers.
  • Buffed Apothecary ammo from 2 clips of bolts to 3.
  • Nerfed Apothecary health from 150 to 110.
  • Turrets do 8 damage per hit and ignore carnifex armor.
  • Turrets take extra damage from Deathspitter acid.
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