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This is the third part of my article dedicated to telling you about Far Cry's cut content.

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In this part of my "research" I will not really add new info, but rather update the previous parts (mostly with new images rather than something else). The article is image-heavy.

Remember those guys from the first part?

I have found two similar images:

I've also managed to find the nice concept arts of mercenaries and other enemies I mentioned previously:

More level concepts:

Now let's see screenshots of different levels:

-Some unnamed levels

-The unnamed old level with a deleted evening skybox (appeared in the first part of the article)


Notice the bumps on the scope texture:

Military base:

Some indoor areas:

More indoor areas shown in some german magazine

More pages from articles

Here is another unnamed evening level:

And here are some screenshots from an unnamed swamp level:

Notice the different water plants:

These are the screenshots of an unnamed river level (as it turned out, it was a part of the level I'll tell you about next, at the time it was called ab_stealth_harry, if I'm not mistaken):

The base image for the old menu's background was probably made on this level:

This level also appears on a picture from game magazines (PC Action, Gamestar)

-An unnamed level with clear sky (that ab_stealth_harry):

Notice the old patrol boat:

-The old Training:

A screenshot that was probably being turned into a "concept-art"

-The old Carrier. Notice the different placement of Machete:

An enemy holstered his pistol awkwardly:

-The old Fort

Buggy driver shoots with his own rifle:

Look at the old grenade explosion particles:

Trees had too high-quality (maybe real-time) shadow instead of a blurry pre-generated one:

-The old Pier:

A strangely foggy area that seems to be some place on Pier:

Humvees probably had no destroyed model early in the development:

-The old Research (or similar level)

-Some unnamed evening level (seen in a 2003 Gamestar video review):

-The old Treehouse (or a similar level)

-The old Steam (or a similar level):

Merc Cover with an old Cover cap:

This level can be seen on a picture from a game magazine:

Video footage of this level (notice the different M4 sounds):

-The old Regulator:

-Some unknown indoor area:

-The old Catacombs:

-The old Factory:

-Some unknown level:

-Valerie with blonde hair (possibly due to weird rendering):

-A screenshot showing nightvision:

-A screenshot showing different "Press use" indicator:

-A different gunboat model:

The editor screenshots

The unnamed river level (ab_stealth_harry):

The unnamed level with clear sky (ab_stealth_harry as well):

Apart the different name the editor had different models for triggers and such:

Those two pictures look like disc covers:

Some screenshots from a game magazine:

Binoculars are almost finalized, but the equalizer remains:

Buggy dashboard is finalized:

I took most pictures here:*/*

That is all for now, but I'm sure I'll find more new info and media, so be ready for new updates!

changeroftheways Author

My sincere apologies for a long time of waiting.
I was and I am still quite busy.
I want to remake the oldest map and remake the oldest HUD, but I lack skills for the first task and I'm not ready morally to make the other.

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thank you anyways for posting this nice article :) love to see all those pictures and magazine sites. they bring back rememberings from old days 2002 / 2003 where i have had readen every little piece about farcry in all mag's i could get in my fingers. was a great time :)

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I honestly thought you took that time to gather that huge pile of material that you posted.
Some of those look like Far Cry 3 on the first CryEngine, especially the ruins and the wooden bridge. I suspect they might have been carried on from those concepts into a much later game.

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It was well worth the wait. I will enjoy a long browse through the material from back in the day.

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Seeing all those pictures bring back so many memories.Back in the day i used to have a potato pc running far cry even at its lowest setting possible.

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You continue to amaze us with your incredible research.

Hope you are closer to a release since your last update :)

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Thankyou changeroftheways, I spent a most enjoyable hour browsing these old images, and will be back for more. Thankyou for saving these, now they will never be lost.

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Awesome work like always! And I also want to thank you for the huge amount of information which I haven't even know.

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holly **** thats a lot of text ,and im afraid my laptop wont eaven run after installing this xD

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Thank you so much for this great article!
This brings back old memories! I remember Far Cry so well from back then. It was the first game were i did see textures with bumpmapping and i simply COULDN'T BLIEVE IT! Textures with depth! Now we don't know any better, but back then it was simply a real mistery and miracle to us gamers.
Great article!


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This material is a signature part of the CryEngine history. I take my hat off to the article authors, you've done the great job!

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