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There are more detailed information here about all "Environmental Hazards" of my "Age of DOOM" mod...

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WHAT ARE THE ENVIRONMENTAL HAZARDS?: Our hero (Marine) will encounter with many Environmental Hazard types during his campaign. So I should start with their definition at first. Environmental Hazards are the environmental factors that can hurt or kill Humans. So Marine needs to stay away from each of them as possible as he can to avoid from their all negative effects. I will give more detailed information about each Environmental Hazard in this article.

Flames & Radiations & Toxic Gases

EH 1 7

STATIC FLAMES [F]: Static flames are the flames that never change their area. Marine needs to stay away them as possible as he can. He takes 3 damage after each 2 game seconds if he steps on a static flame. In addition these are the flames that were still available before Marine reaches their related area.

DYNAMIC FLAMES [F]: They start to occur suddenly after Marine reaches their scripted point. They occur suddenly as a surprise against Marine. Also as the time passes some of them may extend their effect area. So Marine needs to behave quick to avoid from extending dynamic flames. Other than these differences their remaining features are same with static flames.

RADIATIONS [R]: Marine needs to avoid from green areas like the original id Tech 1 DOOM wads. Because green areas contain deadly radiation. Marine takes a very serious damage suddenly if he steps on a green area. So he needs to behave very carefully while trying to avoid from them by using narrow labyrinth roads.

TOXIC GASES: UAC Refinery buildings leak toxic gases due to the Demonic Malfunction. So Marine needs to activate the related switch(es) to stop leaking toxic gases. He needs to behave very quick because toxic gases hurt Marine again with a regular time period. Also their related switch(es) can change their place due to Demonic Powers. So Marine needs to behave very quick to catch their related switch(es).


OXYGEN: Marine has a limited oxygen in the whole Mars Surface and also some special areas. If his oxygen finishes he dies suddenly. The game always shows players the oxygen percentage of the Marine as a feedback. Marine can restore his oxygen percent from "UAC Oxygen Station" buildings and "Oxygen Canister" items.

Security Devices & Demonic Towers

EH 2 7

UAC SECURITY DEVICES [U]: These UAC Security Devices became very aggressive after the Demon Invasion. So they kill Marine if Marine approaches their area. So Marine needs to deactivate them before entering their area. Marine needs to stay away from them before they are deactivated.

DEMONIC TOWERS [D]: Marine encounters with them in Tutorial Scenario and Episode 3. Marine needs to deactivate each of them by destroying their each related Hell Pit building one by one in Episode 3. Because they kill Marine suddenly if Marine approaches their area. Marine needs to stay away from them before all of them are deactivated.

TRAP STRUCTURES: Demons will trap Marine a few times by activating an UAC Security Device or a Demonic Tower in a locked area. The trap structure changes its place slowly and one by one to be able to shoot each aspect of the locked area. So after the trap structure closes to Marine very much Marine needs to avoid from the trap structure by moving to the opposite direction of the trap structure's movement direction. "Sprint" helps Marine greatly in these situations. After the trap structure shoots each aspect of the locked area one time or 2 times the trap structure disappears.


EH 3 7

MAJOR EXPLOSIONS [R]: They are bigger explosions like the left one. They have a wider effect area. They kill Marine suddenly if Marine contacts their effect area.

MINOR EXPLOSIONS [M]: They are smaller explosions like the right one. They have a narrower effect area. However they have more quantity (like a labyrinth) than major ones when they appear. They kill Marine suddenly if Marine contacts their effect area.

PERMANENT EXPLOSIONS: These explosions never have an empty interval. So it is impossible to pass from their effect area until they are removed.

REGULAR EXPLOSIONS: These explosions have an active explosion event and an empty interval period. Also they have a regular active-passive time period. So Marine can pass from their effect area in their empty interval period. He needs to behave fast while passing from their effect area.

IRREGULAR EXPLOSIONS: They are not permanent explosions. However they may change their place in their next explosion. They may disappear totally after their previous explosion. They may follow a movement pattern like a platform while exploding.

Demonic Objects

EH 4 7

DEMONIC OBJECTS: First of all they always have "green" color instead of regular "red" color. So players can spot most of Demonic Objects due to their green color. These objects are controlled by Demonic Powers. So they function like Environmental Hazards.

--> Demonic Movements: Some Demonic Objects can change their place suddenly. Marine needs to move from the opposing side of them otherwise they kill Marine when change their place. Also Marine needs to stay away from their movement road and movement destination. Marine can spot all of them due to their green color before they change their place.

--> Demonic Closets: Some Demonic Objects may behave like Monster Closets. They disappear and new monster(s) appear in their area as a trap.

--> Demonic Explosions: Some Demonic Objects may explode. Some of them explode after a scripted time. So Marine needs to leave from their effect area before the scripted time finishes. Also some of them only explode when Marine approaches them. So Marine always needs to stay away from this version.

--> Demonic Locks: Some Demonic Walls prevent Marine by closing Marine's destinations. Marine needs to kill all available enemies or activate a required switch to remove these Demonic Walls.

Platform Objects

EH 6 7

PLATFORM OBJECTS: Some Demonic Objects or UAC Objects behave like a platform due to Demonic Effect or Demonic Malfunction. So Marine needs to skip each of them one by one like playing a platform game. Because they function like a platform puzzle. So if Marine makes a mistake he dies.

Monster Closets

EH 7 7

MONSTER CLOSETS: Some Demonic Walls or UAC Walls are secret closets for all enemy types. These closets unlock after Marine reaches the scripted point. So all enemies appear from the secret closet and they start to attack Marine suddenly. Player can spot the places of all Monster Closets because they have a black terrain like the top picture. However player can't know that when will they unlock. So Marine needs to stay alert.

LOOPING CLOSETS: Some small monster closets are locked again and after that they are unlocked again along with a regular time period. After that as a cycle these closets are locked again and unlocked again. They continue this loop until all scripted monsters finish appearing from these closets.

Hell Pits

EH 5 7

HELL PITS: After Marine encounters with them Marine needs to destroy each of them quickly. Because they produce Lost Souls continuously after each 3 game seconds. After Marine destroys all Hell Pit buildings all related Lost Souls also die along with razed Hell Pit buildings.

Darkness & Discontinuous Lights

DARKNESS: Sometimes Demons will turn off the lights to provide the darkness. Marine's line of sight reduces in the darkness. Also he can't shoot any enemies (except BFG ammos) in the darkness. So he needs to turn on the lights again by activating the related switch.

DISCONTINUOUS LIGHTS: The lights will be "on" and "off" (darkness) one by one like a cycle after a regular time period. So Marine needs to be more careful while shooting his enemies. If Marine closes the enemy instead of shooting the enemy this means that he can't shoot due to darkness. So he needs to avoid from the enemy instead of closing the enemy until the lights will be "on" again.

Other Hazards

LOCKED AREAS: While Marine is getting around the UAC Corridors the UAC Doors will be locked by VEGA due to the Demonic Threat. So Marine needs to kill all available enemies in the threat area to unlock the UAC Doors again. He can't leave from the locked area until killing all required enemies. Also sometimes some other factors like Demonic Explosions or UAC Platform Walls will lock Marine's way instead of locked UAC Doors by VEGA.

TELEPORTATION POINTS: Marine will encounter with some continuous teleportation points while getting around UAC Mars Bases. Some multiple enemies will use these teleportation points to teleport against the Marine one by one. So Marine needs to stay away from these teleportation points until all enemies finish teleporting. If he approaches these teleportation points very much he dies.

DEMONIC HALLUCINATION: Marine will enter into a Demonic Hallucination by Betruger in a special portion of this campaign. He will find himself on a cramped hellish land that is surronded by lavas. He needs to survive by killing all possible enemies in this Hallucination. If he dies in this Hallucination he dies also in his real life. If he survives he achieves to get rid of from this Demonic Hallucination.

CYBERDEMON ROCKETS: Cyberdemon will send a rocket to Marine 2 times from unseeable distances like a Sniper. It is very hard to avoid from these rockets. However they only give "1" damage. This is the lowest possible damage for the Age of Empires 2 game engine. Also both of them are scripted events.

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