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The walkthrough of the single player mod. DwarfQuest.

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DwarfQuest Part One: The Runic Hammer.
Map done by CrazyDwarf.

You start locked in a cell. In your cell you will find a Crust - Radish and Bucket. Get the bucket and whack the door of your cell, then wait. Pretty soon a Goblin will come along the corridor and open your cell to take you off to work in the mines. Kill the Goblin - he has the Prison Key. Now that you have the Prison Key you can unlock all the cell doors. There isn't much of intrest in most of the cells but in one cell you will meet Olaf. He will ask you to protect the Runic Hammer, and to stop it falling into the hands of the Orc's. Open the cell next to Olaf's and kill the 3 Spiders that are inside. ( You can use the lite Torch that the Jailer Goblin had to kill the Spiders )

In the Torture Cell at the end of the corridor you will find some tools on a table - Knife - Hammer - Chisel. In the next corridor you will see a mine cart. To the left of the cart there are two racks of tools, with picks and a Spade. There is a Cheese in the nearby chest. Get the Spade to use as a Weapon ( Until you find a proper weapon! ). Then go into the lift and pull the lever. As the lift reaches the bottom of the shaft 2 Goblins with spades will attack you. When you have killed the Goblins search around there camp and you'll find a piece of Meat on there fire. You cant go back up in the lift, as you need to find the Emergency Key? At one side of this chamber you will see a wooden plank. Walk up the plank, then climb up the ledges. At the top you will have to kill another 2 Goblins with spades. When they are dead climb back down into the chamber, then follow the mine tracks into another chamber. As you enter this chamber a fellow dwarf - Jarnfragner will be fighing a Great Orc. Run into the chamber and help Jarnfragner kill the Orc. The Orc has a 50 Life Potion.

In the next water-filled chamber you will find a Lever Handle by some boxes, and a Boathook at the end of the wooden platform.

Continue into the next chamber, where you will see a huge rock in the center of the room. Walk around the back or the rock then climb up on top of it. Here you will find a Medium Bow and a Quiver of Arrows next to a dead Orc. At one side of the chamber you will see some boxes. Climb up the boxes and walk along the passage. At the end of the passage you will come to a rope bridge. On the other side of the rope-bridge are 2 Goblin Archers. You can try killing the Goblins with your bow or run across the bridge and fight them toe to toe! When the Goblins are dead you can swap your Spade for a better weapon, as the Goblins both carry a Gladius Sword.

Climb up the ledges and help Bjornfuld kill the Great Orc. The Orc has stolen the Emergency Key from Bjornfuld.

Now that you have the Emergency Key, go back the way you came until you are back at the lift. Use the Emergency Key on the Lock and go back up in the lift. At the top of the lift, follow the mine cart tracks into the furnace room, and kill the Goblin that attacks you as you enter. There is a BoatHook next to the furnace. When the Goblin dies a door in the furnace room will open up. In the next room there are 2 Goblins to kill. when the Goblins are dead search the room and you'll find - Cross-tipped Spear. - 2 Great Orc Swords - 2 Comet Shields - Orc Armour - Goblin Armour - Hammer - and 2 Quivers and a Knife on a table. One of the Quivers is empty. When you have finished searching the room go up the stairs.

In the room at the top of the stairs you will find a 150 Life Potion on a table next to some Ale Bottles. At the end of the room there is a gate with a broken lever? and an opening into another room. As you search around the room 2 Goblins may? come in from the next room and attack you. If the Goblins dont enter the room go into the opening next to the gate, and you will see them. In the Goblins room ( Kitchen! ) search around and you'll find - Meat - 2 Radish and a Knife on the table. A Mug of Ale on another table. On a shelf next to the fire you will find a - Bottle of Ale - Crust - Cheese and a 500 Life Potion. In the corner of the room you will see a broken door leading into another room.

In this room you will see a dead dwarf on the floor with a Gladius in his back. Go along the narrow corridor that leads off from this room and search all the small rooms. In the Small rooms you should find - An Eclipse - A 500 Life Potion in a chest - Wood Shield - and an Axe. After searching the small rooms go throught the arched opening into the room with the Statue.

In this room you will see some dead bodies laying around. By the bodies you'll find a Club - Axe and a Gladius. The large door in this room is locked and you will need to find the Mithril Key to open it! Climb into the pool with the statue at its center, and a short cut-scene will show that the statue is holding a bowl with Mithril Key inside! If you try to push the staute over, another cut-scene will show that the Statue is to heavy for you to push over?

Leave the Staute room and go back to the gate with the broken lever. Use the Lever Handle that you found in the water-filled chamber to open the gate.

When you have opened the gate and step into the room, you will see 3 arched openings in front of you. Along to your right there is a long passage with bowls of fire on top of pedestals. Get a weapon ready as a Great Orc carrying a Dwarf Sword will come out of a room on your right and attack you. Search the room that the Orc came from and you'll find a Mace and an Axe by some dead bodies. Now go into the passage with the bowls of fire on the pedestals. Smash the wall in the alcove that has the fallen stone piller in front of it, and you'll find a secret room. Inside the Secret room there is the Dwarfs Armour - Axe and a Round Shield. At the end of the passage is a Library room with a dead fellow dwarf, that has some arrows in him and an Axe by his side. You will also see The Runic Hammer Chronicals on top of a wooden pedestal. Press Enter and Read the Chronicals. Once you have read the Chronicals and are ready to head back along the passage, there will be 2 Black Goblin Archers waiting for you! These Goblins will fire Posioned Arrows. They are also carrying Posioned Orc Swords. When you have killed the Goblins go back along to the end of the passage.

( Tip... Dodge around while you are in the Chronicals room. And collect any Posioned arrows that the Goblins fire at you. You can then shoot the arrows back at them )

Across from the gate are the 3 arched openings. Two of these openings have stairs that both lead up to a large room. The center opening leads to a room with a large Red Throne Chair. ( You will come back to explore this room in a little while ) Go through the left or right arch and up the stairs.

At the top of the stairs you will enter a large room with Dragons Head Fountains at both ends. As you walk into the room you will be attacked by 2 Black Goblins and a Great Orc. When you have killed them continue throught the large archways into the room at the end. As you enter the end room a cut-scene will show that the Great Door has been sealed! There is an Axe that has destroyed the door lever. When you walk back to the room with the fountains, 2 Great Orc's will be waiting for you. When you have killed the Orcs, examine the fountians. You will see that one of the fountians has a passage. Enter the pool and follow the water-filled passage until you come to a stone pillar. Climb up to the pillar and read the inscription.

Once you have read the inscription, explore the rest of the water-filled passeges, until you find a room with the Dragonslayers stone tomb. On top of the tomb there is a Power Potion - Wall Shield and a Biting Axe.

Now make your way back through the passages to the fountians room, then go back down the stairs and enter the center opening. In this room there is a small chest and some Carved Chess Figures on a table! On the Red Throne is a Kings Mace and a Crown. At the back of the room by the bed, there is a large Gravestone on the wall with a Dragon Shaped Recess next to it. The gravestone has an inscription on it. Press Enter to read the inscription. When you read the inscription it will ask if you are the King or a skulking Thief? ( Could this be a clue? )

What you need to do next, is get the King Figure from the table and use it on the Dragon Shaped Recess. The gravestone will slide back revealing a hidden passage. Climb through the passage into the next room, where you will see 2 Stone Golems guarding a gate, and 3 levers on the left wall.

Beware, these levers are all Traps...

Left Lever: If you pull this lever. Flames will shoot out of the Dragons Head above you. Burning you to a crisp!

Center Lever : If you pull this lever. A large Spike will shoot up from the floor.

Right Lever: If you pull this lever. The Stone Golems will come to life and kill you, as there is no way to kill the Golems. Examine the wall across from the levers and you will see a Loose Stone! Give this stone a kick and the Gate between the Golems will open up.

( Note...There may be no way to kill the Stone Golems with any weapons but you can pull the Right lever, and bring them to life then quickly go and kick the Loose Stone. This will re-freeze the Golems ) Or ( You can first kick the Loose Stone then go and pull the Right Lever. This will destroy the Golems )

Go throught the gate and explore the rooms beyond. As you walk into the end room you will hear a rumbling sound as an earthquake rocks the building? You will see The Runic Hammer on a stone block in the center of the room.

Once you have the Runic Hammer, climb back out the hidden passage and make your way back through the kitchen to the room with the pool that has the statue at its center. When you enter the statue room, you will see that the earthquake has caused the statue to topple over! The trouble now is, a large Ogre has the Mithril Key. Kill the Ogre, then open the large door with the Mithril Key. As the door opens a cut-scene will show a Gold Goblin sending 2 Skeletons to attack you. Wait until the Skeletons come along the passage into the statue room, then fight and kill them -they have Rusted Swords and Shields.

( If you run into the passage to fight the Skeletons the Gold Goblin will shoot Posioned Arrows at you. A good weapon to kill the Skeletons with is the Ogres Large Stone Club, as one really good hit with it will finish them off. )

When you have killed the Skeletons continue along the passage. Mid way along the passage there are small rooms on either side. There isn't anything in the right room, but the left room has a Great Orc Axe - Dwarf Sword - Light Bow - Quiver. As you continue along the passage, the Gold Goblin may be standing at the end, ready to shoot you with his bow! or he may be over by a tree on your right as you leave the passage and enter a grassy area! When you fight the Gold Goblin he will fight with a Cursed Skull type club, he also has a Vampire Shield. There are some Apples by the trees at the exit of the passage and an Axe in the tree stump.

Walk around the side of the building until you come to a doorway hidden by a large rock. You will enter a room with a broken table in the center, there is a Mace and a Wood Shield in this room. At the far end of the room there is a Black Goblin. Sneak along the side of the room then run around the corner and Kill the Goblin, then search the room and you'll find an - Ale Bottle -
2 Mugs of Ale - Cheese - 3 Apples and a 150 Life Potion.

As you step into the bedroom you will be seen by a Great Orc that is at the far end of the room. He will run along into the bedroom and attack you. He has a Great Orc Axe. Once you have killed the Orc search the bedroom and you'll find an Sharpe Axe under a bed and an Ale Bottle in the chest at the foot of the bed. In the small room next to the rope bridge there is an Axe Spear.

Cross over the rope bridge into the room with the telescope. Here you will find a Heavy Mace.

Go down the stairs and kill the Skeleton that attacks you with a Halberd, there are another 2 Halberds by some weapons racks. Follow the stairs down into the next room. You will find some Travel Rations behind the broken table in the corner of the room. In the corner of this room you will see that some of the stairs are broken. Jump down into the next room below, there is a Gold Goblin in this room -he has a Cursed Skull and a Vampire Shield. When you have killed the Goblin head down the stairs into the next room. In this room you will find an Ale Mug on a barrel and on some nearby shelves there is an Ale Mug - 3 Ale Bottles and a 150 Life Potion. As you smash the barrels on the stairs to go down into the next room you will be attacked by a Skeleton that is using his Head as a weapon? In the Headless Skeletons room you will find 2 War Axes and an Ale Bottle. Jump down into the last room on the ground floor. As you walk through the broken door to end the level, a cut-scene will show that someone has been watching your every move all this time...

To Be Continued....

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