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The fourth iteration of Dominion of the Sword updates.

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Well it's been quite some time since the last update and I think now is a good time as ever to bring some good news to the fans of the mod. According to our mod leader, Hross and some of the other Admins, we're getting ready a second preview to be released either early June or July. The preview will showcase mostly the map as I've said before, but we're amassing practically all of the stuff we've been working on to be presented in it.

Even better than that, Hross has also said that you guys can expect a working beta around August of this year, and then a full release not very long after. With that said, the team is working as fast as real life will allow them to, and the fruits of their labor has really shown. The parts of the map that are currently complete are the British Isles, Italy, France, Spain, and some parts of the Netherlands as well as Scandinavia.

Also a great addition to the good news, the team has managed to find two more modelers and skinners to produce some new units and help realise some of the ambitions of the mod as well as the request of some fans. With a couple more months of dedication and hard work, you can expect the greatest and most ambitious Total War mod to be complete. With that said, stayed tune for the next update that will come in a more timely matter. :)


Looking forward to it. :)

Thanks for keeping us informed.

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