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The third iteration of Dominion of the Sword Updates.

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Well here I am again writing to you fans who take your time to read this article. Anyways, some of the new stuff I have to tell you is concerning the map; it is now more than 40% done with work moving much faster than before. Speaking of the map, I know I told some of you to look out for the map preview that was supposed to be coming out a while back, but the team decided that we'd showcase more content.

Exactly what content is for you guys to find out...well, besides the obvious. Another thing I'd like to inform you guys on is the future of the mod in which we MIGHT release some future patches allowing us to include more factions, features, and possibly, places. This mod has been in production for over 2 years now and now all we want to do is get rid of the iffy stuff and provide the concrete. This means that the team as a whole is going to be working faster and effectively, the whole mod is going to finish or rather, be completed sooner.

Look out for the next article coming out, yea you guessed it, next month on the 16...let's just hope I don't forget (almost did this one). XD


Appreciate the updates, Odin.

Good news that you're going to be consolidating your efforts for a quicker release with all the essentials.

2 years for a mod as ambitious as yours?! Most never see the light of day, and those that do take twice as much time! XD

Rock on.

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OdinX Author

Thanks Mars, but yeah, we're now realizing that we have to speed everything up and just get it released; however, that doesn't mean we're going to sacrifice quality. :)

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