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The year is 818 A.S. and war is everywhere. 17 years after Trent saved humanity and one year since Episode 13 took place, a Sirius-wide war is being waged.

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The year is 818 A.S. and war is everywhere. 17 years after Trent saved humanity and one year since Episode 13 took place, a Sirius-wide war is being waged.

Liberty has dealt a deadly blow to Rheinland, seizing invaluable research while continuing to dominate their ever enlarging battlefield. Omega space shakes under the growing power of the Corsairs and Hessians, as both forces take advantage of Rheinland's weakening position. Calls for an all out war with the once grand House are becoming more frequent and not only in the halls of the Corsairs. The Omicrons are facing a rapid power change as both the Bounty Hunters and Order forces suffer what could only be described as a catastrophe.

However, even these brutal wars pale in comparison to the raw power that Bretonia is finding itself faced with. It is not a Kusarian foe that threatens to destroy Queen Carina's home, it is a French foe. Gallia has been unleashed upon Sirius, with her grand armee' storming through the Taus, obliterating nearly all resistance. This mammoth force's goal is the subjugation of Bretonia, and ultimately all of Sirius. Poised to strike Leeds, Gallia has already taken Edinburgh.

Yet, it is not only Bretonia that has felt the wrath of this titanic foe. With the Kusarian fleets demolished by the Gallic Royal Navy and the populous growing weary of a war they had lost, the Samura backed Kusarian government was overthrown and replaced with a Kishiro backed government, and a Kishiro backed Emporer. This government has since signed a peace treaty with Gallia and some rumours say that trade contracts are being drawn up already.

The once all powerful Emporer Kogen is now trapped in Leeds, alongside a small Kusarian fleet. No longer welcome in Kusari, they are now exiles and known as the Ronin. This small but dangerous force has had no choice but to ally with the Bretonians against their new Gallic foe. Time will tell whether this force can stop the Gallic fleets and if their alliance with their previous enemies will last.

Two groups displaced by the onslaught of the Royal Navy are the Council and the Colonial Republic. With Gallia pushing almost through to Leeds, the Council's position in Languedoc was naturally conquered as the great fleets moved to the Taus. With the help of the Independent Miner's Guild, the Council have since found a new home in the Rousillion system. This partnership has allowed the Council to recover after the loss of Languedoc and even given them a chance for a respite.

The Colonial Republic was one of the few forces in the Taus when the Gallic conquest began. Faced with a choice of submission or defiance, the CR chose to fight. This has meant the loss of their home, Tau-44. Evacuating to the friendly system of Coronado, this small republic faces an uncertain future. Although protected from the worst of the GRN and positioned to grow within Coronado, it has made a very powerful enemy that will not forget or forgive.
War rages throughout Sirius. Armadas larger than ever seen before face off against one another. It is a time of uncertainty and danger, as both known and unknown foes threaten the balance in Sirius.


This modification is not bad but the community is horrible. Censorship with really stupid and boring rules everywhere, admins are arrogant and when you want something from them, better commited suicide-they will ban you.

Before 3 years, there was usually 200 players at a time on the server, now it wont happend there are more than 100 players. Please continue with it, after some time, only admins will play their mod. ;)

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