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We've released our first video devlog! We break down what this game is, what you'll get up to.

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In our first video devlog, we give a high level overview of what the game is, what you'll do - and why. Check it out below!

You’ll travel the galaxy, finding wild humans to abduct and add to your gladiator team.

UI Demonstration

In this universe, aliens sort out their differences by sending teams of humans out to fight and kill each other with weapons, to defend your sense of pride and accomplishment.

Humans fighting for your sense of pride and accomplishment.

About The Game

  • Perform invasive surgeries on your humans to remove weak organs, and replace them with powerful ones purchased from the human organ markets.
  • Get rewarded for being evil and fight anyone/everyone that you meet. Violence is always a solution in this game.
  • Build and upgrade a star base, increasing your wealth and power.
  • Spend the lives of your weakest humans to collect expensive yet dangerous ores & minerals to show off in your starbase!
  • Trade humans on the human market.
  • Do all of this, so that you can get rich and treat yourself: Purchase the most expensive hot tub in the universe.
  • Win capitalism.


If you think this sounds sweet, then check out Pit Fighter Tycoon on Steam!

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