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If you wondered "the development story" or "the development history" of my "Age of DOOM" mod then you can read this one...

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DEVELOPMENT HISTORY OR DEVELOPMENT STORY: You know that each game project has its own "development process" until its release date. Some games have very difficult development process while other ones have easier development process. Each game has its own "development story" or "development history". So I want to give more detailed information about that how did I develop my own "Age of DOOM" mod. Its story is here...

1-) [1999-2013]--> After the release of "Age of Empires II (1999)" game and its "The Conquerors (2001)" expansion pack these 2 Vanilla games created their own "Age of Empires 2 Community" due to their map editor freedom and Multiplayer gameplay system. These two Vanilla games became the 2 main games of Age of Empires 2 Community. Many people created new products for these 2 Vanilla games until 2013.

2-) [2013]--> "Age of Empires II HD Edition" or "Age of Empires II (2013)" was released. This game is the remastered HD version of previous 2 games. Also this game's 3 more expansion packs were released until 2016's December. This game and its expansions created an another Age of Empires 2 Community on "Steam Community Workshop". So some people stopped playing previous Vanilla games by playing these new steam HD games on Steam Community. And some other players continued playing previous Vanilla games by updating them with unofficial patches like UserPatch. This seperation (Vanilla or HD) caused some problems. Because their both community workshop files were not compatible with each other. So if you download a HD scenario you can't play it with Vanilla. Also if you make an UserPatch scenario you can't play it with steam HD version.


3-) [2013-2015}--> Vanilla players started to make their own unofficial patches to improve the vanilla Conquerors gameplay. Its name is "UserPatch". Its first release is on March 2013. Its v1.4 was released on July 2015. It greatly improved the vanilla Conquerors gameplay.

UP v1 4


4- [After the UserPatch v1.4]--> "Age of Empires II HD Compatibility Patch" was released to make Vanilla (or UserPatch) and steam HD community workshop files compatible with each other by creating a new extra vanilla (or UserPatch) folder inside of the original Age of Empires 2 HD folder. Also this patch caused easier installation for Vanilla (or UserPatch) community workshop files for steam HD players due to creating a new folder inside of the original Age of Empires 2 HD folder. In addition this patch's new extra Age of Empires folder can work alone. However only "Custom Campaign" section works if its folder becomes alone. You can't do anything except playing "Custom Campaign" section if its folder becomes alone. This situation helped my custom DOOM campaign to be able to work in every condition.

HD Patch


5- [April 2018]--> "Guyza" transplanted all DOOM monsters and their related projectiles into the Vanilla Age of Empires 2 game engine on April 2018. However Doomguy was not available in this time period. And they weren't any mod developments except some sprites, sound effects and projectiles. All Doom monsters were only available inside of Saracens race.



6- [July 2018]--> "Gallas" created his own "Vampire Revenge" mod for UserPatch players on July 2018. Its mod contained Guyza's all Doom monsters (except Zombie Soldiers) and many extra new stuff (units, buildings and textures) along with Guyza's Doom monsters. However when it was released it wasn't suitable for UserPatch v1.5. Because UserPatch v1.5 wasn't released in that time period. So he continued developing this mod along with UserPatch 1.5 compatibility until on July 2019.



7-) [February 2019]--> "UserPatch v1.5" was released. And this version is the latest unofficial patch for the vanilla Conquerors gameplay. It is still the most developed patch for the vanilla Conquerors gameplay.

UP v1 5


8- [After the UserPatch v1.5]--> Both Guyza and Gallas updated their files along with the new UserPatch v1.5 mechanics. So their files became only suitable for UserPatch v1.5. However "Age of Empires II HD Compatibility Patch" wasn't updated for UserPatch v1.5. Age of Empires II HD Compatibility Patch's latest version is only suitable with UserPatch v1.4 (or its earlier versions). But after installing this patch's new Age of Empires 2 folder players can update the new Age of Empires 2 folder manually by installing UserPatch v1.5 on this folder and after that also making a few more small steps.


9- [April 2019]--> I discovered the "Vampire Revenge" mod as a coincidence while browsing updated files in aokheavengames. This event changed my scenario design career. I was shocked. Because I was a single-player campaign and scenario designer for several years. I realized that I can make my own single-player DOOM campaign with the Age of Empires 2 game engine by using the resources of this "Vampire Revenge" mod. I wanted to resurrect the original DOOM game with my own perspective. I contacted with the Gallas to get some help from him about "the line of sight sharing" (with allies) problem.

Line of Sight


10- [April 2019 - June 2020]--> I had a 5 scenario single-player DOOM campaign project. I released the BETA version of first 4 scenarios one by one in rows in aokheavengames and Steam Community Workshop. I released the Episode 1 (Beta) on April 2019. I released the Episode 2 (Beta) on May 2019. I released the Episode 3 (Beta) on July 2019. I released the Episode 4 (Beta) on June 2020. They didn't get very much attention in aokheavengames but however the first 3 BETA scenarios became very popular in Steam Community Workshop. One of my steam Doom files became the 15th most popular Age of Empires 2 workshop campaign file ever in Steam Community Workshop. Also "iLikeHell" started to interest with my BETA Doom scenarios in aokheavengames. He wrote a high rating review for my Episode 2 BETA. After that he tried to give me some mod support in alpha-beta stages. Also he tested my some alpha-beta scenarios and gave me feedbacks about them in their alpha-beta stages.

DOOM Betalar



11- [August 2021]--> After releasing my 4 BETA Doom scenarios I dediced to make the "redux version" of my all 4 BETA Doom scenarios along with a new tutorial scenario. I decided to make my "DOOM Redux" campaign. I started work in early 2021 for the redux version. Also I got some help from Guyza for the new Doomguy .slp files into the Age of Empires 2 game engine. I updated the "Vampire Revenge" mod with many changings to make it more suitable for my "DOOM Redux" campaign. Also I benefited from "Advanced Genie Editor", "Trigger Studio" and "Turtle Pack" programs to improve my "DOOM Redux" campaign. I finished my redux campaign on August 2021. I released my campaign in aokheavengames and Steam Community Workshop on August 2021. After that I released my "Age of DOOM v1.0" mod in ModDB on 1 September 2021 as a new try.

Guyza Help



12- [6 September 2021]--> This is the day when my mod became the second most popular mod of all ModDB mods. Also many media sources started to make news for my "Age of DOOM" mod. I thought that this is a huge success. However this rank only lasted for a single day. Along with the next day my mod started to lose its position slowly. But I think that the rank is not important. The important thing is the opinion of people about my "Age of DOOM" mod. Also "the effects" of my mod in the mind of all players...

Sralama 1 4

Sralama 2 4

Sralama 3 4

Sralama 4 4


BONUS VIDEO: So it is time to watch my joke video ("Age of Empires Doom with Max Payne's Intro Sound") to enjoy. I hope that all players will be happy due to trying my "Age of DOOM" mod. Regards...

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DOOM Remake

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