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Jaicer was 'on leave' when the last interview went up. Here are his responses.

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Q: Just how far are we. How soon can we expect to see the finished product or at least another beta?
A: Soon I hope

Q: What kind of gameplay will the mod feature? Will we be seeing the 'behind-the-lines' action of Republic Commando, or more of a front-lines combat game?
A: Jabiim is definately front line and the Tantive V level is front line-ish

Q: How many levels will we expect to see? Will they still follow the general flow of Republic Commando with a prologue and three planets?
A: Yeah something like that

Q: Can we expect to see online play?
A: I hope so!

Q: Should we be on the lookout for any easter-eggs?
A: Plenty if all our ideas are put in.

Q: Around how many re-textures have you done?
A: Not the foggiest. A lot though.

Q: What exactly do you do?
A: I voice Flare

Q: How comprehensive will the mod be; can we expect to see new animations and character models?
A: No Models per sey but new helmets, accesories, and weapons are in it.

Q: Give us a quote, an nugget of wisdom...
A: Never say no to Bacta


wait, you get to go to Jabiim? awsome :D

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Ulmont Author

You better believe it! :D Actually, I think you even get to see some of it in the Beta. No promises though. ;)

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Q: Give us a quote, an nugget of wisdom...
A:Hurry slowly

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