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Finally the big diary of the mod is here, i hope you will enjoy, leave a comment and rate my work! Note: Will be Phase II, So this is not all.

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Hello everyone , finally after one month of dev "stagnation", Here I present to you the "Big" diary which is much larger than the previous instances and many other information about the new universe, I spent a very long time in order to do, i will be very happy if you will leave commnet under this diary. tell me something nice, Enjoy!

In this diary you will see: (1) New map changes and lores/stories of their regions(2) New focuses(3) New icons and ideas(4) The interfaceOther in Phase II


Also i search for any kind of devs and helpers, for the most part i need coders but if you know how to paint , doing icons or something that similar with, here our discord server, feel free to leave the opinion of the this diary!


This is first part of the dev diary , here i added the 20th time line, new map and lore for major events, the reason to time line is simple, because i need to do other critical things like focuses and events for the project, for now this is the official time line of the Project X. Also i plan to do the 21th time line , i will add a lot of details to the major events, also i plan to to whole new universe like other global mods. (this is only in my dreams but who know)

Time line

  • The Balkan Region

Balkanization of The balkan region, oh this is very ironic isn't it true? So this "balkanization" is happened between 2035 and 2042 , for that moment the EC (european commonwelath) is already formed.Between this years several conflicts are happened in all eastern europe , the soviet threat, the resource crisis and pressure from Germany, italy and france also the ethnic crisis. And then one day, several riots and national parties in countries proclaimed their independence:Moldavia (most of them escape from Bessarabia and novorussian occupation in 2025 after ukrainina war.)Transylvania that with the support of the Magyar Commonwealth (Formed in 2021 because of the cold war start and the pact between hungary and slovakia to form commonwealth, of course under pressure from Germany) and become independence due to the weakness of Romania and their crisis from 2025, and pressure from all sides, also bulgaria demand their lost teritories and romania accept their demands.
Zapadoslavia founded and, also get freedom because of etchnic differences between western yugoslavia and eastern,( on both of this sides different culture and religion), but the freedom is given by terror and massive protests throughout many year and after it caused civil war in 203, not like romanian "balkanization" with peaciful conference, No! This was terrible war that happened in all yugoslavian regions , this war was a terrible news to all balkan region but not for germany on the contrary, they saw in this a great advantege to influece on all balkan region and aslo they helped to vostocoslavian riots, this war took a lot of lives and blood, after many years in 2039 a peace treaty was signed in Berlin , and it was agreed:

  1. Fighting in Yugoslavian regions ceases
  2. Yougoslavia split into 3 zones/regions, zapadoslavia, vostokoslavia and croatian provinces(that will be pupet of the german confederation).
  3. All ethnic peoples will have to move in 5 months to 3 of the new countries according to their own ethnic culture and their similarity with other countries.

This is in short version.
The albanian crisis is come in 2040 and the final phase/stage in the balkanization is ended in this country, albanian region enter to a massive civil war between socialists and radical party of fantaic cult that was popular in the country, 8 months this conflict continued , but after the germany send their troops in to albania and ended the massive civil war in 1 month, the treaty of tirana that was hold in 2041 agreed that: Albania will be divided into 2 parts between Vostocoslavia and Greece , south will be under greece control and north under vostocoslavia. The "iron hand" of the germany and others EC countries destroyed other albanian riots, the Balkanization is ended and the region finally peace reigned.


Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 22   1

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 22

  • Asia and iran

Iran: after islamic revolution in 2000 the new government started to advance their army and other industrial zones, but their Foreign policy was vert aggresive, and in 2009 their militray expansion and demands to reclaim their old territories in turkmenistan , soviet union decline their demands and the islamic government took advantage of the weakness of the USSR and attack their pupet turkmenistan SSR to reclaim their old territories, the long war that continue until 2011 after USSR asked for peace and it happened, the piece treaty of ashabad: Iran took all territory of turkmenistan SSR. In 2012 iran declare war on afganistan and it would be a fast company but, USA and USSR invaded in this afgan war to stop the iranian aggression, Iran did not expect this , it was the bloodiest and longest war in the modern history of Iran, a lot of dead bodies and injured this was disaster for all iran and their economy. After 3 year of war (in 2015) Iran has surrendered, the treaty of tehran assigned that:

  1. Tehran Loose a half of their land in turkmenistan and afganistan.
  2. Set Demelitarazid zone in iranian afganistan territories, on all iran coast line and iranian turkmenistan zone.

Turkestan: After the huge destruction and economic troubles in all central asian region after iranian invasion, In december 2016 soviet union decited to combine the central asian region and the occupied zones of afganistan into one union that will protect all central asian region and will have one army and economy. After one year of conversation in moskwa between other soviet countries, the treaty was achieved in january 2018 (that in future will call the reborn of central asian turkestan). Caucas countries acceptd the USSR deal (except from tajikistan) and than founded Turkestan SSR.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 23   1

  • Indian Chinese War

So here the biggest changes is in india and indochina , the more details is putted to this and i will do a expand and add more lores to each of nations in asia, here it is:East Asia is one of the richest regions on the planet, but unfortunately share by 2 super power India to the south and China to the north, and seen the aggressive nature of the man his It took a long time before senseless tensions prevailed, at first in the 1950s, when it totally degenerated into an official war ... It was the price of many military and civilian casualties. The years passed and the tension seems to be decreasing in the region (in the vicinity of the kashmir, or even an improvement of the relations between the two blocks which reigns on the majority of Asia .. But the storm always strikes after the sun .. the storm in this reality is in the form of the great crisis of the 20th century, tensions however forget appear, relations deteriorates at high speed, skirmishes are raging in the north of India against Chinese guerrillas. religious festival: A bomb exploded, 100 wounded and 18 dead and 28 missing ... exactly 2 days after the incident the prime minister declared war on China (July 1) 2045 claiming that China deliberately perpetuate massacre. first months was rather quiet long distances and lack of infrastructure in the north, the staff quickly understood in both camps that the big battle would happen in the south towards the indie allies The first major battle took place in Burma at the strategic city of Yangon. Idians deploy 2 million men 3.5 Chinese,The battle lasted 8 months which makes lose 1 million soldiers for each camp but india cause of lack of materials retreats. The war lasts another 2 years a period of stagnation no side could take the advantage. But India does not play all these cards it opens a new front to the north by the mountains of Nepal. The most fout it may seem India has progressed 500km in the desert Chinese. Until the North Indian Army crosses the Chinese yushu battle is raging for the duration of 7 months but the lack of supply and lack of logistic prices because of the Indian and the second defeat was won by India , the president quickly realized that the country is not ready for a war of nutrition and to sign the peace that delimits the zone of influence of the two blocks in 2050. "if we are weak with the point we will be strong with the words "it's simple india in the future will play the diploma card to keep head to head with the dragon of Asia.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 21   1

  • Middle east

Here will be shorter story, in future will be more larger lore of all middle east, for now this is the new country that i added: South Arabian union - Founded in 2055 after second civil war in middle east, they mostly supported by china and soviet union, but the most influence is from china (of course who except other in this universe), the leader of the first communist nation in Arabian region is Ahdufa Ajifa , he is very good friend to Chinese , and the Chinese also very good opinion of their policy and country (mostly because they want their oil and oil of all middle east), after that oil world reserves began to decrease in 2057 (except the Siberian region in USSR , but they have neutral position in this situation and don't have so much trouble with oil , on the other hand they are weak because of riots and corruption) The Arabian union enter to trouble and also zone of influence between USA, USSR and PRC , what will be in future you will decide!

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 21   2

  • South America

Almost all of south america is changed, new countries like southern latin union (Friends of the soviets in the north of south america) , changed borders in UBS (Unted Brazilian States). South Latin Union - Founded in 2029, all north american countries influenced by chinese and soviets, even usa didn't have so much influence on them , in 2027 the conference between ecuador, columbia and venezuela began in bogota, after 2 months the pact between the 3 countries was Founded, they created a new pact/alliance (The Northern Pact) for cooperation in economic and military plans (of course this conference is supported by the USSR and PRC), after 2 year of unsuccesful intervention of USA government, The alliance "The Northern Pact" gathered for the so-called "Meeting of Unification", after several discussion of 4 days they agreed to unite under one strong country (to prevent USA influence and make a good protection of north-south america), In this document was written: 1. The 3 countries leaders and other government "players" will have a equal power in senate and government. 2. All citizens , army and economic power will be in one union.

  1. The 3 countries leaders and other government "players" will have a equal power in senate and government.
  2. All citizens , army and economic power will be in one union.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 21   3


" wrote: New focus trees
" wrote: This is the second part of the dev diary, here you can see the all focus trees that i already did, from now i will concentrate on them and on the events.(there not so much focuses, but i will fix this situation)
<ul> <li>Germany</li> </ul> <p>"With great power , comes great responsibility" This slogan is perfect for the german focus tree, it contains a industrialize decision, army and the government laws and most importantrly the special option of ideology choice, many options and many events, of course! this is the major power of all europe region and leader of european commonwealth what did you except?!


  • China/PRC

"China" This is the greates power major in all asian region, they have a lot of resources (except from oil , you know why)A lot of industrialization zones and slaves people Citizens who serve to party, in this universe they more aggresive and militaristic than in ours (but who know what they will do in our time line future), and one more thing, they really love rice neo socialism.


  • Europe (united europe)

"Europe" Ehhh wonderful place, but not in our universe , massive riots on all commonwealth, terror and rebelions against german "hegemon" policy. This is hidden focus tree, i will expand him more, also i plan to add him to german events or other country (but this is will be hard time for you believe me).



New ideas, and their icons
The reason that i don't give you full information about ideas because this is only the country ideas, also i want to shine a separate dev diary to all effects of this idea.

This ideas is from the start of the game.

Ideas icons

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 26

The laws of the government.

ideas icons1

Here only 2 government ministers, the reason that i don't show you the others is that most of them don't have icons and also becasue i don't want to spoil the effect of the diary.

icons government

New interface
Oh how much i loose time to do this, hours by hours of exhausting work , and that's it , here the new interface of the political government, maybe in future i will change all interface. Also i cahange some ideological color and all font in the game.

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 27

Desktop Screenshot 2018 10 21

(Soon will be Phase II with all other!)


Lots of typos in timeline and overall an odd one. I am expecially confused about the first "nuclear reactors and factories" considering "nuclear-hydrogen" bombs were made before the nuclear reactors even existed. It looks pretty but eh.

Also the Berlin treaty picture is shoddily made with lots of shading issues.

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~_~|Stalker|~_~ Author

We currently don't have good graphic devs. And yea time line will be fixed with time.

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