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Some of the stuff you will see in the demo of my mod Soviet Assalut. This demo is for presentation purpose only and is intended to show the progress I made so far which is 30% of the full mod version.

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Here is short list of some of the stuff you will see in the first demo fo my mod Soviet Assault:

1. The number of bots has changed from 16 to 32. The level of bot has changed from beginer to expert, now the computer foghts like a real soldier.
2. Blood can be seen when you shoot any part of body of the soldier.
3. If all the alternative weapons will be unlocked (which I strongly recomend), you will be able to use up to 28 primary weapons, amongst wich some are new, like for example xm8 silenced, hk416 silenced, spas 12, hk21 and OC 14 groza with grenade launcher, Vsv vintorez, ak74u silenced, and other improved and esited weapons. The secondary weapons will include desert eagle, colt 45, APS stechkin and much more. Grenades are now more quick to use. RPG with scope has been added.
4. Many of the weapons animations were changed, thanks to brilliant work of dodek_96_pl and KIR94.
5. There are still 7 classes but their names and functions are different and are set according to Bad Company 2 style. Check out yourself.
6. There is only one map in the demo which is Strile at Karakand which I personally reworked and added destructible buildings and walls. There will be 2 teams in this demo: Soviet SpetsNaz and US marine corps.
7. Many of the effects were reworked and managed to closely resemble Bad Company 2.
8. Most or all of the sounds were edited and/or replaced. There will be several sounds taken directly from Bad Company 2, for instance, check out the tinitus sound (when, after an explosion, you suddenly stop hearing well) and some explosion sounds. The soviets offcourse speak Russian language.
9. The weapons and vehicule's characteristics are changed according to Bad Company 2.
10. The gameplay is extreamly intense and entertaining.

Be sure to check out all of these new features and leave some comments about the mod.
Also please note that this demo is only 30% of the full mode version and about 40% of my capabilities.

REDFOX out...

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А когда демка будет доступна?

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похоже уже никогда...

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